Wednesday, 29 October 2008


... because you see only what you want to see.


I'm starting to get back into the studying groove.

Now you're going to ask why I'm blogging.


Therapeutic okay.

Erm. According to me. =D


I still still still still still can't believe the year has passed by so fast. I know I've been saying it a lot. I know a lot of people have been saying it too. But it's true, it really is! Is it going to be like this from now on? *reflective moment*

Oh well. Studies, studies, yo!

Must do well. =)
Damn right I'm going to do well. I'll make sure of it. It's not a matter of being confident. It's a matter of not having a choice. *wink*

Trinity ball in 2 days! Can't wait. ;)

Tell me, why am I so prone to love-hate relationships?
I wanted you the first time, I love you from the second.

Perpetually Waiting.

... because no one else is fast enough.








Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong

Arrrrggghhhhhh !!!!

Wake up, brain, and START STUDYING!!

Exams start on the 18th of November.. Not long left.

Get movingggggggggggggggggggggggg!

Omg I can't believe this is happening, no, no, no, no, NO! Not after all the hard work in the previous terms.. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN. Studyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Gah I'm agitated I need to STUDY but I'm NOT STUDYING!

I don't want to deal with the pain.
I know what I want... I'm just afraid to go get it.

Monday, 27 October 2008


... because that's the only way you can survive in this globalised world.

I still feel like that rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

So many things to do, and so little time. Exams, exams, exams. They're just around the corner. And I have not started revising. No, I really haven't.

There really are so many things to do, so many things... the student committee, the ball, my auditions.. and studying on top of that. So many demands on my time, I don't know if I can cope, I... I know I can. I will. Because I am strong, and I will fight to the finish. I will do it.

The ball is this Friday. Abrupt change of topic, I know. ;) Can't wait for it! Exciting, exciting, exciting. I know it'll turn out alright. Better than alright, in fact. It's going to be great. =)=)

I should sleep.
I really need it.


All you feel is pain.

Sunday, 26 October 2008


... because it shapes your character.

It is the beginning. And it crawls on. Slowly, steadily. It starts wobbling. It takes slow, unsure steps. Gradually, confidence builds with each step. It starts walking. It sets a brisk pace. Faster, and faster. All too soon it breaks into a run. A quick, galloping run. And on it goes, a smooth blur, racing against itself! And then... and then... and then... it slows down to a walk. It runs out of steam. Slower, and slower. It totters. Fumbling. Spent. And then it ends. It ends, just the way it began.


The very essence of who we are. It defines us. It shapes us. It gives us experience. It has a hold on us. A hand that grips on much more strongly than the hand a master has on a servant, much more steadfastly than the hand a King has on his dominion.

Why is this so?

It is only because we are all subject to it. No one can escape from it. Behold... the Master of all masters, the King of all kings.


We are all subject to what time we have left, be it a melting pool of wax, or a newly-lighted candle. We make do with what we have, we try to leave a mark on the world, so at least, if we cannot live on in bodily flesh, we can do so in the minds and memories of those who are endowed with that gift. And to what extent? The name, just as it fades with the passing of earthly being, fades from memory... eventually.


And yet it does not stop us from seeing what we see, from hearing what we hear, from tasting what we taste, from feeling what we feel. It is cruel, it is kind. It is harsh, it is gentle. It lets us sense what we want to sense. It lets us be who we want to be. It gives life more character, more substance, more meaning.



I was going to write something more trivial, but I got carried away. Oh well, maybe next time.
I knew being this far away from you wasn't going to be easy... I just didn't think it was going to be so hard.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Dear Mon Wei.

Today is the 25th of October.

What is so special about today, you might ask?

It is .......



Fun times, fun times. *wink*

Doubt everything else in the world... but do not doubt my love for you.


... because flair is what makes people stare. ;)

I watched the Flare performance last night. It was really, really good. Went with Carmen, Yee Hooi, Yun Shen, Jun Jing and Ethel.




Omg, super cool la, they can all dance so well.. make me jealous only. =(

Oh well. I'm so happy for my friends, they all looked so good on stage. =)

Anyway. I've been super MIA (missing in action) lately. A lot of things to do la. It's only 3 weeks left till finals, now. And I've got super a lot of studying to do. Which I haven't done yet. Which is not good. Really, really not good. Because I need to be prepared early. Because in three weeks there'll be no more time. Arrrrgggghhhh!

And I'll have NIDA auditions too, just a few days before the exam. OMG man. I want to do well for that. But at the same time I know I have to make sure I get into Melbourne University just in case.. well, I don't get in to that. *touch wood* But.. sigh.




Hamlet. Yes. To study or not to study. That is the question.


Caution: Do not disturb.

How can I find what I truly want in a guy, when I can't even fully comprehend what I truly want for myself?
You are the one that I've been searching for, since the second I was able to breathe.-JunYeu,Mah-

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


... because sometimes you just need to feel needed.

Approximately 2 hours ago, I was feeling very "oomph" to play the piano.

So I did. =)

Went to the Swanston Trinity building and played for an hour or so.








The keys on the Trinity piano are so, so, so, so SOFT!!

Okay, fine, this isn't the first time I've complained about it. But yeah. But it's only when things aren't there that you start fully appreciating them. Like, the baby grand was just right outside my room. And most of the time I didn't even take a second look at it. Just, you know, took it for granted, because it was always there.

That happens with a lot of things.


*moment of reflection*

Anyway. Today in History of Ideas tutorial, we were talking about post modernism. And we got diverted off the topic a lot, for some reason. Not completely off, but not completely on it either. If only I could remember what we were talking about.... It was a fun class, though. Oh, I think one of the things we talked about was language. Yes, that was it.

So. Language.

It never really occurred to me that you could give anything a .. well, sound, and call it that. Like, you could call a table a chair. And a watch a piano. For example. And as long as enough people use it, as long as enough people learnt it, it'd be a language. If it had proper structure, of course. I mean, it's kind of obvious, when Janusz (HOI tutor) said it, but it got me thinking, because I guess I never thought about it before. And how he was asking whether language changes our view of reality. Like, for some people, using a different language allows them to be a different person, sort of. Allows them to express themselves more freely than in their mother tongue.

I think it's quite true. It's exactly like going to a new place, a new country, a new city, a new neighbourhood, wherever, whatever. It's something like, you get to re-create yourself, you get a new chance, a new life. Somewhat. In some circumstances. But yeah, it's pretty cool that way.

Which got me to thinking... Well, it's been a while coming, but you know what?

I want to learn French.

I really, really, really want to learn French. I think it's cool. =)

Ooh, and Japanese too.

But maybe I should stick to improving my Mandarin first. =(

Oh well.

Like you said, let's rewrite an ending that actually fits.
Heads I win, tails you lose.

Monday, 20 October 2008


... because they're not made to be broken.

She pressed the buttons, irked.

Her finger hovered over the screen, hesitating.

Without realising, her hand brushed ever so lightly across the screen.



I haven't had the heart to blog about this for quite a while. It's been a few days. 4 days, to be exact. What is the big issue, you might ask?


Yeah, Pokemon. I know, I know, it's very childish and blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda.

But the point is, I never really finished the game by myself, if you know what I mean. I have a brother. It was convenient to chuck all the difficult parts at him and he would gladly finish it for me. I could never get through any of the stupid caves or anything. I just liked winning battles. So I thought, why not try to do it by myself?

So Shuib helped me to install the game in my phone (you just GOT to love the iPhone, so useful - when you want to play games *grin*). That was quite a long time ago. Like, last term. So I played, once in a while, to de-stress and all, ya know? And I got really quite far, considering that I did it myself. And I had some pretty good Pokemon.

So what does all this have to do with what I wrote above?


Yes, it is sad.

Yes, it is tragic.

It's not funny.


I am sad. All my hard work ....... GONE.

I was supposed to press "Restore Saved Game". The "Delete Saved Game" button was right below that. My friend said something to me, I turned around, and my finger just slipped, and I looked back in time to see my saved game disappear. FOREVER. *sniff*

I hate the stupid sensitive touch screen. *bursts into tears*

Excuse me while I mourn for my lost Pokemon.

(a bit childish la. But.. *sniff*)

I really, really thought we had something. Am I doing something wrong?
I didn't mean to... I never meant to feel this way.

Friday, 17 October 2008


... because it dictates you, and the things you do.

I have a lot of things to blog about.

But I'm too lazy at the moment. Soon, soon. =)

Dear cousin, I know it's hard, but you'll get through it. You're amazing. You know you are. ;)

Love is not being willing to die for a loved one. Love is being willing to live for a loved one and being able to bring out the best in him. Love is learning to love yourself first, and loving the person your loved one brings out in you.

What does it all mean? What if I'm reading too much into it? What if... *sigh*
Normally when someone says "nothing", it means that there is something. But this time, it was something that amounted to nothing. I think.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Laboratory Fun.

... because Chemistry Practicals are cool, yo!

Today was the last practical class of the year!


So we had a bit of fun.

It started out innocently, with us making a polymer.

Serious, serious. That's Yan Wen, by the way. =)

Eheh. Then we discovered that it was very fun to play with (our whole table collaborated - we each made a different colour).

Michelle Cheng - my lab partner.

We had a lot of fun with the slime (polymer). That's Wei Lin in the picture.

And this is me!

It's really, really fun to play with. All gooey and slimy and ... FUN TO PLAY WITH!

Hee. =)

*gasp* look at my hands!

Now lookie at me!

Hehe. Our awesome, awesome lab group!

OMG, look, green worm!!!

Yeah, it was fun.

First (and last) lab session that we got to take photos.

Our lab supervisor said we could play and take photos. Lucy is so nice! =)

Then everyone got hard to work writing the report after having their fill of playing with the slime.


I continued playing. HEH. XP

It was just too irresistible!!

Haha, super addictive la, playing with the thing!

*evil grin*

Michelle looks so fascinated by the slime. =P

Me. Michelle. Wei Lin.

Chemistry practicals -

F. U. N.

Why are you always the first thing that's on my mind?
It's not about being overenthusiastic, it's about doing what needs to be done to make up for the time lost in the dark.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


... because I'm HYPER!! =D



I managed to do the rate of change questions!!with a bit of referring. BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT.

Hee. =)








Gary's the one in the bottom left corner.

His facial features are so super pretty! Like, seriously!

Omg he's prettier than me. ='(



It took me a while to get him to send me the picture. Half an hour, at least. Or more.

Now that's what you call time well spent. =D

I'm in a happi-fied mood. =)

I'll be nice to you, but only if you're nice to me.
You can turn off the sun, but I'm still gonna shine!!


... because I've finished preparing for my EAP presentation. =)

Well, not REALLY finished.


The point is:

I've done the transparencies (visual aid).

That's the hard part. The rest.. just stand in front of the class and crap. =)=)

Okay, fine, not entirely crap. I've done most of it. All I have left to do is one body paragraph and the conclusion. Otherwise, I'm good. Oh, and I have to memorise it. Apparently I can't just read it off the paper. So says my EAP teacher. Oh well. *sigh*


It's all in the way you perceive it, yo.

So if I say I'm done, it means I'm done.


Okay I'm bored.

I should do Maths.


Lazy lar. =(

So what? Once people look closer they'll see that the only thing you know how to do is talk.

Monday, 13 October 2008

How Do You Deal.

... because sometimes you feel like you just can't deal.

How To Deal
by Frankie J.

Sometimes a man has to choose
And do something he doesn't wanna do
Do I live my life with you as my wife?
Or do I go on and pursue my lifetime dream?
I gotta do this for me
Cuz if I don't I'll probably regret it
But if I do I'll probably regret it
How do I cope?

How do you cope when
The one you love is with somebody else
And there's nothing you can do about it
How do you deal with
The fact that you had a chance
But you chose to turn away for your career
I gotta take it though it's heartbreaking
It's something that I had to do
But nobody said that it would hurt so bad
So how do I live
How do I deal without you

Its killing me to know
That your heart's with me
But you're with him cuz I chose to be
In this industry
Money, shows and hoes come along with
Luxury and pain
Is all you see when you think about it
But this is the life
That I was given
So i have to live it to the fullest
But how do I deal in the meantime
Without you


How do you deal when
you can't be with the one you love
And the one that you love is with somebody else
(I don't know, I don't know)
And what do you do
when you know she don't love him
and she loves me but she just can't stand loving you far away
(I guess I'm gonna have to just)
You just deal with it, deal with it
(I don't want to have to live with it)
You just deal with it, deal with it
(no, no, no)
You just deal with it, deal with it
(I don't want nobody else loving you)
You just deal with it, deal with it
(I don't want nobody else loving me)


You don't have the flair, or the talent. Stop trying. Just give up.
How can you expect me to be there for you when you're never here for me?

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Raw Grit and Determination.

... because that's what it takes to get to the top.

You know, I realised that I never really talked much about my friends here. So here goes..

There's MICHELE.

The talk-about-true-love partner. The self-proclaimed I-am-awesome girl. The Caitlin-I'm-bored-argue-with-me-now friend. And the list goes on and on and on.

I don't know exactly how I got so close to this *cough*awesome*cough* friend of mine, but I'm glad that we're good friends. =)

I've learned quite a bit from her, and I appreciate her for who she is. Her directness (and let me tell you, she can be EXTREMELY direct when she wants to be) is.. I guess it takes a while to get used to, and I used to not like it, when I first got to know her. But now, I think that's really what makes her.. HER. And that's one of the reasons I appreciate her friendship so much. Because she's not afraid to say things other people might not say. ;)

And I guess that's the reason I feel comfortable around her, and I can tell her things and just say what I want to say. I can be direct with her, because she's direct with me. Michele is useful that way. *grin* Of course, she's an awesome friend, and she's super entertaining and all that. She really is. All her little idiosyncrasies.. they just grow on you, somehow.

But I think that's enough about Michele. We wouldn't want her to get all big-headed now, would we? =)

And there's JIA YI.

The bimbo. =) The things she does, I tell you.. *bursts out laughing* BUT ANYWAY. She's an amazing friend. She's fun to talk to, and she's great to laugh at I mean, with. =P She's a classy girl who's really down-to-earth. AND she's really smart. She's got such a generous heart, and she's just such a nice person.

I got to know her because I have A LOT of classes with her. I remember meeting her during drama. We introduced ourselves, and I actually forgot her name. XD Until Literature tutorial the next day. She was sitting beside me again. And then in Chemistry tutorial on Thursday. And somehow we just clicked, and we go to lectures together and stuff. And we never run out of topics to talk about. =)

The thing I really like about Jia Yi is the way she carries herself. She's got so many things going on for her, and yet she's still so friendly. And she's a really confident and outgoing person.

And she's a really good friend. ;)

And then there's YUN SHEN.

The girl-who-makes-funny-faces. The animal-lover. The funny-in-a-cute-way. The one who makes people laugh. And who makes people give her The Look.

Shen is such a wonderfully nice person. Like, she's so calm, and by calm, I mean she doesn't get angry easily, and on the rare occasion that she does, she controls her temper really, really well. She isn't calm, however, in the sense that she hyperventilates when *cough* (confidential information - omitted) *cough*. Hee. =)

She's super cute, I tell you, the things she says, and the things she does.. I can't really describe it. All I can say, really, that she's such fun to hang around. And it's fun to emo with her as well. =)


And, of course, not forgetting all the other Trinity College people who make college life fun. =)

When are you going to sweep me off my feet??

Friday, 10 October 2008


... because it's well deserved. =D

Today is a Rest Day.

Because I'm am declaring it. =)

Primarily because it's 9.30 pm now, and there's no point starting to study now (I sleep really early, you see). And I spent approximately the last 2 hours talking to my parents. AND I deserve a rest day, because I've been studying. Ahah. =P

I shall watch a movie. Atonement. ;)


p.s - Chemistry support lecture tomorrow. =(

The happiest people in the world are not those who have no problems, but those who learn to love things that are less than perfect.


... because it comes when you least expect it to.

I switched on the television this morning, to check the weather.

I don't normally check the weather on the TV, but today morning.. it felt a bit cold, so I guess I just wanted to know what the rest of the day would be like. This was at 7.10 am, mind you.

As soon as I switch on the TV..


I don't know what that means. I don't understand the significance of it. It's important, I know it is. So I searched online for stuff from The Age (Australian newspaper) and The Wall Street Journal (American papers), and googled a lot of words that I didn't understand.

The US market has shed more than 30 per cent of its value since the highs of 12 months ago.

"There is no doubt we are looking at a financial upheaval the likes of which we have not seen since the Great Depression, and what that means for Australia is that we are not immune from the fallout of those events," Mr Swan said.

The Age. "Australia faces 'rocky road', says Swan". 10/10/2008.

The government said it will lend AIG as much as $37.8 billion, a sign that its initial $85 billion effort to shore up the insurer is falling short.

The Wall Street Journal. "AIG Bailout Hit By New Cash Woes". 10/10/2008.

So now, the U.S. is going into a recession (which is, by a rule of thumb, two quarters of negative GDP growth), and it MAY go into a depression (sustained downturn in one or more national economies).

The Dow industrials plunged 678.91 points, or 7.3%, to 8579.19, dragging the blue-chip measure 39% below the all-time high it hit exactly one year ago. The benchmark has fallen slightly more than 20% over the last seven days.

The Wall Street Journal. "Industrials drop 680 After Late Collapse". 10/10/2008.

Where is my dad when I need him to explain these things to me?? =(

There are bigger things going on in this world that we are largely unaware of.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Trudging Along.

... because some people like directing the flow.

Leave me alone



Sometimes you just put on a brave face. All you’re wearing is a mask. And sometimes all you want is for people to be able to see through that, to see that you’re vulnerable, that you want to be protected. But nobody sees that, nobody really does, because everybody thinks you’re strong. And even when you least feel like it, you still smile. You smile, even though it hurts inside. Until it doesn’t hurt anymore. Until it’s too numb to hurt. And you’re just tired. You’re just so tired.

I'm me. What more is there to say?

Monday, 6 October 2008

Here In My Home.

... because I'm happy with the way things turned out.

Went skating yesterday!!

With Jiah Lit, Yun Shen, Wen Ting and Michele. So we stopped at Clayton, right (the rink near Oakleigh, but it's nearer if you stop at Clayton), and we were supposed to take the bus towards Box Hill. SO RIGHT. The amazing Jiah Lit right. Brought us to the bus stop. So we waited. And waited. AND waited. AND WAITED. You know why we had to wait so long? (The bus still didn't come, by the way)


So we WALKED. Because, apparently, it's only a 15 minute walk, according to Jiah Lit who got it from the bus driver he asked for directions. I'm never trusting Jiah Lit again, yo. =)

So we walked right. And it was SUPER FAR. I ... don't even want to elaborate on it. Hahah. ANYWAY. We reached there in the end. LATE.

Jiah Lit's fault.

The session started at 2 pm, we reached at 2.30 pm. Haha. But it was okay-lah, I forgive you, Jiah Lit, since I'm such a nice person. XD

So anyway. Skating was.. normal lah. Still can do all my elements and stuff. =) I think. Heh. Anyway. Jiah Lit's skating is improving. Hee. Michele is actually quite good. Despite how adamantly she was telling us that she cannot skate. Shen and Wen Ting were... talking. XP

We left when the session ended at 4 pm. Took the bus back to the Oakleigh train station, and took the train back to Melbourne Central. Then headed to Jiah Lit's place for dinner, Carmen joined us there. Jiah Lit can cook wey, don't mess. =)

But yeah, I give face only, okay, Jiah Lit, because you said you ate a lot when I cooked. Haha. So fun to insult him la. =D Okay, okay, fine, Jiah Lit's cooking was good. Really, really. Butter rice, chicken wings, vegetables and some other type of chicken. It was good. =)

Thanks, Jiah Lit, for having us over for dinner! *hugz*

Today is/was not a good day. =(

Didn't I tell you that I'd have the last laugh?

Saturday, 4 October 2008


... because they mean more than you could ever know.

It's Saturday. *gasp*

It's really going to start, Term 4. It seemed so far away. It seemed like I wouldn't have to worry about what course I wanted to do in university. It seemed like I wouldn't even have to worry about which university I wanted to go to. It seemed like it was so far away.


Because the time is NOW.

I'm sort of looking forward to going back to college. But I'm also dreading it. The studying and homework load is going to be massive. But I can do it, right? Yeah, I can do it. *deep breath* (repeats the phrase "I CAN DO IT" a few thousand more times)



Daylight saving time starts tomorrow. So Australia will be three hours ahead of Malaysia again. I really, really, really need to get my sleeping times and all back to normal. 3 am chats with Michele and Shen haven't been doing anything to help it. XD

One and a half more days ... and it's the end of the



But the holidays were fun ................ while they lasted. =)

And now, it's time to buck up with all the college work (read: E & D and EAP presentation and read Hamlet) that I was supposed to do over the past two weeks of holidays................. CRAP.

You said you would, but ... would you?

Thursday, 2 October 2008


... because too many things are happening too fast.

Two more days, and it's "bye bye" holidays, and "hello" college.

Term 4 is going to be short, but I bet it'll be tough. It's only 5 weeks of studying, and then there's one week study break (our drama exams will be during this week though), and then exams. So there's 6 weeks left till the FINAL EXAMS. The exams that will determine the rest of our lives.. *gasp*

And then that's it. The exam period is over three weeks. After that will be the valedictory, and then .. its back to Malaysia for the end of year holidays. Unbelievably fast, huh? It all seemed like it was just yesterday.......


I'm getting old.

But whatever. That's not the point.

The point is:

I'm going to do well for exams.

I'm going to get my butt into The University of Melbourne.

I will.


Literally AND figuratively speaking.
Because Melbourne University is the only University I applied for. Apart from NIDA, which isn't really a university.. I think.

But I'll get in there.. I WILL. Because I have no other choice.

If it has happened before, expect that it will happen again.


... because that's what life is all about.


Physically, mentally..

Just in every way possible.

It's October already.

I can't believe it's really October.

Term 4 is starting next week.. Things are moving so fast. =(

Just a few more days.... I need to rest.
Why are you still not here?

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


… because that’s the only way you can ever hope to get on with life.

The past two days have been …


That’s really the only way to describe it.

Monday, 29th September 2008


Went to MyCube.
Had dinner with Michele and Yun Shen.
Shuib and Dev joined us for to play board games.
We played Curses.
Shuib sounds like Marge, from the Simpsons.
Dev can talk in a ridiculously high voice.
I had to talk like I had a golf ball in my mouth.
Michele had to scratch herself every time she talked, which is, weirdly, all the time.
Shen had to proclaim her eternal love for whoever rang the bell.
Michele kept ringing the bell.
We played Pictionary.
Michele, Shen and I trashed Dev and Shuib (Guess the Sketch, yo)
We went back to College Square.
Went to the lounge to play poker.
Shen had a VIBE. *gasp* =)
I still think *cough*someone*cough* is cute. =)=)
We stopped playing around 1.30 am.
Shen and I went to Michele’s room to talk.
We went back at around 3 am.

Tuesday, 30th September 2008


Woke up at 10.30 am.
Prepared all the stuff for dinner at night.
It took me two hours.
Left the apartment at 1 pm.
Met Michele at the tram stop.
Went to HardRock for rock climbing.
Rock climbing is FUN.
I have a rope burn.
Rope burns are no fun.
Jun Yeu and I compared our climbing times.
I won at first, but he did it again, and beat me by 30 seconds.
He’s a guy, so I get 1 minute extra.
He owes me dinner because I beat him the first time. Jk. XD
I want to go rock climbing again.
Left at about 5 pm.
Came back to the apartment.
Shen came up and helped me skin the potatoes.
Started cooking the stuff.
Michele came, she mashed the potatoes.
Cherish, Yee Hooi, Jiah Lit and Shereen came.
We had dinner.
I don’t want to cook steak for so many people ever again. =P
We went down to the lounge to play poker.
Shereen left.
Shuib, Dev, Michele, Jiah Lit, Cherish, Yee Hooi, Shen and I played.
Au Yong joined us later on.
At about 2 am, Au Yong, Shen, Jiah Lit, Michele and I were left.
Stopped playing soon after.
Shen, Jiah Lit, Michele and I stayed in the lounge and talked till 4 am.
Classified info. =)
Went back to my apartment (Jiah Lit needed to get his jacket).
Ended up talking more.
He left at … past 5 am.
Shen and I went to Michele’s room to talk.
Till 8.30 am.
It’s 4.30 pm now.

I so need to start doing my work. =(

Anyway. Haha. Very eventful, for all of us. In more ways than one. *nudge*

But that's a secret. Shhhhhhhh.


You just get better and better each time.