Monday, 31 March 2008

Picture post =)

MY FIRST EVER SOLO FLIGHT !! (makes it sound like I flew the plane. XD )

I checked in approximately three hours before boarding time.

Reached the Bangkok International Airport at 5.15 a.m. (Yes, I had to fly all the way up to Bangkok and THEN fly down to KL - I didn't take MAS because, obviously, my return ticket was on Thai Airways)

Since I was transitting.. there wasn't much to do. And in any case, I didn't have any Thai currency. So I went to the bording gate 3 hours before BOARDING TIME. And look at how empty it was....

The waiting area wasn't even open yet. So I sat there and waited. And waited. And waited. I think I fell asleep at one point.. hehe. Entirely my fault, because I only slept for four hours on the flight from Melbourne to Bangkok. Hey, I had to eat!! XD

Oh, on a very random note - here's another picture. Of Yee Hooi.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I got the best photo of this.. erm.. event. I just HAD to post it up. XP (yee hooi, I know you want to murder me, but I'm counting on the fact that you'll have forgotten all about this when I get back to Melbourne. *sweet smile*)

Just one more of Yee Hooi looking forlornly at her slipper. XD

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Hello again, Malaysia.

I'm back people !! I didn't end up in Sri Lanka or something. It's nothing short of a miracle, I tell you. But to tell you the truth, sitting on an aeroplane by myself was ... nothing spectacular. It's not as difficult as I thought it would be, somehow. I thought that I'd get lost, not be able to find the terminal.. things like that. In reality, I was at the terminal gate approximately 2 (possibly more) hours before boarding time. Well, there wasn't anything else to do !! Apart from shop. A bit too lazy to shop. =P

It's totally weird and all, but I kept smilling when I got off the plane. And telling myself that it's good to be back when I hear someone speaking in malay. Totaly weird right? But yeah. XD

Okay, I'm super, super, super tired at the moment.. Actually meant t make this post a lot longer, but you can blame that on the PEOPLE who decided to talk to me and to KEEP ME UP. Kidding, kidding. But seriously. It's 2.36 a.m. in Melbourne! I should be fast asleep by now! XD

Anyway, I'll put up pictures and stuff later on. When I'm not so tired. I actually fell asleep while typing the first paragraph of this thing. Heheh. Goodnight for now, folks. =)


Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Oh lookie.

I'm going home tooo !

Although I wouldn't have minded staying here. Or going up to Sydney. Or going all the way back to Malaysia.

But I think my mummy wanted me to go back. She misses me. *beam*

Pretty weird, though, going back so soon. It's only been one month.

Anyway. I have to sit on a plane .. ALONE. The prospect is ... quite cool, to say the least. =)

Oh, Carmen's standard of english is dropping. The other day, you know what she said to me??

"Eh Caitlin, have you ever SITTEN on a plane by yourself before?"

*Caitlin gives Carmen a very weird look and tries to figure out whether Carmen is trying to act cute -cough-retarded-cough- or something* heheh.

Turns out she wasn't even joking or trying to act cute. =.="


Haha.. The brains on that woman, I tell you .....


Oh yes, exams are going on now.. Had literature on tuesday (yesterday) and mathematics today. I hope I didn't do badly or anything. Touch wood. =) I've got chemistry exam on friday, but heck, I'm only taking Chemistry out of interest, so I guess it doesn't really matter too much. Plus, I'm taking that as an extra elective, so technically I'm not pulling my marks down or anything because I've still got the other three electives (we're only supposed to take 3), so no biggie. =)

That's it for now..

P.s - I STILL don't have my internet connection. Am using the computer in the library. =P

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

SPM Results

Omigosh, I am so relieved.. Thanks for calling, Ruth! =)

Congratz to all my darling friends who did extremely well for SPM .. You guys rock !! So proud of all of you. =)

My results aren't the greatest, but heck, I'll take it. I'm relieved in one way, but somewhat disappointed in another. The more I think about it, the better I feel, for some reason. I did expect to get worse, but I didn't exactly do very well either. Oh well.. I'll take what I can get. =)

That's it for now..

Love ya peeps!!

P.s- I still don't have my internet connection yet, I'm using the Trinity College computer.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

and so a new chapter begins..

Well, I'm here. In Australia. In my own apartment. Sorry for the VERY late update.. I still haven’t gotten my own internet connection yet. XP At the moment I'm at Starbucks.. My dear roommate has chased me out of the apartment. *smirk*

Oh, you know what? I actually have to PAY for using the internet here. At Starbucks. Can you believe it? That is just wrong on so many levels. Since when do people have to pay for using the internet at Starbucks?? It's unfair, I tell you.

Anyway. Living alone (by "alone" I mean without parental supervision 24/7) is really interesting. The first few days were spent making the apartment fit for human habitation. And I found out that my sense of direction is ...... quite bad. But not as bad as it was back in Malaysia. Gosh, I make it sound as if I've been here for a few years at the very least. My point is, my sense of direction is getting better. REALLY. *smile*

Anyway, it really does seem that way. I've only been here for a month or so. And it already feels like I've always been here, seriously. I really, really wonder why. And we were doing this English Diagnostic test the other day, and it felt just like normal school exams, somehow. Except not as stressful. So, yeah. I felt like I sitting in like, an examination hall in Malaysia, I mean, it could have been any lecture theatre in Taylors or HELP Institute. It's just so WEIRD.

Maybe one of the reasons I feel so at home is that three-fifths of the student population are from Malaysia. No kidding. They did a survey. There are quite a number of Singaporeans as well. Some from Hong Kong and China.. I did meet some students from Macau, Dubai, even one or two from Kenya. Pretty cool, huh? But you know what.. there are like, SO many girls and SO FEW guys. Seriously. And none of them are .......................... *silence* .............................. nevermind. *grin*

But yeah, it has been pretty cool, learning new things and stuff.. Like how to take a tram (and how to go in the right direction), and going to the supermarket by myself, walking to and from college.. It's just.... an amazing experience. I mean, of course carrying the heavy grocery bags home aren't very amazing, it actually makes my shoulders ache like crap. Because I have to walk there and back. Yes, you read correctly. WALK. Walk all the way to the supermarket AND the market THEN walk BACK with all the HEAVY THINGS. ><>

So, yeah. Everything is just amazing. And I’ve decided (about time) what subjects I want to do. English, History of Ideas and English for Academic Purposes are the three compulsory subjects. We’re supposed to choose three electives, but taking four (kiasu la, what else can I say? XD nah, I just can't decide which subjects to take because they're all interesting). So I'm taking Maths 1, Chemistry, Psychology, and Environments and Developments. The lecturers I talked to so far all discouraged me from taking four electives because apparently only one in a few hundred end up finishing with four electives, they drop one of their subjects sooner or later, I’ll be wearing myself out too thin and all that.. But hey, I’ll never know if I don’t try, so no harm trying!! And my rationale is, even if I DO end up dropping one of the subjects after, say.. three terms, I’ll have three terms of extra knowledge that I can make use of, to apply in other things. I think it’ll be useful. I’m not doing it to be “kiasu” or anything, it’s just interest. And I know I can do it! At least, I think I can. I hope I can. No pain, no gain, right? *grimace*

Oh, I do find one thing pretty weird, though. Here, everyone calls the lecturers by their first names. Not that I’m criticizing anyone who does, it’s just that I’m not used to it and to me it seems a little rude. I don’t think I’ve ever called anyone more 10 years older than me by their first names. But then, what else can I call the lecturers? I can’t say “Dr. Rose”, or “Dr. Graham”, because they aren’t all doctors. And I didn’t know that Bernard was a doctor, so I could have called him Dr. Bernard. I mean, I’m not saying that people who call them by their first names are wrong. I just feel uncomfortable doing that, and I personally feel that if I do it myself it would be impolite. As in, me. Impolite. Not anyone else. I think I'll just have to get used to it. ><

The Chemistry here is like, SUPER difficult. We're learning about quantum theory and all that, and I'm barely keeping up. It doesn't help that my lecturer and my tutor aren't very ... never mind. Best not to mention that. =P Oh, I love Psychology!! The other day, we played something like Mafia in tutorial. Can you believe it? Card games! In tutorial! Something about reading and understanding body language. Isn't that cool or what? =) And Drama. We have to do a mime for our first assesment. I think it'll be fun. Ooh, Literature is really good too. And I like History of Ideas. I think it's cool. We're learning about Greeks and Hebrews and the influence they had on the modern world. Fascinating, really.

Oh, and SPM results. 12th of March. CRAAAAAAAAAP !!!! I know my results are going to be bad, I just know it. *sigh* Maybe I should have studied harder. A bit too late for that now, isn't it? Oh please, oh please.. *prays hard*

Anyway, I'll try to get my internet up and running really soon, these Australians have all the fine print and extra charges that make it very hard to choose.. It's like, every time I find one that I like, some kind of extra charges for this and that crop up. It's irritating, I tell you.

Well, that's it for now, I guess. Take care everyone!! =)