Monday, 25 June 2007

Ahaha!! 5S6 score 1, LLL score 0 !!!

Check it, guys!! :) *wide wide smile* Click on it to see it clearly.. *scream* 5S6-1, LLL-0 !!!!! XD
Yeah man!!


So you passed. I think congratulations are in order.. ;) Lucky you remembered to stop this time!! If not..... *ahem* XD Congratz yea!!

-perhaps love?-

Sunday, 24 June 2007


First off. I couldn't wake up this morning. Carmen's fault. Her surprise party was yesterday. =P Luckily she was surprised enough to be speechless. . heheh.. and erm, she started crying, apparently, when I was speaking (in the slideshow). I'll take that as a compliment, carmen. :) and, yes, I just HAD to mention it. XD so anyway, I finally pulled myself out of bed at 7.30 am (I have such a sad life, don't I?) and reached the rink at 8.25 am. Oh, and I got into an argument with my mum in the car. It was something to do with my attitude.. apparently I'm "too young to have a few perspective on things and I only see things from the sheltered perspective because everything is provided for me." So I tell her that she has no right to say that because, hel-lo, she's not a psychic right? She has no idea what's going on inside my mind. And it's pretty insulting, to say that just because I'm 21 I'm not mature enough to see things from a few perspectives. Age is just a number. Geez. I was really pissed off, because everything seems to be happening at once.. practically everything is going wrong for me.. -only something/someone is cheering me up at the moment- ..but otherwise it feels as if my world's crumbling apart. As mike would say it, i'm being emo at the moment. Forgive me, mike. =P so anyway, I'm too lazy too type out everything that happened, but basically I ended up being very pissed. (carmen witnessed it.. XD ) And then Jenny made us (Carmen and I) stay till 12.30 p.m. to do our programmes, since we apparently don't practice enough. Gah. It wasn't my fault I couldn't do my elements, shaz's little tiny minute mini-sized students were all over the place and you don't actually notice them until they're like, right in front of your face (or stomach). And they don't move even though you're coming straight at them. I find it very irritating. They just look up and stare at me and I'm like, " will you move already???" (in my mind, at least). Gah.

Enough about that. After I did my programme to satisfy coach Jenny, I went for Cheer 2007. I saw some of my friends from Sri KL (primary school)!! Ok, fine, only saw Joyce Yap, Sophia and Desmond.. and someone who remembered me but I can't remember her name but I recognize her.. -.-" ooh, Charmaine was there.. She already performed with Cyrens.. I didn't get to see her.. :(

So anyway, Calyx All Girls and All Boys (CHS school teams) performed like, 6th last (somewhere there, at least), and they were awesome! The guys' team's opening dance was chunted wei!! They won the Best Newcomer prize, which means they beat 6 other teams for it, I think.. =) congratz to all of them!! :) And the girls... their ending.. superb! The dead-man's drop or whatever it's called was soooooooo super cool!! But the competition is like, super stiff, and yeah, even though they didn't get any prize, I think they did really well.. Calyx All-Girls rawk!! :) ooh, and I was emo-ing during the competition..

That's all, basically.. My "oh-so-eventful" day... blah...

Btw, go to this link okay, guys? Thanks!!!! :)

-never had a dream come true-
-maybe a dream come true-
-hopefully a dream come true-

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Calyx rawks!!

ALL THE BEST to Calyx for Cheer 2007 !!!!!!

- shereen -casandra
-mon wei -fiona
-shi ning -saw jee
-penny -kee jinn
-amelia -wai chian
-siti -shiyi

Calyx rawks!! :)


-i'm pretty pissed off at the moment.. but, you know. Just ignore me.-

Thursday, 21 June 2007


Congratz Michelle!!! :) But still, NO FAIR!! You get your own car!! *jealous* Congratz again!!! :)

WT * !!

Pn. LLL shouted at me AGAIN. Actually this is one day too late. She shouted at me yesterday. But my dearest mum hid the computer somewhere. Pn. LLL told me I wasn't fit to be in the science stream if I didn't understand something apparently so simple. Hmmm. I think I shall attach the exam paper...ok. Due to my nature, I have decided to blacken the school's name and the teacher's name.. Yes. So teacher insists the answer is B, and all I tried to do was point out (in an extremely polite voice, which was no mean feat, given that I was seriously angry because she kept shouting at me, in the LIBRARY, no less). So then I explain why I (and approximately 96% of the class) had put the answer C. And she told me that if i can't understand such a simple thing I don't deserve to be in the science stream. How's that? And she didn't say it. She shouted it. The whole library heard. Like, everyone who was in the library heard that and saw that I was er...... crying. Yeah. So I just stood for the rest of the lesson because I was already standing since she asked me to before she shouted at me. My mum says it's just my pride and my ego, apparently. See, mike, i told you there's no point telling my mum anything. Anyway, this is the second time Pn. LLL has shouted at me.. The first time is was because I told her that I didn't have the paper the rest of the class was marking, because I was absent on the day she gave it out. I was just telling her to let her know that it's not that I'm not paying attention, I just don't have the paper, and if she has an extra copy, can I have it, if she doesn't, I will photocopy it from a friend later, since no one told me about it. Before I managed to say all that she started screaming and saying I purposely missed her class (the way she said it it sounded as if i 'ponteng-ed' her class, but of course, I didn't, I was absent!!), and she said "If I don't see your book on my desk on Wednesday (it was a Monday), you will die, I tell you. You watch out. You will die. " Nice teacher, isn't she? I just kept quiet about that. This is the second time. If it happens the third time, I WILL get out of her class, since she has already told me to do so twice. And she screamed it at me. It is not defiance anymore. I am just following orders. After all, she did say to get out of her class right?

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

good luck!

Don't worry.. you'll pass it the next time.. :) I'll keep my fingers crossed! =P

-no, yee hooi, i'm not telling ! XD -


EXAMS ARE OVER !!! At long last! Hmmm. I'm making it sound like SPM's over isn't it? Haha.. So after a one month and a day of exams and studying (yes, our exams were stretched from before the holidays till after the holidays), what do we have to look forward to? Trials. And SPM. The horror........ *gasp* But, I, being Caitlin, have not started panicking yet, which is not a good thing, because a lot of people are already panicking, and well, I haven't, and that means I haven't started studying. Which is not a good thing. Somehow I just can't get myself worked up about it. ".

I'm pretty boring.. I don't have much to say................................ :(

Er. I went skating today. Yes. And **** (one of the other skating coaches) is getting on my nerves. Because she and her students seem to get into my way every single time. Coincidence? I think not!!! And she stares at me like I'm a.... a.... rotten egg or something. Or maybe she stares at everyone like that. But still. It's a scary look! And it's very irritating when she or her students seem to be the only ones who block me while I'm doing my programme. As if my programme isn't cacated enough.


Monday, 18 June 2007

*ahem ahem ahem* XD

Good Luck to *ahem* someone who is taking h** driving test tomorrow.... :) All the best, and don't crash !! =P

p.s- muffz, mish, wuf, yh, go figure.. I'm not telling! =P

Sunday, 17 June 2007


I just realised that I'm competing with Chai Yen Rong for Artistic 6. Rats. I knew it before.. but it just hit me while he was doing his programme today. Argh! Why couldn't he have passed his freestyle 7 test?? Coach Jenny, of course, told me that he'd beat me.. because, you know, she's been scolding me for not coming to practice more often. But it's not my fault!! Exams are going on now! Blame the school!! =P

I have realised that I am becoming rather lazy. I used to skate a lot more often (I skate only 3 times a week now) and go to the gym for classes and go for off ice classes. Ugh. No wonder I've lost my stamina.. T.T I actually did try doing sit ups and things like that everyday.. but me being me, I totally forgot about it. =P So now I have what Ruth calls a fummy (sounds so cute right?? XD ) which is actually a fat tummy. :D

Ooh, I'm really really pissed at the stupid stremyx. Half the time it's not working! What's the point of it then? And the wireless connection isn't working either. It's irritating. Very irritating. Very very irritating. And when you call streamyx to ask them what the **** (note: this can be ANY four letter word, it is not necessarily the one you're thinking of.. XD ) is wrong with the connection, you've gotta stay on the line and be passed to every single possible department and in the end they tell you it's a technical problem and should be fixed soon. Only it gets fixed for a few days and promptly stops working again. -.-"

Friday, 15 June 2007


I KNOW i'm supposed to be studying physics and biology, but I'm in a very holiday-ish mood, and I REALLY don't feel like studying. Hmmm. And of course, a total lack of self-discipline doesn't help much. ". Go figure. I wonder how people like Ruth can study all the time and get practically 100% for Sejarah. ". Or people like Michael who can study 5 hours before the exam and still score. Sometimes life just isn't fair. But it's not my fault I don't have a good memory.. or that I'm blur.. or that I'm not smart.. or that I don't have a 165 IQ.. or... you get my drift. =P hmmm.. or, you know, maybe I could try opening my text books once in a while and attempt to study. I'm sure that'll help. A little. :D

Interestingly, I haven't seem to have noticed that I haven't had my Modern Mathematics text book for ages. Apparently Michael took it home a few months ago.. and just figured out that it was mine two days ago. =P Actually, the credit goes to Jia Ming, who guessed it was mine because he saw me doodling, and, you know, there were doodles in the book. =P So thanks so him I was finally reunited with my Modern Mathematics text book.. after a few months. Kudos, Jia Ming! :)

On another note, I think I shall reserve the last place for myself in Artitstic 6 and Freestyle 6 in Skate Malaysia 2007. Because, you know, I'm not prepared and me, well, being me, of course, when I say I am not prepared, it means that I am not prepared AT ALL. And I'm going to trip and fall and everybody is going to laugh at me. hmmm. That's such a depressing line of thoughts. Although hopefully everyone will be more distracted by how horrible I look in my costume.. XD I'm such a pessimist, dontcha think? ". When I want to be, at least. =P So anywayz, ciao to those who haven't already fallen asleep ... ;)

Hello, blogging world! XD

At the insistance of my *ahem* dear fwens *winkz*, I have (finally) decided to set up a bloggie! =P but somehow I might not be able to stick to this thing for a long time.. ". Commitment problem, maybe? XD but I shall warn all you people first, I am NOT an interesting person, and I do NOT have an interesting life, contrary to popular beliefs. :P So I must warn you people, especially those with Low Tolerance Levels for Excessive Lameness to steer clear of my blog! Consider yourselves warned..... muahahaha! XD