Monday, 31 December 2007


I so don't believe this. It's December 31st already. I mean, this time last year, I was kind of wishing for it to be this time THIS year. If that makes sense. Well, basically I was hoping that the year would pass by really, really fast, and then I'd never have to go back to school ever again. But now that this year is over, and 2008 is just around the corner (no pun intended) .. I sort of, kind of wish that this past year went a little bit more slowly.

I'm going to Trinity College next year. Trinity is in AUSTRALIA. That's far. It still somehow hasn't sunk in yet. I haven't started packing my stuff .. made a half-hearted attempt at drawing up a list of things I'll need, gave up on cooking lessons ages ago, let alone washing and ironning clothes. Seriously, I don't think I'm going to be able to survive there. Looks like it's going to be Instant Noodles everyday. *gloom*

I still can't believe it. I'm leaving in February .. but it doesn't feel real. It feels like this is all a dream, it really does. I know it's kind of weird, SPM's been over for a month now, and I STILL feel like I haven't sat for it. Gaahh ... Somebody hit my head, please ..... (figuratively speaking, I mean, not literally. =P )

Friday, 28 December 2007

Post # 100 !!!

28 December 2007

Today is a very special day.

Today, I am 17 years old.

At long last.

I've finally gotten here.

Despite all the bumps on the way.

But you know what helped me over the bumps ?

The people I love.

That's why I'm dedicating this post ... My 100th post, to all those people.

Mum - I haven't always obeyed everything you said, and I haven't been the best child ever, I know. I'm sorry for whatever hurt I've caused you, and I want you to know that I appreciate everything you've done for me, and every sacrifice you've made. I didn't always make things easy for you, but you stayed strong and continued doing what you thought best for me. And all I have to say now is : Thank you, with all my heart, for everything you've done.

Dad - I haven't always been the perfect daughter, and I haven't always chosen to do the right thing. Through it all you've guided me, even though sometimes I resented it, I've come to realise that you were right most of the time. You've thought me so many principles that I should always stick to, and I shudder at the thought of how ignorant I would have been had you not been there to teach me. I'm really proud of you, dad, because you've experienced so much in life ... yet you can still see through a teenager's eyes. Thank you for moulding me into the person I am now.

Gary - My dear brother. It's been so fulfilling, watching you grow up these past years. Who has your sarcasm, and your wit? And yet, beneath that exterior, there IS a sensitive being who actually has a heart. *grin* Anyway, life would be pretty boring without you, I'll give you that.

My beloved friends who decided to wake me up at midnight just to wish me happy birthday :-

Kwan Seng - (with Chi Yen singing Happy Birthday in the background) who was wondering why I sounded so sleepy. Go figure.

Ian Beh - who had to be reminded by his girl, but I'll just overlook that fact. =)

Kai Xun - can't believe you remembered. Thanks !

Kimberly - who was aiming to be the first to wish me, but ended up being the fourth. Much appreciated, Kim. =)

Li Ying - who took up 5 spaces in my tagbox to get the time JUST RIGHT, at 00.00. Furbz, you rule !

Shereen - who still insists that she's 1 centimeter taller because she's one day older. Alright, Shereen .. I'll let you be 1 centimeter taller for today. =)

Chen Han - who had a fever but still stayed up to wish me a Happy Birthday. Chen Han, you rock-lah . =)

Wei Khai - who counted down the minutes to my birthday and made me drop my phone on my head. Kidding, kidding. Hee=) Thank youuuuuuu !!

Adrian - who actually has a serious side to him, surprise, surprise. =P

Kay Chong - who admitted that he only knew because of Friendster, but still. Thanks !!!

Wyn Yau - who actually knew when my birthday was ! I didn't realise he knew, but thanks all the same. =)

Jeen Pei - who had to remind Ian ... thanks a lot, dearie, I really appreciate it.

Jit Jiang - who sent me flying kisses. =P

Jeffrey - who said "May you receive tonnes of presents."

Jeremy - who told me that miracles can happen (although I don't think it applies to growing taller *sigh*)

Jasmin - my dear cousin, who was still up manning the fire at 1.16 a.m. and STILL remembered to wish me a Happy Birthday. =)

Bryan Voo - who hopes that I'll get my drivers license without crashing into other cars. XD

Yee Hooi - who called me at 2.00 a.m. to tell me that she would have driven to my house if not for the alarm system at her place. *grin*

Michael - who actually remembered my birthday !! I feel so honoured. =)

Jvn Yi - who was still up at 3.32 a.m., even though he has to go for National Service tomorrow. X.x Take careeeee !!!

You guys rock ! =)

Shi Yi - who sent me two heart-warming birthday messages.

Carmen - who was being completely honest, quote : "Oh yea I almost forgot XD" It's okay, woman, I forgive you. =)

Hou Chuen - who remembered my birthday even though he was having fun playing basketball. XP

Jo Yee - who said, "May you look pretty always". I'll take that as a compliment ! =)

Ruth - who borrowed someone's phone to call me just to wish me happy birthday (she's at bible camp) !! I love you Ruth !!!!!!!

Terence - who remembered after I reminded him that he forgot something. XD But apparently his choosing my birthday card makes up for it. Thank you very, very much Terence ! =)

Eu Chern - you remembered ! Thank you !

Casandra - ............ thanks. The message from you was a pleasant surprise. =D

Tee Jin - who managed to remember my birthday ! Okay, okay, important people like you who have to deal with a lot of things have to be forgiven ... Still, I'm honoured. Thanks !! =)

Mon Wei - who thought my birthday was on the 27th .. but oh well, it's the thought that counts !

Cheng Chun - who has finally found my blog. =)

Li May - she remembers me !!!!! *swoon*

Yi Ping - who has so many friends that I'm surprised she remembered me. *grin*

Joanna - who sent me a picture message ! =)

Jennie - thanks for remembering me !!!!

Sophia - thanks girl !! =)

Jia Ming !!! You forgot !!!!! But it's okay, I forgive you. Reason ? Read below. =)

As mentioned in a previous post, my darling friends surprised me with a birthday cake 4 days ago during the Christmas Eve party at my house. AND .... I'm sooooooo sorry, I totally FORGOT about the cake, because everyone was busy eating chocolate fondue and brownies with ice cream. So, well. The result ?

3 days later, even the candles are still intact !! Heheh. XD

But still. It looks so pretty !!!!!!!! Doesn't it ? Pretty, pretty Baskin Robbins cake. Oh, the advantages of having Jia Ming as your friend. Hehe. Kidding, kidding. =P

Anyone who wants to come by my house to help finish the cake is VERY welcome. =)

I still think the cake's really pretty.

Oh, just one more shot. =)

Anyway, to everyone who wished me, thank you all so, so, so much. I feel so loved !! I mean, seriously. This is like, the first time I've received so many birthday wishes. *happy smile*

To those who forgot, it's okay, really. A birthday is more or less like any other day... I value your friendship even if you don't know when my birthday is, or honestly forgot. So no worries. =)

Also ... my best wishes to my maternal grandmother, whose funeral was today. She passed away at 11.55 p.m. on December 23rd, the eve of Christmas Eve. May her soul rest peacefully.

To all those leaving for National Service tomorrow ... Good Luck, and Take Care !! Looking forward to seeing you guys buff and all after 3 months. =)

Thursday, 27 December 2007



*drum roll*


What can I say ? I don't even know how to begin extolling the many virtues of my dear friend. Okay, she's a nice and super sweet girl who's made a really, really big impact on my life. I'm really glad that you were friendly enough to decide to talk to me in Form 1. I'm really glad that the teachers put us in the same class (2A4) in form 2. I'm really glad that we were both put into Blue House, and we had many chances to run together. I'll never forget all those mornings when we exchanged books (before PMR even. *guilty look*). I'll never forget the times you've made me feel better. I'll never forget you insisting that because you're one day older than me, you're one centimeter taller than me. I'll never forget any of the memories we've shared.

By the way, I hope you like your present.
3 words :
So now you can never forget me. Stroke of genius, no ? *grin*

Anyway, Shereen, I wish you the happiest of happy birthdays. Thank you for everything. Friends forever, definately. =)

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Christmas Eve Party !



Firstly ....


Okay, now ......

Thank you SHEREEN !!!!

You are an amazing, wonderful, beautiful, lovely -inserts all complimentary adjectives in dictionary- friend !!

Alright, so how it started was ........ I was in MidValley on the ... 18th of Dec (I think) with my mum shopping for my winter clothes. Then I suddenly thought ... Hey, let's have a christmas party !! Talk about being spontaneous. Heh. So anyway, I kept persuading my mum and all .. and I was texting Shereen at that time, so I told her about my idea. Actually in my mind I was planning to have it on the 26th, but Shereen said she'd be in Genting, so ... planned it for the 24th instead ! =)

Anyway, the day before the party, 23rd of December, Shereen came over to help out with the stuff .. So we basically decorated the whole place, she helped out soooooo much !! I'd post up the pictures of our decorations if I had any, but there just wasn't time to take any ! hehe .. Well, we finished the decorations at about 10.30 p.m. So after washing up and all, we went upstairs to watch .....................................................................


=) Love that show. Too bad mine's still a VCD (2 discs, so I have to change the CD) and it doesn't have the ending part ... the alternate U.S. ending. *sniff*

Anyway, after watching that show, we watched The Pirates of the Carribean II. Or, well, at least, Shereen did. I fell asleep half way. No, make that a quarter of the way. =P

So anyway, after the show was over (Shereen had to wake me up ........ sorry Shereen!!) we went to sleep ........................ supposedly. But ended up talking for ... goodness knows how long. Heheh. Shereen reckons that we slept at 6 ....... in the morning. I thought it was, you know, more like 5 a.m. .. hehe. Oh well. So after waking up at 10 (I think) we had to go move the furniture and stuff for the party.

One word : HEAVY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I won't bore you readers with our preparations and all that, and heck, there was such a LOT to prepare. All the food .... gosh. But in a way, it was kind of fun. At least, you know, we had something to do. =P

I'd let the pictures do the talking .... but I don't actually HAVE many pictures. I was too busy running around making sure everything was okay. *sob* Oh well.

Erm, yes, before I continue ... I'd like to say I'M SO SORRY if I forgot to invite anyone ... This thing was just so spontaneous and last minute, I kind of forgot to invite quite a few people. So I hope you guys don't feel left out .... blame it on my bad,bad memory. It's no wonder I suck at Sejarah. I'm sorryyyyyy !!!!


That's all the pictures I have .. =( So many more people I didn't take pictures with. Yong Chen Han !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still don't have a picture with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P

Oh, and my dear friends surprised me yesterday .. with a birthday cake and all ! It was .......................... so amazing. I love you guys. =)

Thank you all so, so, sooooooo much !!!

And they all signed a card for me .... which explains why I wasn't allowed to go upstairs. Heh.

Look at that ........................... What can I say ? My friends are jokers. But I wouldn't have them any other way. =)

I love my friends. I really do. =)

I know you guys were trying to get me to make a speech yesterday (while standing on the piano stool with a knife for a microphone), and I didn't really do it ... so here it is. =)

Thank you ... ALL of you, for everything. You guys all thought me how to appreciate life, how important friends are .. and most importantly, you were all there for me. I thought I could stand alone, I thought I could be strong on my own, but over the years you guys have thought me that I don't need to ... because I have all of you. I guess that before this, I never really appreciated all of you enough .. and I never made much of an effort to be friendly. I've learnt so much since then, and well, thank you all for being so patient with me. I know I'm not perfect, probably pretty far from it. But I'm learning .... from all of you. I know this sounds cliched, but I really don't know and don't want to know what life would have been like without all of you. I'm so happy ... and I feel so fortunate to call all of you my friends. It warms my heart to know that so many people care for me ... and the fact that it's you guys ... It means so much to me.

Nicole, Yen Hsian and Jeremy, thank you so much for the presents. Much appreciated. =)

Oh, and Wei Khai .. nice cup. Really. Thanks. =)

Jasryn and I =)

This is going to be a picture post. For more details, refer to Jasryn's blog. =P
Can you guess who's who ? =)

Well, well, well. I think that's the first time I've spent so much time with Jasryn. She stayed over at my place for a couple of days and boy .. was she fun to be around. =)
She helped out with the Christmas decorations and all.. So proud of the Christmas tree and the "snow" on the first flight of stairs !! Thanks, Jas !! =)
All in all ... I never knew I had so much in common with my cousin, Jasryn. Glad to know that the genes run in the family. *giggle* ;)
I love my cousin. =)

Saturday, 22 December 2007


Hey everybody !!

Support ASK ME AGAIN band !!

Their website ...

Mike !! You so owe me. I want my book done kay ??

Michael. So cool right ? Future rock star !!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, look at that. Already so popular. And for the record, they were GUEST ARTISTES. Not one of the battle of the bands participants. Doesn't THAT tell you something ??

Jealous right ?? He's MY friend. Mine, I tell you. XD

Don't mess, he's going to be famous !!!! Hehe .. I'm going to sell this picture and get rich in a few years .... Keep it up, Mike, you ROCK !!!!!!


By the way ........


Happy Birthday, Cassie !!!!!! =)



Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Tagged by Shereen & Carmen

1) Do this tag and answer all the questions in your own blog.
2) Delete question 20 and add one of your own questions instead.
3) Tag 8 other people.


1) What was your dream when you were a kid?
Erm .. Well, I always dreamt of being a princess. =P Yes, childish, I know .... so sue me !!

2) What was the happiest moment in your whole life?
When I realised how fortunate I am to have been touched by so many different people in so many different ways ... and realising how important the people who bring out the best in me are.

3) What do you wish to have right now?
For the moment? I've got everything I need. I'm good. =)

4) When was the last time you horse laughed?
Horse laugh? As in, like, snort when you're laughing too hard? Erm, I don't think I've ever done that.

5) What did you realize recently?
That my family and friends are very, very, very important to me. =)

6) Which bad habit in you is the most unacceptable?
Talking too loudly when I'm excited.

7) When you are unhappy, what will you do?
Lock myself in my room, turn the air-cond on, turn the lights off, listen to emo songs, scream into my pillow, light a candle and stare at it while reflecting on the sadness of my life and cry some more.

8) What are you afraid of losing?
The people I care about.

9) Within 5 years, which target is the most realistic?
Getting my butt into the University of Melbourne, I guess. Or, well, graduating, maybe. Or, having a life. I'll take either. I'm not fussy. Okay, maybe I am. XD

10) When you meet someone you like, will you hide or profess your feelings?
Hide, of course. Call me old-fashioned, but I firmly believe that the guy should be doing the courting and all that jazz.

11) List out 3 kinds of people you cannot stand.
People who think very highly of themselves when they are ........... not to be highly thought of.
People who talk big, but don't follow through. Or come up with excuses to cover up for their big talk.
People who act fake. I mean, if you want to be fake, at least put some effort into it.

12) Define loneliness.
Standing alone with nobody to turn to for comfort or support.

13) Are you satisfied with your life now?
Not always, but when I have low moments I remind myself how lucky I am to have so many people who care about me.

14) When was the most recent time you felt touched?
Some people who said really, really nice things to me when I was feeling a little down. (although I doubt the truth of those statements...... I'll take what I can get.) =)

15) Where is the most beautiful place that you have visited?
Bali. It's such a romantic place .. If you go to the right places, at least.

16) A song that has been playing in your mind recently.
That stooooooooooopid Digi advertisment song (Value for you, value for me, value for you, value for me ..etc.. ) has been playing in my mind since watching Golden Compass a few days ago. =.="

17) If you could have a wish come true, what would it be?
Well, I'll be realistic ... as in, not superpowers or stuff like that. I'd really want my dreams to come true ..

18) Do you have anything to be worried or scared about lately?
SPM results. Coming out in 3 months. SH*T. (I censored that myself. =P )

19) If the world is going to end, what will you do?
I'd look for someone I love to hold me tight and tell me that everything is going to be alright..

20) not bothering to delete the question Shereen put up - How are you feeling right now?
Lonely. *sigh*
I tag :
Eu Chern
Yee Hooi
Shi Yi
Li May

Tagged by Eu Chern, Jia Ming, Carmen, Xiao Von and goodness knows who else

Part 1: On the Outside

Name : Caitlin Kang
Date of Birth : 28th December 1990
Current Status : Single and (un)available XD
Eye Colour : Dark-ish brown
Hair Colour : Black, with tinges of brown
Righty or Lefty : Righty
Zodiac Sign : Capricorn

Part 2: On the Inside

Your Heritage : Chinese (heyyy.. I am NOT a banana, kay? I CAN speak mandarin, I'll have you know ....... a little.)
Your Fear : Being alone, I guess
Your Weakness : Pride..
Your Perfect Pizza : (what kinda of question is this, and what's it got to do with "On the Inside"???) .. I guess it'll have to be that pizza I had in St. Mark's Square, Venice, Italy ... YUMMYYY !!

Part 3: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Your thoughts first waking up : (6.30 a.m.) I don't want to get up, I want to sleeeeeep .... but had to get up anyway. Skating. Blahh ..
Your bedtime : about 12.00 a.m., as of after SPM =P
Your most missed memory : Studying Sejarah. XD Ok, fine, not really. Complaining about studying Sejarah, maybe.

Part 4: Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke : Neither.
McD's or Burger King : McD's, I guess, but Burger King is pretty good.
Single or Group Dates : Single Dates, duhh !! Group dates are sooooo ......... weird.
Adidas or Nike : Either. Both are nice. I love sports stuff. =)
Lipton Tea or Nestea : Erm. Who cares? XD
Chocolate or Vanilla : Vanilla ice-cream .. Chocolate bars.
Cappucino or Coffee : Neither. Still don't get what's so nice about coffee/cappucino.

Part 5: Do You . . .

Smoke: Never did, Never have, Never will. 'nuff said.
Curse : Too often for my liking. Well, only when something doesn't go the way I want it to, but that's not the point. I WILL stop. I will.
Drink : Social drinking, maybe. Prefer wine to beer. Actually I don't like beer at all. Shandy is good, though. =)

Part 6: In the Past Month

Drank alcohol : Yeap. A little, but never enough to get tipsy. Genting !! *grin*
Gone to the mall : Today. Mid Valley. Shopping for winter stuff for Australia next year. =)
Been on stage : Yeap. Yi Pei "invited" me up on stage during prom. XD
Eaten sushi : I think so. Yes.
Dyed your hair : Nah, I didn't, and I don't think I will.

Part 7: Have You Ever?

Played a stripping game : Er, nope. I hope I never end up playing something like that. >.<
Part 8: Age

You're hoping to be married : Hmmm. I don't think I'll say. Let's just see how things go. XD

Part 9: In A Guy/Girl

Best eye colour : Erm .. does it matter?
Hair colour : Black. Please. No funny dyed hair colours.
Short or long hair : In a guy? Short. Long-ish is ok, as long as it's not long enough to be tied into a pony tail. That is just so .......... gay.

Part 10: What Were You Doing?

1 minute ago : Stupid question. Answering this quiz, duh.
1 hour ago : Shopping for my winter clothes in Mid Valley.
1 month ago : That would be the 18th of November. Hmmm .. Attempting to cram 2 years worth of studying into 2 hours. XD
1 year ago : Erm .. Just leaving Malaysia for a family gathering (dad's side) in Sydney, Australia.

Part 11: Finish The Sentences

I love : My life, even though I complain from time to time.
I feel : That time seems to be going by REALLY fast, although it's only been 3 weeks since SPM was over, it feels like it's been a lifetime.
I miss : Feeling loved. Miss the feeling. Not the person.
I need : To learn to control my emotions.

Part 12: Tag 5 People

1. Louise Soh
2. Shevie
3. Shi Yi
4. Mon Wei
5. Jasryn (when you get back to Penang)


I won't let a moment of weakness dictate my life.

I won't.
I Won't.

I can overcome my weaknesses.

I can dictate my own life.

I can decide how to live my life.

I won't let my feelings interfere.

I won't.


The moment of weakness will pass.

It will pass.

I can do this.

I can wait.

I'm not ready, not yet.

I will wait.

I can do it.

Yes. I can.

Moment of weakness ..... will pass.


Sunday, 16 December 2007



Things used to be so easy.
I didn't have to make choices, decisions.
Now the decisions I make will probably affect my whole life.
Why can't things stay easy?
I don't like being alone.
I don't want to be alone.
But I think I need to be alone.
I don't want to make the wrong decision.
I don't want the wrong decision to affect my whole life.
I'm scared. I'm afraid.
What if I do the wrong thing?
What if I don't choose to do the right thing?
What if ...
What if ...
What if ...
Oh, I don't know.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Genting Trip =)

The Genting trip was a whole load of fun, Fun, FUN !!!! Carmen and Casandra have written stuff about it, so feel free to view their blogs because I am too lazy ... erm.. I mean, too busy to type a lot of stuff. =P

Carmen and I .. would you believe she was with us ?? At GENTING? The unsafe-for-a-bunch-of-teenagers-to-hang-out-in-case-we-get-raped place? Well, we got her back home safe and sound .. albeit with a running nose and goodness knows what ... but that's not the point. XD

Yee Hooi, me, Mon Wei .. You know what? Yee Hooi is REALLY good at taking self-pictures. Okay, sorry, don't know what else to call it. Point is ... She's a cam-whore expert !! =P

Quote Cassie : A toilet picture is a must !!

Carmen. Yee Hooi. Casandra. Me. Mon Wei. While waiting for my dad to register our rooms for us. The poor guys had to be our cameramen. =P

Me. Yee Hooi. Carmen. Mon Wei. Casandra. Cam-whoring again, while waiting for the guys to line up and get our entry wristband thingies for the theme park.

Cheng Chun. Me. =)

The gang minus Cheng Chun having lunch at Kenny Rodgers .. It was terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE !! Lousy, lousy service. Stupid waiter got our orders mixed up and all. But we NICE people just waited and didn't complain ............. much. =P

*dramatic sigh* 'nuff said.

Yee Hooi. Carmen. Me. That pose was ......... unintentional. Really.

Yee Hooi. Mon Wei. Cheng Chun. Michael. Me. Carmen. Casandra. Terence. Jia Ming. (Michelle, Ruth, Chen Han and Leping were MIA *sob*)

Me. Yee Hooi. While lining up for the 3D Motion Master thing. Completely lousy. Stooooooopid "special" 3D glasses they gave is didn't work. Either that or it was just lousy.

We all got sore throats from screaming too much. So we good girls drank this bitter, bitter tasting drink.

It's supposed to make us feel less heaty and all. It tasted terrible. But it worked. Normally my mum has to force me to drink it. But I (un)willingly went to drink it myself along with the good, good (and sick) girls - Yee Hooi and Carmen. =)

It really did work. But did I mention it tasted terrible? ><

All of us - on top -> Cassie, Mon Wei, Yee Hooi

below -> Michael, Terence, Jia Ming, Cheng Chun, Me, Carmen

It was an amazing trip. Thanks, guys, you all made it soooooooo fun. =)

This just proves how tiring it was. But it was soooooo worth it. =)

That's Yee Hooi sleeping on Carmen's shoulder in the car on the way back, by the way. *smirk*

Monday, 10 December 2007

Prom '07 : Tonight's Dream, Tomorrow's Memory ...

9th December 2007.
A date to remember.
CHS Prom '07.
Tonight's Dream, Tomorrow's Memory ...
A picture speaks a thousand words, so ......

I don't think this needs a caption. =P

My dress. =) It's from blook.

Hmmm, I think it's pretty obvious which is me, so I won't bother putting "me" or "caitlin" in the next few (not that few, actually, quite a lot) pictures.

Carmen. (woman, you still haven't told me where you got that dress!! And for the record, you look nice.)

Shereen - the really really cute girl. =)

Ruth - the all-rounder. Smart smart girl, hard-working, cello player, guitar player, piano player, runner, Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra member ... goodness knows what else. =P

Wen Jia - my form 1 classmate !! Shereen - again. XD

Carmen. Joanna - she rocks .... hard !! Night clubs, watch out for her!! XD

Carmen. =)

Ruth. Jo Yee - the nice guy who gave us 3 dateless girls a beautiful rose. Yee Hooi - the SEXY. (look at her in the next picture and you'll understand) *smirk*

Ruth. Yee Hooi. Need I say more?

Yee Hooi - proud to say that my darling friend was one of the 5 prom queen nominees.

Michael - Super cool guitarist. His band (Ask Me Again) rocks !! Don't forget me when you're all famous, Mike !

Terence - *ahem*

Ok-lah, he's a good friend, really. Saved me a seat next to him. So honoured. =)

Sze Ying - She's the "guy"! XD you'll always be prom queen to me, dearie ! =)

Raihanis - The pretty, pretty girl. Ser Minh.

Theng Fei - The perfect gentleman. =)

Omigosh. He's been my classmate for 4 years. 1A3, 2A4, 4S6, 5S6. Cool. I know a lot of girls will be jealous. Right, Theng Fei? =P

Kay Chong.

Sze Rong - my standard 3 classmate. Who would have believed it? Lol. He's got a bit of an Australian accent now. XP

Yew Hoong.


Yen Hsian - the superrrrr fair girl !

Swea Phin - I'll send the picture to you, I promise !! She made me do an elaborate version of the pinky swear. =P

Wei Khai - The reallyyy nice guy. =)

Chuen Loong - He's REALLY funny. Come skating again some time! XP

Hou Chuen - Prom King nominee worrrr... Don't mess. XP

Yee Hui - yes, yes .. very handsome. =)

Wyn Yau - such a nice guy. He took pity on me and asked me to dance. XD

Jvn Yi - *cough*cough* XD

Ying Jie.

Kar Jun. Louise - 5S6 anti-MINI Bendahari !! =) ( right, louise & zoe? XD )

Cassie - She's a stick, I tell you. *jealous* (are you listening, cassie???) XD

Jeremy - I didn't laugh !! =)

Kian Ti - Another form 1 classmate. 1A3. =)

Object : { Brenda. Li May. Su Ping. } = Image : {the Sexy people}

Joanne - Back in Malaysia for holidays after ... a year in Australia. Right? =)

Ter Yi - Nice guy. Superb camera man.

Sara - The Socialite. =)

Nge Seong - the suave. =P

Shu Ying - My form 3 classmate. She's back from Singapore ! =)

Wei Jian - The joker. Obviously. XD

Su Ping - the gorgeous. Yong Hui - cool guy. =)

Xiao Von - Another form 3 classmate! The plate was ... er... intentional. =P

Kwan Seng - he didn't come in a hawaiian shirt. Amazing. But you looked good. ;)

Fai Chun - Super talented artist. No fair. >.<

Woei Lin.

Gabriel - band conductor ! =)

Lok Mun - he knows more about the theory part of skating than I do. *feels embarrassed* =P

Mon Wei - Amazing singer. *jealous* XD

Jing Hooi.

Soon Heng - Biru Captain !! Biru Rocks ! =) . Li Ann. *smile*




Well. That's about it. It took me soooooo long to load the pictures. Almost the whole day, no kidding. But there, it's done. Most of them, anyway.

Right. So I was erm .. Fashionably late for prom. Heheh. Yes, Carmen, Yee Hooi and Ruth ... I know .... Sorry, sorry, sorry !! =P

Anyway, had a lot of fun going around taking pictures with everyone .. Ooh, Yi Pei ? Yeah, absolutely brilliant magician. For some reason, he erm... brought me up to the stage. Believe you me, I totally didn't expect that, I was laughing when he came to our table, I thought he was going to pull Yee Hooi or Ruth out. And the next thing I knew ................. blahh.

But it was so cool, seriously. I mean, yeah, I was standing up there like a ... erm... jakun, didn't know what I was supposed to do and all. I think I was blushing. Well, Theng Fei said I was. Apparently I always do. Gah. Anyway, Yi Pei was sort of levitating this piece of tissue, then he like, set fire to it. I could feel the heat, no kidding !! I mean, everybody who came for prom saw that, I'm sure. The flames were HUGE. Seriously could feel the heat. Then suddenly he covered it with a piece of cloth and then he was holding ............ a ROSE !! Soooooooo amazing. Yeah. Then erm, he gave the rose to me and I erm, went back to my seat quite.. embarrassed. Haha.. But it was nice. =)

Oh, there was ballroom dancing at the end. There were a lot of people dancing. Couples, I mean. Actually I was just sitting at the table and watching. Then Wyn Yau walked past and yeah, he asked me to dance. So sweet of him ! I'm convinced he took pity on me, because, you know, so erm... sad-case. XD But it was fun. He taught me the 4 basic steps. =)

Oh, Wei Xiang, and all the organizers ... you guys did a brilliant job. Thank you !!!!! =)

So that was it .... Definately a date to remember.