Wednesday, 1 October 2008


… because that’s the only way you can ever hope to get on with life.

The past two days have been …


That’s really the only way to describe it.

Monday, 29th September 2008


Went to MyCube.
Had dinner with Michele and Yun Shen.
Shuib and Dev joined us for to play board games.
We played Curses.
Shuib sounds like Marge, from the Simpsons.
Dev can talk in a ridiculously high voice.
I had to talk like I had a golf ball in my mouth.
Michele had to scratch herself every time she talked, which is, weirdly, all the time.
Shen had to proclaim her eternal love for whoever rang the bell.
Michele kept ringing the bell.
We played Pictionary.
Michele, Shen and I trashed Dev and Shuib (Guess the Sketch, yo)
We went back to College Square.
Went to the lounge to play poker.
Shen had a VIBE. *gasp* =)
I still think *cough*someone*cough* is cute. =)=)
We stopped playing around 1.30 am.
Shen and I went to Michele’s room to talk.
We went back at around 3 am.

Tuesday, 30th September 2008


Woke up at 10.30 am.
Prepared all the stuff for dinner at night.
It took me two hours.
Left the apartment at 1 pm.
Met Michele at the tram stop.
Went to HardRock for rock climbing.
Rock climbing is FUN.
I have a rope burn.
Rope burns are no fun.
Jun Yeu and I compared our climbing times.
I won at first, but he did it again, and beat me by 30 seconds.
He’s a guy, so I get 1 minute extra.
He owes me dinner because I beat him the first time. Jk. XD
I want to go rock climbing again.
Left at about 5 pm.
Came back to the apartment.
Shen came up and helped me skin the potatoes.
Started cooking the stuff.
Michele came, she mashed the potatoes.
Cherish, Yee Hooi, Jiah Lit and Shereen came.
We had dinner.
I don’t want to cook steak for so many people ever again. =P
We went down to the lounge to play poker.
Shereen left.
Shuib, Dev, Michele, Jiah Lit, Cherish, Yee Hooi, Shen and I played.
Au Yong joined us later on.
At about 2 am, Au Yong, Shen, Jiah Lit, Michele and I were left.
Stopped playing soon after.
Shen, Jiah Lit, Michele and I stayed in the lounge and talked till 4 am.
Classified info. =)
Went back to my apartment (Jiah Lit needed to get his jacket).
Ended up talking more.
He left at … past 5 am.
Shen and I went to Michele’s room to talk.
Till 8.30 am.
It’s 4.30 pm now.

I so need to start doing my work. =(

Anyway. Haha. Very eventful, for all of us. In more ways than one. *nudge*

But that's a secret. Shhhhhhhh.


You just get better and better each time.

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