Sunday, 25 July 2010

People Change..

... at least, some of them do.


My blog is so dead hehe. So I've been in Malaysia for a week or so, reaaaaaly short trip to give my dad an early surprise for his birthday. And it worked out pretty well, I must say, because I called him from Australia the night before, and then the next day I'm standing in front of him in Malaysia. Heee.

So I haven't been doing much apart from meeting up with friends and all, and driving around!! I love, love, LOVE driving!! =D This time I got to take the two bigger cars out for a spin so wheeee achievement! But I still like driving the one I usually drive hehe, it's just right I think!

It's good to be back meeting up with high school friends and everything.. you've got to wonder sometimes how we still find things to talk about, having not seen or contacted each other for years. I mean, I don't sign into MSN anymore so I guess I don't really talk to anyone of my high school friends at all. But then when you speak to them again, it's as if there wasn't all those years, a gap, in between, you know? It's pretty cool, and sometimes I wish I could haul them all back with me to Australia hehe. =p

Okay I'm kind of typing this while not wearing spectacles or contact lenses, so there maybe a couple of typing errors.. and I can't be bothered to put in any colours or pictures hehe. So yes. On a side note, touch typing is fun!


"Nothing matters, but knowing nothing matters." - Wicked, the Musical.