Friday, 29 October 2010


... the counterproductive deferment of actions or tasks to a later time.

So I realised that my last few sporadic blog posts have all been about procrastinating, and I was thinking, geez, do I really have nothing else to say?

But then I realised.. procrastinating is pretty much ALL I've been doing. Like exactly what I'm doing now. Procrastinating.

And this is usually my last resort when I procrastinate. Blogging, I mean. 'cause I'm too lazy to. AndI tell myself I'll update the blog tomorrow.. which is more procrastination. I should totally count the number of times I use the word procrastination in my blog.

So the things I usually do when I procrastinate:

1. Keep reloading Hotmail, in hopes that within that 3 seconds I'll get another email which I can spend about 30 seconds perusing. Repeat till bored, about 5 minutes later.

2. Keep refreshing Facebook. Usually provides slightly more entertainment, when you have >1000 friends all over the place, status'/profile pages usually get updated every few minutes. Repeat till bored, about 10-20 minutes later.

3. Keep sporadically refreshing Jasryn's blog, in hopes that she'll have updated it. Usually refresh 6 times an hour. At least. On a sidenote, she's prettyyyyy.

4. Look for random stuff to do on online websites, such as uploading pictures into templates. 15 minutes tops before I get bored.

5. Get distracted by things people post on their blogs, or Facebook pages. Proceed to Google, spend 10 minutes on it and probably get distracted by something else. Sidenote again, this is what I just google-d...

Ivanka Trump is ridiculously hot, but she's got such a sweet look too! Damn, and she's a businesswoman + model. I suppose it helps to have a father who's got a lot of money. But still.

6. Once done with above 5 steps, start at Step 1 again.. and repeat as necessary.

And the result?


Digging my own grave. Gah.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

To be honest,

... I'm afraid of what comes next.

I should really stop wasting time.

Life's brief candle..

Monday, 11 October 2010

Deal With It..

... especially if it's your own fault that you're in this situation in the first place.

If only I were on a deserted island, with a supermarket for food on the opposite shore (which is conveniently rocky - no sand for them). And I'd trade them sand for food (because my side of the beach is conveniently nice and sandy), because they're tired of sleeping on hard rocks.

Mmmmm.. if only.

Why procrastinate the inevitable?