Sunday, 28 September 2008


... because you just can't LIKE them, even though you try NOT to hate them.

I found my paper.

Ehe. =)

While I was cleaning up my things. Apparently it was in the bedroom. I last used it for the HOI essay. Now I remember. Oops. =P

Oh, I went for 10fifteen yesterday (planetshakers' outreach event), because Yee Hooi and Shen asked us to go, so yeah. It wasn't too bad. The performances were really good. The "stomp" one, and I kind of like the other one, where "burdens" were placed on this guy, and he and this other girl were being pushed around by all these people in black, and then this one figure in white comes and holds them all off.. Yeah. That was good. =)

Oh, and I feel like I accomplished something today. Discounting, of course, the fact that I stayed in bed till 1 pm. I was awake by 10 something! I just stayed in bed playing .. heheh. Game. =) But yeah, after that, I got up, cooked, had lunch, and then ... I think I did a bit of Psychology. Yes, that's what I did. I did notes on one chapter. And then I played my game again. Heh. Then... went back to doing notes. Did notes of half of the next chapter, then went to Yee Hooi's room. Girl talk, yo. Michele and Shereen joined us a bit later, and yeah, I only just got back from her room. It's 12.40 am now. Hee. =)

Goodnight. ;)

Sometimes people see things that aren't really there.

Saturday, 27 September 2008


... because it's frustrating when it's not there.

Remember the whole drama with my black ink pen a few month ago?

I'm not happy again.

Ask me why I'm not happy.

Okay, I'm telling you anyway.

Well, yeah, now I can't find my PAPER.

My foolscap paper.

The "Captain" brand one, with a yellow front cover, and reasonably thick paper with BLUE LINES.

Hmm, has anyone ever wondered why they call it foolscap? At first I thought it was full sketch.. but I saw the name on one of the thingies, and it said "foolscap". Interesting.

But I digress.

I want my paper. I LIKE that paper.

I like THAT paper because it's THICK. And it's NICE TO WRITE ON. And it has BLUE LINES.

I prefer the blue lines to the black lines.

So sue me.

I want my paper back.

I have no idea where I put it, or what I used it for last.

Just like my black ink pen.


If you were waiting for the opportune moment..... that was it.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Of Beaches and Flowy Skirts.

... because we had fun. =)

Michele, Moon Yee, Shereen and I went to the beach today!

By a lucky mistake, we ended up going to South Melbourne Beach instead of St. Kilda Beach. We took the tram that was supposed to go to South Melbourne Beach, and because we thought the beaches were next to each other, we would just walk over to St. Kilda Beach. Which we did, eventually, but boy, was it a LONG walk. Okay, fine. It wasn't THAT long. About a 20 minute walk. Or more. We didn't keep track. But anyway.


I'll let the pictures do the talking. ;)

It's times like this when you wish you were there with a special someone. XD

Me. Moon Yee.

Me. Michele.

Me. Tan Shereen.

Moon Yee. Shereen. Me. Michele. I *think*. XD

Me. Moon. Michele (probably taking a picture of herself. xp). Shereen.


Hee. =)
I'm convinced it looks fairytale-ish. =D

Me. Moon.

Shereen. Me.




Me. Michele.

Ehe. =)


I like my skirt. I really, really like my skirt. =P

Go on, laugh. Michele was laughing at me too. I *still* think my skirt is pretty. =)

Shereen. Michele. Moon Yee.

We had fun. =)

p.s- no pictures of the bikini, Jeffrey, simply because I didn't take my phone (I use that as my camera since my camera is spoilt- but that's another story) into the sea with me. =P

p.s 2 - Michele went on a tagging spree. I received emails from Facebook about every 2 seconds.

ps. 3 - More pictures on Facebook. =)

I hope you're just waiting for the opportune moment.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Search Your Heart.

... because that's where you'll find me.

I painted my nails myself. Isn't it pretty? =)

Just needed to check if I looked okay. XD

Me. Michele.

We (Yun Shen, Michele, Shereen and Douglas) went to the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds today. It's a carnival sort of thing.

I got an airbrushed tattoo! Pretty, pretty. =)

I like this picture. I look thin. =D

Not so thin anymore. It's all to do with the angle, I tell you. =(

We sat on this ride. It was REALLY fun.

Shen dragged persuaded us to go see the animals. I've never seen such big cows before. Seriously, they were HUGE.

I bought this pair of jeans before I went to Sydney. Haha. I've never worn skinny jeans before.

I'm still convinced it looks wrong on me from the front. Which is why I didn't post up a picture of it from that angle. Genius, no? =)

Weeks ago, on Literature essay hand in day. Well, not weeks. Come to think of it, it was just last week. Hmmm. It seemed so long ago...

It was REALLY windy that day.

Whaaaaaaaaat? I was bored. I was the first there. =D

Carmen took this picture of me.. I think it was the day BEFORE Literature Essay hand in. She says I look.. what was the word.. demented? Distorted? Something like that, anyway. It WAS a comfortable position. Whaaaaat? I was tired of sitting down. Butt cramp. XD

Put your faith in what you most believe in.

Good Friends.

... because what are they for, if not to insult? *grin*

10:47:09 PM
10:47:23 PM
10:47:30 PM
hahah define stupid
10:47:41 PM
10:47:41 PM
maybe i already did it oops
10:47:41 PM
10:47:42 PM
10:47:43 PM
10:47:53 PM
hahahahahah omg that was a good one
10:47:56 PM
i know
10:47:57 PM
10:47:57 PM
i hafta admit it

Haha. I miss you Carmen. Only because I have no one to insult now. =D

It has been the longest winter without you.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Wild Child.

... because there's some good in everyone.

I bought a pretty, pretty swimsuit today. =)

Okay, swimsuit is a bit misleading. Bikini, I think it's called. Or tube something. Whatever. I've never bought one before, because it just never looked right. =P

And NOW I remember why I don't do my laundry on Wednesdays. *sigh*

I'm sleepy. It's a quarter to 12.

Going to the Melbourne Showgrounds tomorrow with Shen and Michele. It'll be fun, I think. =)

I feel lethargic. =(

Where are you when I need you?

There's just something about you.. every moment I'm with you I catch my breath.

If Only.

... because I miss you.

I've finished reading my book. =)

I finished it yesterday. It was ... not bad. But what my cousin said about Paolini's writing struck me as being quite true. His style is just not in the same league as Tolkien's. Or J.K. Rowling's. I mean, it's not really quite gripping. You don't really feel the urge to turn the page. Well, I wanted to, because I wanted to know what happened in the story. But at the same time, I was paying attention to the language and all, and it didn't really.. stir any emotions. Unlike Tolkien's or Rowling's books... ah, I don't know how to explain. Whatever. I like his story line. Can't wait for the last book of the cycle. =)

I watched Little Women today.

It was good. Saddening, but for a movie made so long ago (1994).. it was really quite good. *imitates Michele* True love.. *sigh* hehehe.

Christian Bale, yo.
He was acting in the movie!
As young Mr. Laurie.


Watching Wild Child tomorrow! Hee=)


My thoughts revolve around you, day and night.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Live From Sydney.

... because pictures are pretty.

At the train station.

Looking out from the train.

Hee. =)

This is the entrance to the bathroom. I couldn't figure out how to get in until I went in front of the door and it slid open. High tech. Interesting.

Pretty little black dress that I had to return the next day because the zipper was faulty. =(

Pretty green dress that I didn't buy but thought was quite cool. =)

My little baby niece, Matilda. Look how happy she is. :D

Her mother, Catherine.

My cousin, her father - Mitchell.

She's 9 months old. She can WALK. A few tottering steps, but she can walk. Super early, for a baby. Don't mess.

Awww-inducing. =)

Isn't she just adorable?

Babies are cute.

I rest my case.

I have my book. I am happy now. =)

I like beaches. Beaches are pretty.

Uncle Jim is nice. He brought the umbrella for me. I read my new story book. Uncle Jim slept. It was good.

I am back.

I am tired.

I intend to hibernate.


I can't explain it, because I don't know why I'm still holding out for you, even when I know I shouldn't.