Monday, 28 January 2008


Today was fun !! Tiring, but fun. Well, technically it was yesterday. It's 12.33 am as I'm typing this. You know what, I feel sleepy. Gahh ... How can I feel sleepy??

Anyway, the Chinese New Year on Ice performance wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Well, I screwed up the first time, at least I got my steps right the next three times. XD For those who didn't know, there was a Kung Fu on Ice performance (in Sunway Pyramid, of course) yesterday and the day before (26th and 27th of January 2008) at 12.15 p.m. and 2.15 p.m. on both days. Oh, and if anyone is interested, they're holding the performance again on the 16th and 17th of February 2008. I won't be joining that show, because I'll be in Australia by then. *sniff*

So yesterday was like, my last performance ... EVER. I think. I mean seriously, get real, how am I supposed to skate after coming back from Australia? I mean, I'll have lost the touch and everything. *sigh* I always knew it had to end SOMEDAY. But the fact tat the "someday" is already here .. It's a little hard to comprehend, somehow.

Well anyway, at least I got to perform one last time. All thanks to Harry (Head Coach of the Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating Academy) !! Oh, and thanks to Dian, Alia and especially Kimberly for helping me out with all the steps.

So for the first show, which was at 12.15 on Saturday, I kind of completely screwed up. I just totally blanked out. Well, not totally. Just some parts. So I skipped some steps. Because I forgot them. Gahh. It was EMBARRASSING. At least the secod, third and fourth times I remembered. And I didn't fall down at all. =)

Okay, for some reason I'm really, really sleepy. So I shall make this quick. I went for this makeover thing yesterday. It was pretty fun. They put make up on me, did my hair and then made me choose a dress and then take pictures. The photographer was funny. He was asking me to do weird poses. I could've sworn he was trying to make fun of me .... but maybe he was just doing his job. =P

But he DID make me do some of the typical la-la poses. And I told him it was very seafood-ish. And he said .. "No lah, very cuuuuute!" =.=""

I wonder how it'll look once they edit the pictures. The ones below haven't been edited yet, apparently they'll only be ready in March or something like that. Hmmm.

Amuse yourselves over some of the pictures. I'm sure you guys are all going to have a good laugh. At my expense. *wince*


I know right ??
Stop laughing.
At least pretend that you're not laughing at me.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Battle of the Conscience

OH. MY. GOSH. Only SEVENTEEN days left !! And I'm still grasping at the reality of it. Oh no, oh no, this can't be good. I'm not prepared, I'm not ! I still can't really cook, can't iron, can't this, can't that ... WHAT DO I DO ???????????

Oh, you know what? I saw some pretty, pretty shoes the other day. *beam* Abrupt change of topic, eh? =P But the shoes are really nice. *lust* Although I'm still wrestling with my non-existent conscience whether to ask for it (from dad, the banker - who else?) or not. >.<

WMNS Sprint Sister V Leather 316955-161 NIKE


Yes, yes, I copied the name of the shoes down, like the perfectly jakun sane person that I am. Whaaaaaaaaaaat?? I want to be able to locate the shoes again !! So sue me. XD I have this tendency of finding things I like and never being able to find them again. Like, EVER. You'd think I'd have learnt, after doing it many, many times... But that's not the point. PRETTY SHOES !!! =) But I shall be good and continue wrestling with my conscience. It's RM299!! I mean, if it was running shoes, and I needed them for competitions... That would be different. But this is just for ... for ... for ... well, it looks nice. So there. But still. That's a lot to pay. Gahhhh ... Maybe I won't ask for it. Okay. I shall try brainwashing myself. I won't ask for it. I don't need it. I want it, but I don't need it. It's an unnecessary item. I don't really need it. It's nice to look at, probably nice to wear, but I don't need it. Don't need it. Unnecessary. Want. But don't need. Ah, who am I kidding? Nooo. Don't need. *gasping voice* Not necessary......... *dies away*

Dramatic, huh? =P Oh well. No big deal I guess. It IS nice and I DO want it, but it's also EXPENSIVE and it isn't something I NEED to survive. And I've already asked for a lot of things, I guess. So I can do without. Yes. Can do without. There. My conscience won.


Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Doooooooooomed !

Hello people. Miss me?

Okay, I don't think anybody noticed. *sob*

Anyway, I haven't been updating for quite a while ... 1 week, to be exact. The internet was down for a couple of days. Yeaaaaaah.

Oh, I went for the practice this morning. For the Chinese New Year performance. At 6 am in the morning. Which means I had to get up at 5 am. Well, technically, I didn't exactly ARRIVE at 6 am, it was 6.30 am. And I didn't exactly get up at 5 am, it was 5.45 am. I set my alarm to go off, I did, I really did !! I even set two alarms to go off. But I somehow fell asleep after telling myself to wake up. Although that may have something to do with the fact that I only slept for 2 hours. Heh. =P

Right, so it was like, my first practice with the group, first time I did the steps to the song, etc. Basically I was more or less clueless. And I screwed up at least ONE thing, EVERY SINGLE TIME we did it. Except for the last time. Which is kind of a relief. At least I'm not THAT hopeless. But seriously, what if I mess up? I don't think they're having anymore practices. And the performance is on .... oh gosh. This Saturday and Sunday. How am I supposed to be ready by the 26th?? I mean, it's already the 23rd ... Omigosh, omigosh, OMIGOSH !!!

But you know what? The fans are really pretty. =)

But it HURTS. We have to hold the fans while doing the whole programme. I mean, it's PAINFUL. Plus, it's realy hard to do the elements and stuff while holding the fans. Wind resistance and all. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...... I'm doomed !!!



And you know what? If you think the fans are bad, the cheongsam is worse. It's a killer, seriously. I can barely BREATHE in it, and I have to PERFORM in it. *wince*



Oh geez, what did I get myself into???



But then again ... It probably will be my last performance. So. I guess it's worth it. If I don't make a fool out of myself. And if .... AHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still doomed.



Okay. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. With a lot of luck. Hopefully.


Thursday, 17 January 2008

Surprise =)

Okay. Terence's birthday was two days ago. It was absolutely hilarious, at Terence's expense. But he bore with it very gallantly. Right Terence? *wink*

Anyway, the sequence of events :

14th January :

5.34 p.m. - Terence calls Caitlin. He tries to find out whether we have planned anything for his birthday tomorrow. Caitlin evades all questions. Terence tries a more direct approach. "So ar, Caitlin ar... you remember tomorrow what day or not ar?" Terence says that he will cry if we FFK him on his birthday. Caitlin still refuses to impart any information.

9.18 p.m. - Yee Hooi calls Caitlin. Yee Hooi describes Michael's idea to let Terence know that only him, Yee Hooi, Jia Ming and Chor Yeng can be there to celebrate his birthday with him. Caitlin agrees that it is a good idea.

15th January :

1.30 p.m. - Yee Hooi goes to where Terence parks his car and sticks "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BASTARD IN THIS CAR" on the right side of his (mother's) car.

2.45 p.m. - Jia Ming arrives at Sunway Pyramid with a few friends.

3.30 p.m. - We buy a watermelon from Giant.

3.50 p.m. - We buy one quarter of a cake from Secret Recipe. Jia Ming's reasoning - "buy one whole cake sure cannot finish la.."

4.15 p.m. - Time starts to run out. Terence and Yee Hooi arrive at Pyramid. They are at the opposite side. The rest of us are still getting ready at the back of Tony Roma's.

4.25 p.m. - Jia Ming and Michael sit at a table at the front of the restaurant. The rest of us hiding at the back attempt to supress our giggling.

4.34 p.m. - Jia Ming sends a message to Caitlin. "Haha. He's here. But wait. V make him sad first. He really thought 5 fellows only. Was hopin 4 suprise but nothin."

4.38 p.m. - Jia Ming miss calls Caitlin. We creep to the front of the restaurant. We nearly surprise the wrong people. The waitress points us to where Terence, Chor Yeng, Michael, Jia Ming and Yee Hooi are sitting.

The rest of the time is spent eating and teasing Terence about how "emo" he was. All in all, I think it was pretty much a success. *beam*

Surprise #1

Trick #1 (note expression of disappointment on Terence's face)

Surprise #2 (note expression of relief on Terence's face)

Trick #2 (Michael's "holey" shoes in a Nike box - Terence's fake birthday present)

Quote Terence, "You guys suck man, seriously, you guys suck ...... (all the while smiling widely)"

Oh, happy (belated) 17th birthday to Chor Yeng. Hope you enjoyed the watermelon. =)

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Oh no .

I just looked at my watch. TWENTY SIX DAYS LEFT. My days are numbered. Literally.


I'm going to miss you guys.




I know you won't see this till after we get back from celebrating your birthday, so it's okay. Terence, how could you even for a moment imagine that we'd FFK you on your EIGHTEENTH birthday? Your friends love you, even though ................... *ahem* nevermind.



Kidding, kidding. =)



So anyway, happy birthday dude, and thanks for everything. You rock !! =)



Sunday, 13 January 2008

Before and After

My hair ...................... *sob*



Bah, humbug.

Oh well. It'll grow.



Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Tagged by Shereen

Last picture taken of yourself :

taken by: me !
when: Yesterday. I think.
where: My room.

Heyy !! Stop looking at my cupboard ! I know it's a mess. Got anything to say about that?? *glare*


- A picture with friends
taken by: some random stranger in Genting.
who are they: *deep breath* MichaelTerenceCasandraJia MingMonWeiChengChunYeeHooiCarmen

A picture of you in a fitting room :

The pose was unintentional, believe it or not. There only way I could've gotten a picture like that to turn out right is by accident.

A picture of you with Christmas tree decors :

Where: The Gardens, Mid Valley

A picture of you showing a 'peace' sign :

Well, it IS a peace sign. Albeit in a ..... nevermind. I just realised I don't DO peace signs.

A picture of you in black & white :

Did you take it in black & white or Photoshop: I wish I could say photoshop, because that would mean I actually know how to use it. =(

A picture of you in school uniform (if already graduated, then go get your photo from the report card)

A picture of you doing weird things :

I think this qualifies as weird. =P

What are you doing : Erm ............. I'll leave you guys to decide. XD

-A picture of you wearing pink

A picture of you wearing black :

I can't believe I don't have a picture of me wearing black. Or maybe I do. But this is the first one I came across. Oh well.

A picture of you wearing orange :

A picture of you wearing red :

The people I'd like to tag are:

CARMEN TEOH. (hah, now you have no excuse.)
Tee Yee Hooi. (I'm sure you've got a lot of cam-whore pictures to put up)
Yee Aun. (my turn to tag you, you've made me do so many tags already !!)
Michelle. (just for you to relieve stress, ya know?)

Tuesday, 8 January 2008


I passed.
I passed.
I passed.
I passed.
I passed.

OMIGOSH, I PASSED !!!!!!!!!!

*high-pitched squeal*

That must have been some high quality wood I touched.. XD

Everything is right in the world.



Oh gosh. Somebody PLEASE help me.

I'm going to FAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*touch wood, touch wood*

But I still need a miracle to pass.

Damndamndamndamn Undang.


Monday, 7 January 2008

Argh !!

My ass hurts.

I am walking like a demented penguin.

It's more of a half-waddle-half-limp kind of thing this time.

On second thought, I think demented penguins walk better.

WHY do I put myself through this torture?

And everybody says ice-skating looks easy. *groan*

Carmen, I don't like you. You HAD to be sick. You just had to, didn't you? Food poisoning. Hmph. What an excuse. *grumble,grumble*

Undang test ... what if I fail ???

I STILL can't believe I'm going.
Anyway, I'm taking my Undang test tomorrow. I know, I know, I'm going to Australia next month, what's the point of taking driving exams ... but hey, the point is that I CAN drive if I want to, because I have a license (once I get it. I mean, IF I'm lucky enough to get it.). Right. So the important thing is that I have a license. Whether I'll be around to actually use it is ..... of no importance. *beam*
But that doesn't mean I don't find the questions ridiculous. Seriously. All the signs that we have to study? Yeah, I've never seen like, three quarters of them on the road before. And my dad doesn't know a single one of them. Okay, fine, he does know the ones that are actually found on the road, but that's the whole point, see? It's USELESS studying all the rest of the signs, because there AREN'T any of those on the roads !! It's soooo .................. =.="
I mean, okay, for example, I'm sure everyone has seen like, heaps of construction materials at the sides of the roads and stuff like that, right? Did you know there's actually a SIGN for that ??

Someone, please correct me if you've seen it before .. Maybe I was hallucinating, and the sign disappeared when I looked. But if not ... well, there you have it. I rest my case.



Pretty, pretty pearl. =)

Saturday, 5 January 2008

still don't believe it

Hmmm. I forgot to put up a post on Jia Ming's birthday. Oh well ... Refer to his or Yee Hooi's blogs for pictures and details. =)

Guess what, guess what ??

I STILL can't believe that I'm going to Melbourne. NEXT MONTH !!!! That's like ..... VERY SOON. And I'm going for, like ..... forever.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!

Okay, fine, forever is a bit of an exaggeration. But that's not the point.

It's just weird, I mean, I've spent practically my whole life wanting to go overseas, but now when the time comes .. I still can't believe I'm going. Omigosh .. What do I do ???

I don't know the slightest bit about living by myself, I don't know how to cook. Wait, that's not true, I do know how to cook maggie mee and eggs. (Yay me !!) But I don't know how to wash my own clothes. Wait, not true either, I did put the clothes and all in to the washing machine a few times. (Double yay me !!) Well .. I have absolutely no sense of direction. I once got lost in MidValley, can you imagine that? Oh, and a couple of times in One Utama. Heheh .. Oh yes, and I directed my driving instructor to the wrong place. We were supposed to be going home. To my house. And I didn't know the way. *feels embarrassed* Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? Blame it on my parents, I never had to find my own way home before !! Kidding, kidding. XD


Back to the point. I can't believe I'm already going to college. I can't believe that my friends have already STARTED college ! It's like, only a month after SPM, geez, guys .. =P But most of them are in Taylor's College, so I guess they'll have a lot of friends and all. For some reason, people seem to say that Taylor's is like, a second Catholic High School. *sarcastic voice* I wonder why. =)

So anyway, good luck to all the South Australian Matriculation students who already started going to college on the 3rd of January 2008, and to the A-levels students who are going to start going to college on the 7th of January 2008.

All the best, my dear friends, the future *takes deep breath* doctors/ lawyers/ engineers/ psychologists/ professors/ world bank analysts/ actuarial scientists/ hotel managers/ designers/ architects/ and all manner of careers. Looking forward to seeing you guys emerge as respectable and successful men and women in your choice of fields. =)

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Tagged by Yee Aun !

5 things found in my bag:

(why the crap would anyone want to know what's to be found in my bag?)

- purse
- a packet of tissue
- handphone
- camera (sometimes)
- er ... random pieces of rubbish? XD

5 things found in my purse:

(ditto above)

- money
- IC
- calender
- receipts
- MPH card

5 favourite things in my room:

- bed ?
- swivel-ly chair
- pillows
- bolster
- erm ... soft toys. I guess.

Okay, this is just lame.

5 things i always wanted to do:

- bungee jump !
- go to Disney World
- get straight As for SPM *prays hard* ><
- laze around all day
- ........ be famous ? XD

5 things i am currently into:

- friends ! =P
- figure skating counts, right?
- computer
- story books
- day dreaming

I'm soooooo not going to bother tagging anyone. XD

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

2008 !! o.O

New Year's Eve at Carmen's place. =)

Yee Hooi and I beating Ian & Chris at Foosball !

We rule !!! (but it may have been that we won only because Ian was distracted by Yee Hooi's screaming. It's no joke, I tell you.. her voice is THAT powerful.) XD

Cheng Chun attempting to teach me how to play pool. Note the word : ATTEMPTING. =P
Yes, Jia Ming. Watch how the pro does it. =P

Fireworks - A tribute to Terence's excellent photography skills. See, Terence? I gave you a compliment. =)

Pretty body sticker thingies. =)

It wasn't my idea !! Cross my heart ! *gives Yee Hooi accusatory glare* XD

Note Chen Han's expression and the bottle he's holding over my head.


Omigosh. It's 2008 ............ but it doesn't feel any different.

I don't think I'll bother making any new year resolutions. Even if I do, I'd just forget them the next day. And resolutions can be made on any day, not just on the day of the new year, so. =)

HAPPY 2008 guys !!