Sunday, 31 May 2009

Colour My World.


You know, there really hasn't been much to blog about lately. Apart from studying, and exams, and being busy busy busy.

Oooh, I am proud of myself for coming up with a prettyyy detailed studying timetable for like from yesterday to the end of the exams (26th June 2009). Sad right! My exams last for so long. =(

They're pretty spread out, which is a REALLY good thing.. but then I finish on the LAST day of the exam period. EVEN BETTER... it's the LAST exam on the LAST exam day of the exam period. Sighhhh.


12th June - Music Psychology 60% Research Essay due.
17th June - Psychology (Mind, Brain & Behaviour 1) exam.
23rd June - Knowing Nature exam.
26th June - French exam.

My study schedule chart thing is pretty. =) It's got neat lines and days and dates and colour coded subjects. Heeee. Now comes the hard part.. actually STICKING to the study schedule. -.-


Anyway, here's a nice post from my cousin's blog!

What a loaded question... See, it seems to me, that a lot of people claim to love or to be loved without ever really even understanding what love is, confusing it with the giddy excitement that stems of young passion.


It's a loaded word. One you may yearn or dread to hear simply because of all the implications it brings with it. Everyone tries to understand love as one emotion, one feeling. It's not. What is love?

Love is like. It's that infatuation that never seems to go away, that every time you look at them your day gets that little bit brighter. It's how they can still take your breath away and make your heart beat that much faster no matter how long you've been together. It's falling again every time you see them, just like the first time.

Love is loyalty. It's staying even when times are tough and things are hard. It's being willing to stay and work through these times and these things. It's being faithful even if you are tempted. And its staying faithful, willingly, so that at the end of the day, there are no regrets.

Love is lust. It's that sexual desire where you can't get enough of them. It's that shiver that goes down your spine when their hands brush against you in the barest of gestures and the haze that clouds your mind when their lips touch yours.

Love is comfort, friendship, familiarity. It's when at the end of the day you know the other person, love them as you may, is imperfect and you're imperfect and you're both ok with that. It's when you know that you can't always be sweet and sexy and the best of who you are 24-7 (in fact most times you might be irrational and unreasonable) and some days you just want to hang out in sweats and t-shirts and talk about the broken sink.

Love is that little bit of pride. When you're proud of them and you want to show them off and introduce them to every you know, and maybe everyone you don't. When you're not embarrassed to take their hand and say to the world, "He/she's mine."

Love is that little bit of jealousy. It's that over-protectiveness that comes from wanting to know that they are yours, they belong to you so to speak, and they won't ever leave. It's that prick of feeling between annoyance and anger at the smallest threat that they will.

Love is that little bit of luck. It's being in the right place, knowing each other at the right time, being surrounded by the right people. And if you calculate the probability, statistically speaking, for two people to meet and fall in love and stay in love, well, it's a virtual impossibility. And yet it happens...

Because love is that little bit of faith. It's the trust in yourself, the trust in the other person and when all is said and done, the trust in the concept of 'us' because you can't fight for something you don't believe in.

Most of all, love is that little bit of hate. It's how they inspire the kind of anger and frustration in you that nobody can even get close to doing. It's how they can be such a pain-in-the-ass because they know just what buttons to push and how best to get on your nerves. Strange? Not really... If you didn't care, it wouldn't matter and you wouldn't hate. So that bit of hate? It tells you that you care about what they're doing.

And love is forgiveness. No matter what they've done or what they've said, at the end of the day, all the anger evaporates. And you don't even mind, you are content because, at the end of the day, being right is not as important as being happy.

Love is not one emotion in itself but a mixture of all the dozen other emotions out there concentrated into one person. Love is liking. Love is loyalty. Love is lust. Love is friendship. Love is pride. Love is luck and love is faith. Love is just that little bit of hate and jealousy. And love is forgiveness. You can quote me on that.

So there you go. Any fool can be in love but to love, to really love... now that is something.

Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident.
-St Augustine, Captain Corelli's Mandolin-

Heh, my sneaky way of updating without actually updating.. shhhhh, don't tell anyone!!


Okay I should get back to that essay. Sigh.

What about now?

Friday, 29 May 2009

Patience Is A Virtue.


Oooh, I haven't blogged for 2 days. *gasp*

So the other day right (I think it was last Sunday), I tried something out!

For the first time ever - I used this book.

The one my dear, lovely, wonderful, concerned friends deigned to present to me before I left for Australia near the beginning of last year. Eh, you all hor. I have never used that Pizza Hut number before. HEEEE. And neither have I dialled "000" because I've never set off the fire alarm!! See! That's an achievement, don't you think? =p

Anyway, I thought this looked pretty cool, so I tried it! Except I couldn't find any spicy peanut sauce in Safeway, so I used plum sauce. And some other stuff, I can't remember now.

Anywayyyyy. It took me a horrendously LONG time to cut up all the stuff, because I seemed to remember the recipe saying "finely chopped" for everything. Apparently not.. but whatever. I "finely chopped" almost everything - water chestnuts, chicken, onions, mint leaves, and the peanuts. That is A LOT of chopping.

The finished product. Okayyyy, I know it doesn't look THAT good here. I swear it looked better in real life. And it tasted good, so who cares what it looks like? =p

Love you guys! + Cassie & Shereen. =)

A little aside note..

I didn't realise that yesterday was the last day of first semester. o.O

Seriously. OH NO. Exams in.. 2 weeks? Something like that.

Where's my sense of urgency and my oomph to study????


When you say you love me, do you mean it? Baby when you hold me, do you feel it? -WhenYouSayYouLoveMe, ClayAiken-

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Of Bimbo-ness and Good Friends.


Dear Mdm. Bimbo a.k.a. ChinJiaYi,

Omigosh, I've known you for more than a year already. Haha. My dear bimbo partner, fall-asleep-in-Chemistry partner, Drama partner, talk-non-stop-in-HOI partner, complain-about-Literature partner.. and the list goes on and on. Haha.

It's amazing how we can still chat as usual even though we haven't seen each other for ages!



I know it's not as fun anymore when you can do stuff legally.. but still. We all have to grow up sometime! HAHAHA.

Take care, Ms. Bimbo!

Love you!! <3


It's so unbelievable.
I feel like you've always been forever a part of me. -Unbelievable, CraigDavid-

Monday, 25 May 2009

Look to the Future.


This week is Week 12.

The final week of the first semester of University.

Amazing, really.

I didn't realise it's been so long already. Think about it, only what, 5 more semesters to go? And I'm DONE with University. At the undergraduate level, at least. But STILL. o.O

And I've only just realised how amazingly DIFFICULT it is to get into a Masters program. All the qualifications you need, and the referees and interviews and tests of character.. it's scary, really.

And mum, if you're reading this.. THANK YOU for pushing me to finish Grade 8 for Piano! Seriously. At least that's one hurdle I've already.. met the requirements for. I mean, at least now I can THINK about doing the course. But even then.. I might need even higher qualifications than that to be considered.. o.O

I reallyyyyy don't know how it's going to work. Scary, scary. =( I know, I know, I should concentrate on finishing undergrad first, don't worry about postgrad stuff yet. But like.. I need to know what I'm going to do! Have a set goal, you know? And, and, and.. I probably would have to start thinking about how to meet the pre-requisites and stuff and put those plans into action already. It's not easy, I tell you. And now that I've looked through all the stuff.. two and a half years doesn't seem that far away at all. =(

Oh nooooo.. I really, really, really didn't think it was going to be so difficult. I mean, I always knew it wasn't going to be easy.. but then I didn't think it was going to be that hard either!!

Hmph. Welcome to the real world, kid.
*taking to myself here*


And exams are like, in .. well, soon enough.


I cannot, cannot, CANNOT afford to SLACK!!

You're still the one.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Somebody's Me.



Hahaha my day is made. =p

Seriously. I've got a smattering of the quizzes half wrong. A few of them 3/4 correct. And like, this counts towards our final marks, so yeah. =(

I am feeling extremely happy and proud of myself for getting it all correct today. Heeeee.

So happy that I willingly went to study French, and finished studying 1 chapter within about 20 minutes. =) But then it was a short chapter. OH WELL, it still counts.

Yay, dim sum tomorrow!!

Argh, I hope my sudden oomph-ness to study French will last till tomorrow. Hehe.

Somebody wants you, somebody dreams of you every single night. That somebody's me. -Somebody'sMe, Enrique Iglesias-

Major awww!

If you want me, you'd show me that your love is for real. -OneLastSong, A1-

Lai, wo men yi qi jiang hua yu!



Funny until can die. =p

Stolen from Carmen's blog:

jin tian wo hen men.

yin wei hen men suo yi jue ding le zheng tian shi shi yong pin yin type. hou lai de result bian rang wo xiao dao yao si. zhe ge shi wo de hao peng you zheng yi hui (teeyeehooi) he wo ling wai ge hao peng you jiang jia qian (kangjiaqian) xie de:

wo men gang chong nuo xi ya chu fang (norsiah's kitchen) yong chan hui lai. yong chan hou, wo men dao fang bian dian (convenience store HAHAHAHAH) qu mai duo bei long qiao ke li (toblerone chocolate). jia mian (carmen) que mai le au li yo bing gan (oreo biscuits) dao fei ren tai (frank tate AHHAHAHAHAHAH) nian shu. ni yao can yu wo men yi qi wen xi gong ke ma?

ni kan. zheng yi hui xue hua yu xue le hen duo nian dan shi evidently ta de standard bi wo hao bu duo (ta shuo wo yi ding yao clarify that ta de hua wen qi shi hen hao dan shi yin wei yao rang ni men xiao suo yi pretend bu hao) :DDD

wo jue de yong pin yin type hen hao wan. ying gai tian tian dou zhe yang type. ke shi hui irritate dao wo yi bai ba xian xiang jiao (100% banana) de peng you example shen. ta jin tian missing from plurk liao. mei you respond as usual. zhi shi type yi ge zi "wth". wo hope ta bu zai sheng qi ): ):

ok wo yao qu nian shu le. zai jian!

ps leave ni men with yi ge sentence wo de lao gong wang li hong shuo guo de: xie xie da jia zi chi. ai ni mennnnn :DDDDD

pps te bie de xie xie for jsquare he bubbles yin wei bang wo check zhe ge post for grammatical error. suo yi shen me error ni men blame ta men ok :DDDD

A few of our Plurk conversations:

caitlinK says
haha eh, hen hao wan leh.. =p wo men ying gai tian tian yong pin yin jiang hua. XD damn my mandarin sucks too haha
jiahmin says
hahah xie xie suatwei. hahah wo hui have fun gor. wo yi jing having fun HAHAHAHAH wtf. ps linky wo zhi dao riiiight! ke shi yi ding hui
jiahmin says
irritate yi xie ren eg shen. wo bu yao ta men hen wo :'-( SHEN WO AI NI! ni dong wo zai jiang shi me maaa!

caitlinK says
haha ru guo ta bu dong ni zai jiang shen me leh? Ru guo wo shi ta wo bu yao kai zhe ge plurk liao. Hahaha.
jiahmin says
hahah tong yi! thats why wo jiang ta hui tao yan wo. yin wei wo managed to convert ni!
caitlinK says
hehe. Ni managed to convert wo ying wei wo jue de hen hao wan ma.. hahaha. Den yi xia wo gen ta jiang sorry. hahaha
kan ta mei you respond ): ):
jiahmin says
CONCLUSION: yong pin yin type qi shi HEN XIN KU. wo hui stick with ying wen. xie xie da jia layan wo


jiahmin says

wen jiahmin: Ni ji dian hui lai?

wo left le tu shu guan. xian zai zai (??) franktate. ni wei shen me wen? yao zai apartment zuo CHUO de dong xi arrrrr?
left = li kai. ps thanks for the correction jsquare! :-))
yunniex says
caitlinK says
haha zomg you damn funny. Wo hen guai de. Wo ji zi zai apartment du shu.. zhen de. =) hahaha shen doesn't understand anything XD XD
jiahmin says
ni hen guai wo de tou (my head) HAHAHAHAHAH. wo bu xiang xin ni zi ji yi ge ren du shu. ps wo tong yi, shen yi ding xian zai hen tao yan wo!
caitlinK says
haha bu yao gen ta jiang jiu ke yi liao. Hehe. Wo zhen de yi ge ren zai apartment. cross my heart haha wth.
caitlinK says
wo zi ji yi ge ren zai apartment la.. dan shi mei you du shu. Haha. Wo xian zai lan duo liao. Wo hen bored. Kuai dian entertain wo. (LOL)
jiahmin says
hahah wo xian zai yao gen zhen yi hui qu chi wan can. ni yao can jia (join) wo men maa
haha ni men qu na li chi?
bubblemallow says
wo men gang chong nuo xi ya chu fang yong chan hui lai. yong chan hou, wo men dao fang bian dian qu mai duo bei long qiao ke li.
bubblemallow says
jia mian que mai le au li yo bing gan dao fei ren tai nian shu. ni yao can yu wo men yi qi wen xi gong ke ma?
caitlin seriously ru guo ni ming bai bubble jai shuo she me, wo pei fu ni..hehe..
WTH yee hooi
hahahahahahaha omg wo xiao dao yau si

Hilarious stuff! The translation for Yee Hooi's comment (which no one seemed to be able to understand without her explanation HEEEE) is above - in the post stolen from Carmen's blog.

Zomg. Just a little aside note.. My roommate has gone crazy. She's going to play GAMEBOY. I didn't know she still had a Gameboy. Wth. She really IS going to play. HARRY POTTER, no less. Omg hahahaha. I really can't stop laughing.

Hilarious stuff. =p

Yong pin yin jiang zhen de hen hao wan. Lai, we men yi qi jiang ba! =p

Friday, 22 May 2009

Maybe Tomorrow.


I'm bored.

I'm bored I'm bored I'm bored I'm bored.

Studying today = FAIL.

I was all set on getting this, this, and that done today!

It's 7.36 PM and I've only gotten "this" done.


I am bored. Erm "this" is listening to yesterday's Psychology lecture online, the other "this" is doing my Music Psychology quiz, and "that" is studying for my French test!

Oooookay, it's 12.42 AM now.

Haha. Yeahhh I couldn't think of anything else to write. And then I did.. and now I've forgotten what I wanted to write. Heeee.

Oh well.

I seriously need to get my work done tomorrow... I mean, later today. -.-

It's not what you do that you end up regretting.. it's what you missed doing, what you didn't do.
Tu me manque.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Open Arms.




I just found out that the French test that was scheduled for tomorrow (that I didn't find out about until yesterday) is POSTPONED to next week!


All because of some National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) strike thing.

You just gotta love Melbourne. This kind of thing wouldn't really happen in Malaysia.


I'm in a really, really good mood now! Yay!

Looking forward to dance later! =)

Ici est le réponse: Il est minuit. =)=)

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

No Greater Love.


Hello from Baillieu Library!! =)

Yes, I am here nerd-ifying myself! Or attempting to nerd-ify myself, anyway.

Motivation to do work: can't go back to the apartment to eat dinner until I finish doing the Sensation and Perception (Psychology) exam questions.

And if you don't know, I'm .. more or less a creature of habit. I usually HAVE to eat dinner at 6 PM, latest at 7 PM. It's 6.07 PM now and I'm HUNGRY. But I have nothing but a cereal bar to eat until I finish doing all the 40 questions (I've done 2; 38 to go). And by the way, cereal bars don't even make me the tiniest bit full.


I wish I had someone to bring food for me. =(



Damnit, I've only done 2 questions and I'm already bored of the thing, and here I am, BLOGGING. Gah.

Anyway, a random thought!


.. and you will not be disappointed.

Don't stop until it's just you and me.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Worth the Wait.


I was walking down the usual path I take to my Monday afternoon class today..

And it hit me.

I'm in University.

No, seriously.

I'm actually IN Melbourne University.

Yeahhhhh, okay, so it's a bit of a late realisation or whatever.

But I don't know, somehow it felt like.. I mean I've been walking around the campus for almost a year and half already. A year of it while I was in Trinity, and the other half a year while I'm actually a university student. And it just seemed so.. normal, somehow. It's as if.. I've always been here, like I've been walking down the same path my whole life. Fine, not really my whole life, but a significant part of it, anyway.

Okay, I have no idea what I'm getting at. But still. I'm amazed that I've managed to survive this long. Haha. Like seriously, I still can remember SO CLEARLY, when I was in Form 1, thinking that I'd never get to Form 5, let alone finish college and get into University. It felt like a long time then.. but looking back, it seems to have flown by. But it still feels like ages ago.

Where DID all that time go?

But then.. some things really ARE worth the wait. It was a long roller coaster ride up to where we are now, but then.. in the end, it's all worth it, don't you think? =)



Sunday, 17 May 2009

It's A Sign.


Ugh. It's 12.55 PM and I feel like going back to sleep.

Oh no, this can't be good.

I have things to dooooo!!

And and and.. the House CD isn't working for some reason. It won't play on my computer. =(

Maybe it's a SIGN!! That I should be doing my work and stuff instead of watching House. BUT I WANT TO WATCH. *sniff*

Yeahhh I've been trying to get it to work for like, the past.. 2 hours? One hour and thirty minutes. Somewhere there. And it won't work. So I played minesweeper instead.

What a productive use of my time.

I still hate essays, by the way.

Four major essays down, and one to go.


I don't understand.. what are you waiting for?

Friday, 15 May 2009



Long day today!

And another long day tomorrow, I think.

Oh noooo.

Sigh. I have to wake up early to go to Hartwell (Oaktree meeting).

And I should cook something. If not I will have no food to eat. I mean, I do have food. It's just all.. uncooked. Gah lazy lazy lazy lazy.

I just came back from watching Angels and Demons.

It's pretty good!
I mean, I didn't think I'd like it that much.. but yeah. I thought it was good in the end. =)

Because I kind of didn't read any of Dan Brown's books. I just couldn't get through the Da Vinci code. I tried! I really did. But I think I stopped at page 50. I didn't find it interesting at all! Which is weird because I usually read most books.

But anyway! Yeap, I thought the movie was pretty cool. Then again, I didn't read the book, so maybe I can't really tell. Oh well. I might try reading Dan Brown's books again. Hehe. When I've got free time.


Uni exams start in less than a month.

I should be studying/doing my essays.


Sigh. But it's game on from now. =(

When you put your arms around me..

Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Weird Stuff.



I am so so so relieved.

French Oral test is over!!!


Yeahhhhh. And I was so happy and relieved.. that I forgot to go for my last class.


As in, I actually, honestly, truly forgot that I STILL HAD CLASS.

I happily went back to the apartment and started chatting and watching House.

And didn't realise that I'd missed my 4.15 PM Knowing Nature tutorial until.. until 5.26 PM.


How AWESOME is that?


I didn't purposely skip it! I NEVER skip tutorials. I... forgot.



Anyway, I just came back from Flare. 2 pieces in a row.. 3 hours. Heh. It's not too bad, actually. I mean it's not very tiring for me or anything. But like... I've got blue-blacks on my feet! Hehe I should take a picture of it and put it up here. It's interesting, really. I didn't realise you could get so many blue-blacks from dancing. Hehe.

Mmm and yeah, I'm actually getting better at remembering the steps (and hopefully DOING the steps), which is good! So yay me. XD

Actually.. you know what, I've pretty much forgotten all the steps already. OH NO I should go practice it now before I forget. Haha.

Oooh and I think I shall do this now..

The YEEHOOITEE-proclaimed long overdue post about the one and only...


Haha. I swear, she is SUPER WEIRD. =p

From asking how to pronouce crossaint in French (kuah-zont), and creme brulee! Ohmygoodness that was funny. But I don't think I'll elaborate on that.. hehe.

Anyway. Behold.. an email she sent to me (in response to an e-mail I sent to her about an Oaktree Fair Trade event being held in RMIT)..










Yeaaaaaaah. I think she's going to kill me when she sees this. HEH. Oh well. It's worth the risk. So darling saudari Yee Hooi Tee.. here is the post you have been asking for since like.. last year. Haha. =p

I have awesome friends. Now you know why my life is so entertaining. Because of friends like Saudari Yee Hooi. =)

The things you do.. =)

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Regrets? What Regrets?


I don't even know where to begin.

I was just reading a friend's blog.

Actually, you know what.. I'm sitting here staring at this screen thinking whether I should type this post out or not. I haven't been this.. forthright for a long time. I mean, usually, I don't type out EXACTLY what I'm thinking. Usually I .. talk about other stuff and sort of slide it in. Okay maybe I'm not making sense. Whatever. At least I *try* to be subtle. Whether I manage to do it or not is a different matter altogether. In any case.. ah, what the heck.

Here goes.

CHS just had its Sports Day a few days ago. CHS is my old school, by the way. My high school. And I was just reading a friend's blog.. and it reminded me of some things.

Things that were supposed to happen, but that didn't.

And after all this time..

After all the advice from friends..

After telling myself countless times that it doesn't matter..


It still matters to me.

Form 5. It was my last year. My last year. How could I have screwed everything up so badly?

I've wanted to get that trophy since I saw a friend getting it in Standard 6. I wanted it.

What, you may ask.

Peserta Terbaik.


Form 5. It was the last year. My last year. My last chance.

800 m. 1500 m. 3000 m. 4 x 400 m.

Four events won out of a maximum of five events.

Four Gold medals out of a maximum of five.

Enough to win.

But not enough to account for my stupidity, or "lapse of judgement" earlier in the year - for want of a better term.

It should have been mine.

It doesn't matter.

It's over.

Friends tell me that it doesn't matter.. as long as I know I deserved it, as long as I knew that it should have gone to me. They tell me that the most important thing is that I know that. And I'm grateful for their support. I really am.

But it's different. Not having pictures to show of it.. not having any proof of it.. not actually having gotten it, even though I should have..

It's been two years. Two years, and I still cannot forget how hopeful and how happy I felt as I sat there, on the school field, under the blazing hot sun.. crossing my fingers, waiting to hear my name announced.. and how angry, how hurt, and how sad I was when someone else's name was.

It has been two years.

And I cannot forget.

I might read this post again tomorrow morning and decide to remove it.. then again, I might leave it up here. I hope I didn't offend anyone reading this.. specifically, one person. I tried not to mention it, but there really is no way to tell this story without involving you. I know.. and I think I can understand how it feels when they give it to you then tell you something along the lines of "oops, we're sorry, but it was supposed to be for someone else, not you". And I hope you'll understand where I'm coming from. I don't blame you.. the fault is mine alone. And I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Yeah I know that didn't make much sense. But it's only meant to make sense to one person.. and whoever else that understands it.

That, and perhaps I'm just feeling very emotional now.

Don't mind me.

You don't know how much it meant to me..

Mon Rêve.


Sometimes things have to end..

.. before better things begin to happen.

Je crois en toi.

Monday, 11 May 2009

And The Days Fly By.


Heh I've been feeling lazy these past few days.

Seriously. This week has been like, virtually the only week that I haven't had any assignments or essays hounding me.

Well, I do have the French Oral test thing. But Adelene (my partner) and I already worked out our conversation and stuff, and I'm .. pretty sure I've got it memorised, so we're set. =)

But yeah, apart from that.. hmmm. I almost don't remember what it's like to feel relaxed. =p Either that or I'm just learning how to get by without doing much work. -.-

Oh no that can't be good. Sigh. I haven't done my Knowing Nature readings for a while, I guess. But like.. they're BORING. =(

Hmmm, but after this week.. well, this week is Week 10. And we only have like, 12 weeks a semester. So the semester is almost over, and exams are in about a month.

So I guess after this week is over.. it really is game on.

Sigh. Lazy lazy lazy. I am SO not looking forward to writing that 2000 word essay that's worth 60% of my marks. =( Oh, and studying for the exams.. doesn't look pretty.

I can't wait for this month to enddddd!!

Actually let me rephrase that: I can't wait for the holidays to come!!


I didn't expect it.. but
I found you.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Sun Shines Again.


When you least expect it to.

But the wait is worth it.
This warm, fuzzy feeling. =)

Saturday, 9 May 2009




I was going to write more.. but..






I need chocolate. And hugs.


It's times like this when I especially wish you were here. =(=(
Holding on to you was better than I imagined it would be.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Take the Jump, Savour the Fall.



I have the worst luck with trams, seriously.

Today, when I was coming back from the city.. the tram I was on stopped at Queensbury street even though it was supposed to go all the way to Melbourne University.

Okay, that doesn't sound so bad.


On Tuesday.. see, I went to Hartwell for an Oaktree meeting. The meeting finished a little early, so I decided to take the 7.47 PM train instead of the 7.57 PM one. So first I got to the station a biiiiiiit too early. About 7 minutes too early. So I sat there and waited. It was cold. Then the train came. And then stopped at Camberwell (need to change train to go to the city). And then when I looked at the board thing to see what time the train was coming.. train arriving in 7 minutes. GRRR. Stand at the station and wait in the cold. And eventually realised that what I was waiting for was the train that left Hartwell at 7.57 PM. -.-

Then I finally got to Flinders Station. As I walked out of the train station and was waiting for the traffic lights to turn green - I saw two trams heading in the direction of the city pulling away from the tram stop. And there were no trams behind them. When the light finally turned green, I crossed the road and went to the stop and looked at the board thing - 5 minutes until the next tram.


Stand there and wait again. And did I mention that it was COLD?? And the tram was late. So wait wait wait and then FINALLY got on the tram which was supposed to go all the way to the Melbourne University tram stop. It stopped at La Trobe Street. The tram driver told us that there was a tram going to Melbourne University just behind the tram he was driving. So I got on the tram behind the one I just left.


It stopped at Queensbury Street.

And I had to wait a few minutes for another tram to go to Melbourne University.


AND!! My iPhone was out of battery. No music, no story book, no games.. nothing. NOTHING.

And today.. like I said in the beginning, the tram that was supposed to go to Melbourne University stopped at Queensbury street and I had to wait IN THE COLD for another tram.


It's official..
public transport has something against me, I swear.


Perfection lies within. =)
I would wait until the end of time.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

What About Now?


Ow ow ow ow owwwwww.

I just banged the spot above my knee on the corner of my study table UBER HARD.




"She didn't just steal me away, she swept me away".

Zomg haha.

Soooooooooooooooooo sweet!!

Heeee. =)

I'm feeling very slacker-ish now. =( Not good not good. Wrong time to slack. I need to finish my readings and my work and my essays and prepare for my tests OH NO so many things to do, so little time!!


I need to .. I forgot what I need to say. Shen is chasing me downstairs now. Haha. Okay I shall be back soon.

What wouldn't I give to understand..

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Talk About Depressing.





I feel like celebrating! Like, I don't know, going out and doing something! Whatever! To eat! Whatever, I don't care!


So potong steam.

I have nowhere to go,

no one to go with,

and nothing to do.

PLUS I have a sore throat.

So I am sitting down in front of my computer, eating vegie, and watching an old episode of Gossip Girl.


Today is soooo not my day.

Don't even get me started on the trains and the trams (I went for an Oaktree meeting in Hartwell just now).

Sigh this is not my day not my day not my day.


I don't like this feeling of vulnerability.

Monday, 4 May 2009



My two most commonly uttered phrases (according to the roommate) :

1. Aaarrrggghhh I'm going to fail this essay, seriously.
2. Crap, I'm going to be late.

Haha. Apparently I say the failing thing every single time I have an essay due... since last year. Oops. I never really noticed. =P

I haven't failed any of them ........ YET. *touchwoodtouchwoodtouchwood*

And yeah, I say I'm going to be late a lot. Haha. And I really do get there late.. sometimes. Not all the time. Just sometimes. Hahaha.

Oooh, hilarious text message conversation with Yun Shen yesterday:

Caitlin: Shen, do you still have my EAP handbook with you?
(EAP - English for Academic Purposes)

Shen: Nope, I threw it away, why?

Caitlin: Haha SHEN I WILL MURDER YOU IF YOU DID!! Hahaha. Why? Because I need to decorate my toilet bowl with it. -.-

Shen: Kk I go search the trash and bring it up to you!

I swear, my friends have become more sarcastic than they used to be. But it's all good fun. =)

Ahhhh, and yes, speaking of which.



I should be doing my essay now.

I should have been doing my essay since 4 PM.

First I got distracted by the roommate asking me to go to Safeway. Heee. And then I went for the flu vaccination injection thing. And then I got distracted by Minesweeper. And then I got distracted by e-mails. And then I got distracted by Plurk. And then Minesweeper again. And then Plurk again. And then ... here I am, blogging.

Yeesh. I really should just finish it up, get it over and done with. But I really don't know what else to write. =(

Stupid essays.

There's nothing I wouldn't do, just let me show you here and now.

Sunday, 3 May 2009



Essay essay essay essay essay.

I don't like essays.

Oh no, 700 words left.

Sighhhhhhhhh I hate hate hate hate hate essays.

I can't wait for these two months to be over. Just two more months.. and then it'll be the holidays. Two more months.

I fail to see how it is your freaking problem.




Haha, damnit, did anyone even notice I was gone?




Yeap, that is SAD.

Long story short, I couldn't switch it on, and therefore could not do anything to fix it. It wasn't a battery problem though, that much I knew. So anyway. I had to take it to a shop to repair (StudentPC on Little Burke Street!! - they were really helpful), and everything got reformatted. =(

At least I saved all my important files in the D drive (separate partition from the C drive), so it should have been safe anyway, but the guy also managed to save a back up copy of all my files just in case the data was accidently erased or something.


Because it means that I still have all my files. *breathes a sigh of relief*

The downside?

The whole of my C drive is GONE. And I had a pretty big C drive. I think it was over 60 GB, almost 70 GB.


I installed quite a few tweaks and stuff on my computer, accumulated over the course of a bit more than a year, on my browsers and all that.. and now they're all GONE!




Now I shall have to start all over again. I'm not used to how my screen looks, and not having all my helpful little shortcut buttons and whatnots. =(

But my computer's fixed. That's what matters.

Yes, I shall be grateful.

You don't know.