Sunday, 29 July 2007


I am so PROUD of myself. I actually FINISHED my Additional Mathematics project. Before the deadline.

Can you believe it??

Can you BELIEVE it???????????

Because I am totally stunned. The dateline for the handing in of the project is like, NOT OVER. It's not even tomorrow. It's on Friday. And I've finished it. Sorry, I just have to keep saying that to make myself believe it. =P *slaps self* breathe in.. breathe out.. Okay. So far as I know, there's nothing physically or mentally wrong with me. But that doesn't explain why I finished my Add Maths project! Even before Ruth!! (Sorry, ruthie, I had to mention it, cuz you know, normally you're like, the first to finish everything and everybody cribs off you. =P but, people out there reading this, I'll have you all know that Ruth is a very very responsible girl who always finishes her work on time, and in most cases, before it's due. See ruth? I complimented you. *clap clap clap*) :)
So anyway. Gosh, I still can't believe it. Seeing is believing, right?
Just take a look at it !!!

It's nothing short of AMAZING.
It's a miracle, I tell you. *faints*

Saturday, 28 July 2007

I just wanna say.......

THANK YOU to all the special people who have helped me through and make my life altogether liveable... :)

It's a little hard to see like this, so click on it to see the full size version.. Hmmm, it IS a bit lopsided, though, but I did spend a lot of time doing it.. XD hehe.. oooh, if I didn't mention anyone, it's because of my bad bad memory, not, you know, that you're not a good person etc etc.. :)

You guys rock !! :)

go here go here go here !!!

Could you guyz pretty pretty pretty please go to this website ? Thaaaaaaaaaanks !!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Whoa. Surprise, surprise.

Sometimes my dad really rocks so much that it surprises me. He didn't even scold me about my report card (or, more specifically, my marks.. =P ). Well, he did mention that the problem he had with me is my ambition.. or lack thereof. XD Well, anyway, the point is I finally told him about what happened with LLL, and it was absolutely AMAZING! He actually frowned. *gasp* And when I finished the "story" he said "Oh no, that's not very nice of her. I'm so upset about it. How can she do that??" *faint* I. Am. Shocked.

Friday, 27 July 2007

The best tonic

Chocolate and a story book. A most wonderful and effective tonic, tried and tested by yours truly.

Strongly recommended for people suffering from melancholia or any forms of depression. Take remedy in copious amounts, the more the better. Side effects include getting a sore throat from eating too much chocolate, and getting sore eyes from reading too much. This remedy is guranteed to take one's mind off the current state of affairs and has a more or less lasting effect if taken often, and provided that the chosen book is interesting enough to the reader. As one attempts to forget himself/herself in a parallel universe, one should devour large amounts of chocolate to aid oneself in the realisation of this fantasy.


It works!

Most of the time, anyway. :)

Thursday, 26 July 2007


I WANT to be OK. I WANT to be able to get on with my life. But every time I think I'm doing fine, something comes up to prove that I'm not. Will this ever end? -This is all your fault-

Cute story !! XD

The kindergarten class had a homework assignment to find out about something exciting and relate it to the class the next day. When the time came for thelittle kids to give their reports, the teacher called them out one at a time.

She was reluctant to call upon little Johnnie, knowing that he sometimes could be a bit crude. But eventually his turn came. Little Johnnie walked up to the front of the class, and with a piece of chalk, made a small white dot on the blackboard, then sat back down.

The teacher couldn't figure out what Johnnie had in mind for his report, so she asked him to explain himself.

"It's a period," reported Johnnie.

"Well I can see that," she said, "But what is so exciting about a period?"

"Damned if I know," said Johnnie, "But this morning my sister said she missed one, then Daddy had a heart attack, Mommy fainted and the man next door shot himself."

Wednesday, 25 July 2007


I absolutely love this poem.. It came out in The Star on Wednesday, by this guy (I think) named Jonan Wong. It's so................................ emo-ish. :)

Winter frost

Our love blossomed as spring begun,
As beautiful flowers bloomed under the sun
You held my hand and you touched my heart
From that moment on, we would never part

It felt like magic, the love that we shared
The greatest feeling that I've ever had
So I decided to let my words be few
For my heart spoke of an eternity with you

Then summer came and spring had to go
As for our love, it continued to grow
Then I was certain about you and I
That our young love would never die

Love grew deeper with each new day
We thought our summer would forever stay
Foolish we were, indulging in such bliss
We thought it would actually last like this

Our dear summer ended with a sigh
Leaves began falling, autumn drew nigh
Losing the magic that spring had brought
We gave our love second thoughts

Then I held you close and began to say
Don't leave, everything will be okay
But the change we felt could not be denied
For autumn had come, summer had died

And 'twas the end of summer's reign
With autumn's approach and with it, much pain
But pain wasn't the word to describe it
For it was only the tiniest bit

Of the tip of the iceberg that autumn brought
Beneath it all was worse than we thought
'twas then I really began to appreciate
The love we once shared as it moved towards hate

Autumn leaves fell, slowly, fading to gray
As did our love, slowly fading away
Autumn was longer than we thought it would be
We wished what came next, would come hastily

I went all out and said, "Come what may!"
"Be careful what you wish for," I heard some say
For out of the blue came a hint of snow
You gave me 'that look' and I said, "I know"

With a peck on the cheek we sealed our goodbyes
How I wish I could wipe those tears off your eyes
How I wish I could hold your hand once again
To say that our love would forever remain

But now I sit here all by myself, and all by myself I linger
With deep regret because I expected our love to last forever
But like the trees that fade and the flowers that wither
Our love wasn't strong enough to survive the winter.

Monday, 23 July 2007

Fascinating Revelation

My dear mother has no empathy. --> For those who don't know, "empathy" (from the Greek εμπάθεια, "to make suffer") is commonly defined as one's ability to recognize, perceive and directly feel the emotion of another. As the states of mind, beliefs, and desires of others are intertwined with their emotions, one with empathy for another may often be able to more effectively define another's mode of thought and mood. Empathy is often characterized as the ability to "put oneself into another's shoes", or experiencing the outlook or emotions of another being within oneself, a sort of emotional resonance. -definition from .

Evidence # 1

On Wednesday (18th July 2007), if I am not mistakened, a scene unfolded.

We, that is to say, my mother, my brother and I were having dinner. Three-quarter way through, mum asked me to ask the maid (Siti) to eat, as she hadn't had dinner yet. I went to the kitchen and said, "Siti, mari makan-lah.", to which she replied "Tak mau.." (her back was to me). Then I said, "Makan sikit-lah, nanti dapat gastrik.", to which she replied "Tak lapar.." . Something seemed to be wrong, and sure enough, as I turned back, I'm quite sure I saw her wiping tears away from her face. I prudently left, so as to leave her alone, since she obviously did not want company at the moment. I resumed my seat and finished my dinner. After bringing my plates to the kitchen, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. Outside, I heard mum telling Siti that she has to eat. I waited till my mum finished talking to her, then I went to her and said softly, "She doesn't feel like eating, leave her be." My mum then proceeded to shout, seriously, shout, at me: "This is none of your business. Don't you dare contradict me." She then again told the maid, "Kamu mesti makan ya.". Siti replied, "Saya tak lapar..". Mum again, proceeded to shout : "Saya kata mesti makan! Kamu makan sikit nasi dan sayur. MAKAN !" Siti gave a non-commital nod, and said, "Nanti-lah.", since she obviously wasn't planning to eat anyway. I was watching the whole thing with, I suppose, a look of disgust on my face. Mum turned to me and said, "Don't you dare tell her anything else. I asked her to eat, so she MUST eat." She (mum) left after giving me the evil eye. I went to my room. When she came into my room, I tried to explain nicely that she (Siti) was not in the mood to eat, so she (mum) can't just go around forcing people to do things they don't want to. I didn't get far in my explanation, however, because she cut me off by screaming at me and telling me that I don't know any better, so just "shut up and do what I (mum) say and don't ever contradict me (mum)" . So, realizing that argument is pointless, I shut up. When she goes away, I make my way down the stairs to the kitchen, where Siti is still slowly packing all the leftovers into containers. She normally does things a lot faster, but I could tell she was upset. So I just went to her and told her softly, "Jangan dengar kata mam la.. Hari ini tak tau kenapa dia macam ini. Kalau tak mau makan tak perlu makan, tapi minum sikit milo panas, nanti dapat gastrik.." She then said in a grateful voice, "Ya, thank you, nanti saya buat milo minum." Simple. Problem solved. Defiance? I don't think so. Doing the right thing? Definately. Mum just doesn't want to see things from other people's points of view. There is only one way to do things, and that's her (mum's) way. Or so she thinks, anyway.

Evidence # 2

Approximately 11.00 p.m. , 22nd of July 2007.

My brother was keeping me company in my room. He was sitting on my bed reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (I finished the book the day before, because he so graciously allowed me to read first, with, unexpectedly, no complaints. Although I queued up for the book, not him, but still.) . I was searcing for the definition of the word "empathy" at that particular moment in time. Mum came in. She told Gary to go to bed. Tell me, quite honestly, how many of you Harry Potter fans, or even book-lovers out there actually go to sleep without a fight when you have the last instalment of the book to read? Gary, of course, not wishing to get into an argument, did not say anything, but continued reading. Mum continued pressuring him, because, according to her, Gary would not be able to wake up in the morning. Her voice was steadily rising. Able to see a solution that would benefit all of us (me included, because if Gary doesn't wake up on time, I will be late). I tried to intervene a possible shouting match by saying, "He wants to read, leave him be, he'll wake up on time tomorrow." I knew that by allowing Gary to read until he was too sleepy to read anymore, it would be easier to wake him up the next day. This is always the case. A simple matter of knowing how the mind works. Alas, a shouting match was unavoidable. She (mum) shouted (again) at me. This time, she shouted, "You keep quiet. You don't even know how to manage your own time, you don't tell me what to do. If he (Gary) doesn't sleep now, he will be late tomorrow." So I said, "If he's late tomorrow, then I will be late, so it's my problem, isn't it?". Again, she shouted, "So if you're late then who has to go to school and see the discipline teachers?? ME!" (a fact I recently imparted to her). She continued, "I have to go and see the teachers if you're late. So don't be late!!" or something to that effect. I forget the exact words, but the were more threatening than that. I replied, "If you don't want to go, then I'll tell them you don't want to go." And then again she shouted, "Who has to go and collect your report card?! It's so shameful! What if I don't go and collect it??" Silently laughing, I said, "Don't go, then. No one's forcing you to go. If you don't want to go and collect it I'll just bring it back." Then she had nothing to say. But still she wanted the last word. So she shouted at me, "I WANT BETTER RESULTS!!!". I was utterly bemused.

It's sad that I can never speak up. I mean, come to think of it, isn't that what they're all trying to get us to do? Everyone complains that Asian kids have no backbone, they can't stand up for themselves or their own rights. How can we, if we're supressed from young? How should we know what to do? All the time I try to point things out to my parents, I just end up in tears. All the time. Most of the time I just keep quiet, which causes the phrase "Now I'm giving you a chance to talk, why don't you talk??" to be said. We kids just can't win, can we? The times I can't take it, I've taken more than enough, I say stuff in a polite manner, I STILL end up in tears. Brilliant, no? ..sigh.

Note: This post was supposed to be posted the past Sunday (22/7/07), but my dearest mum pulled out the cable, even before the computer had shut down. I thank my lucky stars that this thing saves automatically every minute or so. I mean, come on. The screen was still on. She pulled out the cable. The one that connects the CPU to the mains. And she took it away (the cable) and hid it. Geez. The only reason I'm posting this now is because my brother found out where she hid the cable. Life IS wonderful, isn't it?

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Tagged by Carmen :)

Seven things you plan to do before you die :

1. High flying career
2. Be famous worldwide =P
3. Travel the world
4. Read and read and read :)
5. *cliched, i know, but still* world peace. need i say more?? =P
6. love and be loved
7. get married, I think. XD

Seven things you can do :

1. figure skate
2. play piano
3. dramatise (a LOT)
4. hold grudges
5. be adaptable/agreeable (when I want to be, of course. =P)
6. be understanding
7. not much I can do, really. XD

Seven celebrity crushes :

I don't think many people would believe me if I said I didn't have any celebrity crushes. Hmmm. Will passive admiration of a sort do ? =P

1. Emma Watson (no, I am most certainly NOT a lesbian)
2. Anne Hathaway
3. Sandra Bullock
4. Guang Liang (Michael Wong)
5. Daniel Lee M. Idol 2 (whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? I like his songs! XD )
6. Michael Learns to Rock band!! (does that count?) :)
7. Tom Felton ! :)

Seven most repeated phrases/words :

1. like, you know, ...
2. are you serious??
3. that's so evil !! / that's so mean !!
4. I KNOW !!
5. riiiiiiiiiiiight / okaaaaaaaaaaay.... :)
6. I mean, seriously, ...
7. what what what? OR huh? *totally blur & clueless kind of what or huh* =P

Seven physical traits you look for in the opposite sex :

1. facial features
2. height
3. proportion =D
4. smile
5. build (not too built!!! you know, just right. XD )
6. hair
7. overall leng zai/cute-ness. Which basically means everything. XD

Seven tags to go to :

1. Kimmy !
2. Yee Aun
3. anyone
4. who
5. wants to
6. do
7. this thing. :)

Three names you go by :

1. Caitlin
2. ck
3. cait

Three Screen names you've ever had :

1. welllllllllll.. I've never actually been famous enough to have a screen name. But screen name can mean other things I guess. Refer to :)
2. ~..+..28*c*k*j*q*28..+..~
3. cait

Three physical things you like about yourself :

1. body? =P I mean, the fact that I can eat and eat and not get fat. (not THAT fat, I mean. XD )
2. eyes
3. complexion (which makes it seem like I don't do sports or I'm scared of the sun, but I do sports, and I love the sun!!)

Three physical things you DON'T like about yourself :

1. Height. I'm short. Need I say more??
2. Tummy. Or fummy. Which means fat tummy. It doesn't seem to be in control lately. =P
3. Un-smooth hands and feet. :'(

Three parts of my heritage :

(copied carmen, who copied cassie, who copied li may, who copied xiao von, who seemed to be the only one who understood the question. XD )

1. Chinese
2. Asian
3. Malaysian

Three things that scare you :

1. being alone
2. dark (when I'm alone)
3. anything to do with horror. That includes books and movies. Ugh.

Three drinks (alcoholic or non) :

1. water! :)
2. shandy !!!!! =P
3. ice lemon tea !!

Three of your everyday essentials :

1. sleep
2. free time/dreaming time
3. money. lots of it. XD

Three things you're wearing right now :

1. over sized MSSD Petaling shirt. From Merentas Desa 2006 when I represented Petaling.
2. wavy like shiny earrings which I still haven't removed. My dad got it for me from China, I think. (pic attached-oops. forgot to rotate it. Oh well. XD )

3. watch! Always wear it. Even when swimming and sleeping. I feel weird when I'm not wearing it.

Three of your favourite movies :

1. Quest for the Sutra (it's a TV series, actually)
2. Lord of the Rings (all three)
3. Legally Blonde (and all manners of mushy, emo-ey movies. XD )

Two truths and a lie :

1. I'm confused.
2. My brother rocks when he's not being a pompous jerk.
3. Life is wonderful.

Go figure.

Three things about the opposite sex that appeal to you :

1. yeng-ness
2. sincerity/ability to show you care
3. tenderness/sweetness

Three careers you are considering, or have considered before :

1. Actress (considering)
2. Psychologist (considering)
3. Lawyer (have considered before)

Three ways that you are stereotypically a girl :

1. I'm pretty self-conscious about the stuff I wear. :)
2. I like mirrors. When I look decent in them. XD
3. I complain about my fummy. =P

Three people you would like to see take this quiz now :

1. couldn't care less, actually.
2. anyone who's got nothing better to do.
3. or anyone who like doing quizzes like this.

Sunday, 15 July 2007


What if, what if, what if. Hah. Can't believe you're doing all this. Trusted you so much. Gave you the benefit of the doubt all the time. Through everything, nothing on my part changed. Gave you everything. And you repay me by? ......................... justifications, reasons, excuses, lies, broken promises, hurt, betrayal. Never in my life did I expect this.. Had so much faith in you, and this is what you do. You say you're sorry.. just how sorry are you? Not sorry enough to keep your promises. Not sorry enough to see what you refused to see a few months ago. Not sorry enough to trust and have faith in me. Goes to show, isn't it? I thought we were different from other people. Thought we'd truly last forever. Wonder if you remember this song? Two versions of it.. The first one, I wrote on 18th Dec 2006, Wednesday, 3 days after Jing's birthday, the day it all started.

Now you have me way confused,
I'm blinded by your fancy words,
You come across as a caring man,
With a loving and sensitive soul..
You looked straight into my heart,
And found the right place to start,
Never have I been,
So flattered by,
Anyone's attention..
You put me way up high,
Now I can't climb back down,
My head is in the clouds,
But my feet are still on the ground.
And how would I know,
If you'd ever break my heart,
And how would I know,
If you'd ever cause me sleepless nights,
And how would I know,
If I can ever trust you,
How would I know.
I don't know what to do,
Since you're so careful with your words,
Are you expecting anymore,
I don't have a clue,
You need to let me know more,
As much as I'd like to give you,
I can't face losing our special bond,
As much as I'd like to tell you,
I can't trust my instincts..
But, how would I know,
If you'd ever break my heart,
And how would I know,
If you'd ever cause me sleepless nights,
And how would I know,
If I can ever trust you,
How would I know..
I was willing to put away all the insecurities I had.. You never seemed to appreciate me, and the things I did for you.
Another version that I completed in Shenzhen, China, late at night, while Skate Asia 2006 was going on.. I wonder if you remember what happened before I left for China? The day you passed me your phone, so I could hear that song.. "Confidence", you recorded it.. And the band with the "Heart" on it. And our first .... .wonder if you remember that.
You looked straight into my heart,
And found the right place to start,
Never have I felt,
This way before,
You came into my life,
And everytime I look into your eyes,
I feel as if I've found my home,
And everytime I kiss your lips,
I feel like I've never felt before,
And you, you brought the sunshine to my life,
You brought the meaning to my world, (ohh)
I could never thank you enough,
'cuz baby,
You're my love.. (ooh yeah) love....

Very random

Random things.

My minesweeper fastest times. I am insufferably proud of them. =>
Can't wait for book III to come out... The Inheritance series rocks!!


I find this so SWEET.

Likewise. Awww.

-btw, I hate you-


I went up to Genting for the Michael Learns To Rock concert today. MLTR seriously rocks !!! :) Right. Met up with Miss Carmen Teoh and family (Uncle Kenneth, Auntie Annie and Gareth) there and we went for dinner at The Olive. My portions of food were tiny. Although one thing makes up for it. My dad ordered a bottle of red wine. The waiter gave out the glasses. He gave glasses to Carmen and I as well. He didn't give glasses to the (not so) little brothers, Gary Kang, 15, and Gareth Teoh, 14. THE WAITER GAVE ME A GLASS. HE ALSO POURED WINE FOR ME. I found this very funny. :) Ask Carmen. I was laughing like anything. It was SO COOL okay?? He thought I was old enough. Or something like that. It's just COOL. Haha.. Yes, I found it funny.. isn't it funny?? Or is it just me? =P Anyway, I didn't finish the whole glass. I only had a few sips then passed it to my dad, who finished everything. Carmen did the same as well. Hey, this just proves that I know how to limit myself okaaayyyyy..... SO mature of me. laugh all you want> XD So anyway, the food took quite a while to come, so we were a little late for the concert. It started without us!! Hmph! =P So anyway, here are some pictures.....


I had a good time. The concert was good. The band rocks. Almost all their songs are "emo". Perfect, no? :) It's surprising that they aren't more ... recognized. They're really good. I mean, like Carmen said, she knows and likes most of the songs, she just didn't know that MLTR sung it. I thought the same thing as well, the first time I watched them perform (1 or 2 years ago). Since then, well, lets just say I've more or less caught up with the songs I wasn't familiar with. :) My favourites are : 25 minutes too late, paint my love, that's why (you go away), take me to your heart, blue night, angel eyes, actor, someday someway, and quite a few more I can't seem to recall at the moment. =P but I LOVE these songs. 80% because of the emo-ness, and 20% because of the nice tune/melody line/base line/etc. :)

Friday, 13 July 2007

The Last Straw

Completely and utterly betrayed. Hurt beyond reason and comfort. Disappointed and extremely angry. Infinately sad and unlucky. Flung aside without a fleeting thought. Forced to bear without any compassion. Dreams shattered with thorough unconcern. Memories wiped away without a trace of yesterday. Promises flushed down the drain without a single fleeting thought. Dark clouds gather without mercy. Relentless rain pours hot tears. Endless pain. Endless suffering. Desperate lips form prayers, all ungranted. Clasped hands. Weakened knees. Ragged breath. Hot tears. Soundless cries. Sightless eyes. Heart breaking. Soul splitting.

Some people are never happy with what they have. Some people don't know how to cherish what they had. Some people always justify what they do. Some people lie. Some people don't keep promises they've made. Some people hurt others. Some people don't care enough.


-I will never forgive you for what you've done to me. You've hurt me more than you'll ever know-


Girl facts:
When you catch a girl glancing at you,
she wants you to look back and smile.
When a girl bumps into your arm while walking with you,
she wants you to hold her hand.
When she wants a hug,
she will just stand there.
When you break a girls heart,
she still feels it when you run into each other 3 years later.
When a girl is quiet,
millions of things are running through her mind.
When a girl is not arguing,
she is thinking deeply.
When a girl looks at you with eyes full of questions,
she is wondering how long you will be around.
When a girl answers, "I'm fine," after a few seconds,
she is not at all fine.
When a girl stares at you,
she is wondering why you are acting weird.
When a girl lays her head on your chest,
she is wishing for you to be hers forever.
When a girl says she can't live without you,
she has made up her mind that you are her future.
When a girl says, "I miss you",
no one in this world can miss you more than that.
When a girl is mean to you after a break-up,
she wants you back,
but shes scared she'll get hurt,
and knows you're gone forever.

Monday, 9 July 2007


Trying to figure out how to work the photo hosting.. not being perasan. =P but it doesn't seem to be working. Damn, I suck at computer stuff.
So anyways. Today. I went to the rink this morning. Stroking class. Jenny was in a pretty good mood. We did spirals and spins the whole lesson, and this is considerably more relaxing than jumps. :) At the end of class, we did some running. On ice, obviously. It was pretty fun. But I daresay Carmen didn't have that much fun. She pretty much knocked herself out on the wall of the rink. She tripped (according to Aunty Kim Bee) and fell sprawling and whacked her head on the wall. It looked very painful. But she didn't cry. Much. Apparently her first thought after she hit the wall was about her teeth. Can you believe her?? I think Marcus felt guilty, because it was his idea to run 3 laps (Carmen only managed half a lap before knocking herself out =P), so he went upstairs to get ice for her. <awww moment> XD But anyway. The story is that I beat her up. :) But like Carmen said, nobody will believe it, because if we (Carmen and I) really did get into a fight, I'd probably be the one with the blue blacks and erm.. Angelina Jolie lips. =P Sorry, Carmen, I just had to say that. :D Anyway, I really hope your blue blacks and all heal fast. Or you might have to convert to Islam. =P Just kidding. Seriously. Take care, yeah, girl.. And be more careful next time (if there even is a next time) !!!! :)

My nails. A minute doggie stepped in a bottle of nail polish and then proceeded to step over my fingernails. =P

Sunday, 8 July 2007

wedding !!!

Congratz to the new bride and groom, Emily Foo and Terence Chong!! :) Emily Foo Ai Mei is my cousin.. hehe.. I went for the church ceremony yesterday morning, and then the dinner at night. (Btw, if you can believe it, I meant to post this yesterday, after I came back from the wedding. While I was typing, I heard someone moving outside, so I quickly switched off the monitor and hid all the lights under my pencil box and such things, so that I wouldn't get into trouble. =P True enough, my dad came in, and obviously I didn't get a scolding, 'cuz I was "asleep". Hehe. But Gary did get a scolding. 'cuz he was still playing dota in the next room. I actually meant to get up and tell him 'Hah, am I chun or what?' Because I escaped a scolding, but I decided to wait a while, to make sure that my dad wasn't planning on checking on either of us. So wait I did. And guess what? I fell asleep. XD ) Well anyway, things were okay, I guess, but erm.. I didn't really fancy the church ceremony that much. Mainly because the pastor joked too much. And made it sound more like a pre-marriage seminar than an actual holy union. But then again, maybe it's just me. XD My cousins, Jasmin Leong and Lim Min Min took quite a number of pictures, especially at the dinner..we're camera whores.. XD Jasryn Ng, one of the other camera whores wasn't there, as she and her whole family couldn't make it (they live in Penang). :( So she missed out on the cam-whoring. Tough luck, jas. =P Well, so here are the pictures... Enjoy! Or, rather, pretend to enjoy. XD

Min, me and Jasmin with the bridal car (borrowed from my dad)

me and my brother, Gary

Jas, Min, me and Gary

Me and the three eligible bachelors. XD Fr left: my cousin, Terry, brother, Gary, and another cousin, Norman (Terry's brother)

me and mummy

me and Ai Mei (bride)

me and Ai Mei again (in a different dress)

me! =P

having desert.. actually, my brother was just trying to show off his photography skills. =P

Jason (my cousin)'s baby daughter, Janelle, me and Gary

*ahem* Min, Jas and me, cam-whoring in the bathroom. Not the best place, I know, but we were having fun! :)

errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....... 'nuff said. XD

Hmmm, I had to wear my blue dress again (the one I wore to yee hooi's party) because the light brown one was kinda formal. Like, prom-ish, floor sweeping gown formal. So I decided to go with the less formal one. Lucky I did. =P I think I'll save the brown one for prom this year.. provided I have a date for the prom, that is. XD

That's it for now! :)

Friday, 6 July 2007

mum's fault !

Okie dokie. Since my mum has decided that I only get to use the computer on weekends, and not weekdays, I shall post a day by day account (Monday to Friday) in one post. I apologize beforehand to those who are unable to tolerate excessively long posts. XD

Monday, 2nd July 2007

Ok, nothing really interesting happened today. I didn't go for skating (Coach Jenny cancelled class) after school. Lucky there wasn't any class, because I was aching all over. No idea why. Competition isn't THAT taxing.. right? ". oh well. So anyway. I shall get to Tuesday, since Monday was pretty much a normal day..

Tuesday, 3rd July 2007

Ah. I was extremely pissed off today. I got sent for some kind of motivational talk (organized by the Unit Bimbingan dan Kaunseling of none other than CHS) with speakers from INTI college. You may be wondering what there is to be pissed off at, it's just a seminar. Well. For one thing, I didn't sign up for any such seminar. I got "selected" for it. For another, I was the only one in my class who was selected for it. Why was I selected, you may ask. Well, that's what I wanted to know as well, so when I reached the Dewan Kuliah (where the talk was held), I asked Cik Yong Moi Moi why. "Teacher, how come i'm so special wan, I get to come for this thing?" (obviously I said it in a joking manner). Her answer? "Hah, this one ar, my dear girl, one of your teachers reffered you for it. So you are actually referred for this, you know.. " WTH right??? So I sit through the whole seminar, and the lecturer fella was basically saying things like "It's ok if you don't get good results, you just have to try.", "Just because all of you here are reffered by your teachers, doesn't mean you are bad, it just means that you are lucky, because at the end of the day, you are the ones who know all the stuff I am going to tell you." and "If you have gotten into discipline problems before, it's okay, just make sure next time you don't do it again." So the implied meaning is ---> I should be grateful that I get a chance to hear the friggin lecturer speak, so that I will realise and change my oh-so-horrible-discipline-problem attitude, and, oh, it's okay if I'm stupid, all i have to do is try harder so that I can score in the next exam, since poor me, I didn't score in this exam because I'm not confident in myself.

Can you imagine how insulting that is? Plus, out of all the 40 people there, I was one of the only 5 females, and the only female from the Science stream. Go figure. So I sat there and looked like a thundercloud for the whole 3 periods. Wong Yee Hui kept turning back and looking at me and mouthing "what's wrong?" while Jeffery (who was beside me) was keeping track of how many times I cursed the teacher for dragging me into a seminar I soooooo do not need. When the talk finally ended, I asked Puan Lim Peck Chu which teacher was the one who referred me to this talk thingy. And she said that this information must be kept confidential. Okay. Fine. I can accept that. Then she asked "why?". So I told her straight to her face, "Because, teacher, I don't think I should be here. I don't think I'm stupid, and I have enough confidence in myself." And then she says, "No, no one said you're stupid, the speaker didn't say that.. I think you didn't hear properly or didn't understand what he was saying..." WHICH MEANS SHE THINKS I'M STUPID SINCE I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND, RIGHT??? Geez. It is so infuriating okay... I can name so many other people who should have been there instead of me.

Apparently I don't care about my studies and think that they aren't important because, bless me, I'm too lazy and I think I can do well in life even though I screw up the exams. Well, he's (the speaker) is right, I DON'T care about my studies, but it's because I know that my interests and potential careers lie BEYOND THE FIELDS OF ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS. So there. And I just said I don't care. I never said I didn't want to do well. So, does anybody STILL think I should have been at the freaking "motivational talk"???

I was in a very foul mood today. And someone hung up on me at night. Which, needless to say, made me even more hurt and pissed off.

Thus ended my oh-so-fun Tuesday.

Wednesday, 4th July 2007

Had double period with Puan LLL today. I was pretty scared. I sat like, at the corner (she was having class in the library) because I was scared. =P She said (in front of the whole class) that she did not mean to criticize me, blah blah blah, and the only reason she shouted at me is because she was feeling stressed on that day, and because, apparently, I was being rude to her. I don't see how, but hey, she's always right, isn't she? So. Then I wanted to ask her (in a very polite voice, mind you) how I was rude to her. "Teacher, I'm sorry if this offends you, but I'd like to..................." and she interrupted me. I was about to say "to......(know how was I rude to you?)", but, like I said, she interrupted me by saying, "It's too late for that, the damage has been done." Er. She didn't think I was going to apologize to her, did she?? ".

I've realised something.. It doesn't make things easier, but I guess it helps me to accept things as they are, and not to harbour any hard feelings towards anyone, no matter how unhappy, sad, disappointed, betrayed or hurt I feel...

-..people are never happy with what they have..-
Thursday, 5th July 2007
Once again, I am pretty angry. This is because Puan LLL has decided to give me 9/30 for my EST essay. Needless to say, her darling librarians (she is the Librarians' teacher advisor) got marks like 17/30 and 18/30. Fascinating, no? Especially since, oh wonder of wonders, the last term's EST essay, she gave me one of the highest marks in class (17/30), which, by her standards, is pretty decent. Puh-lease. Even Mr. Michael said I should have gotten higher marks that 9, because my essay was/is quite good. I am particularly unhappy with the very obvious show of totally biased marking. But I realise that at this point, arguing for marks is pretty useless. But still, because of this unfair treatment, my average is going to be pulled down. Can you imagine, she even had the cheek to explain to Michael Soyza that she doesn't "mark papers based on the person's name, she is very fair, etc, etc.", when he mentioned that some people are unhappy with their marks? What a blatant lie. It is so sad that I can do nothing to defend my position. I'd probably get another shouting at if I even tried to tell her that I think I deserve more marks.
Friday, 6th July 2007
I stayed back today. I was pretty high, I've no idea why.. haha. Apparently (according to Ruth, Carmen and Michelle) , I can keep myself entertained by talking to myself since no one was listening to me at all. =P but like I said. I was in a pretty good mood. Oh, I spent practically the whole morning going up and down, to the staff room, the the photocopy machine, to the Editorial Board room, to the office, to the P.K. Hem's room.. XD All to get my Editorial Board assignment done. Technically, since I'm the Editor (of the Features and Highlights English Department), I can just get someone else to do it, but hey, then I won't have a reason to walk up and down and in and out of class all the time.. genius, no?? ;) hmmm, it's my cousin, Emily Foo Ai Mei's wedding tomorrow, and she's getting married to Terence Chong. Hey guys, you can all breathe, it's not Terence Chong Kee Liem. XD So, congratulations to both of them, and I'm so gonna enjoy meeting up with all my cousins again! :)
cheerios!! :)

Sunday, 1 July 2007

no end ......

Will the feelings never end? Sometimes I think I'm fine, other times I think I'm not. Sometimes I care, other times I don't. Sometimes I remember, other times I totally forget. Sometimes I think, dream, and remember, other times it really doesn't matter to me anymore. Sometimes I feel sad, other times I see it as a good riddance. And yet.. I can't ignore these feelings, especially when something reminds me of them..


I feel so honoured. Carmen Teoh made me wake up at 8.00 am. For reasons I should probably not display to the general public. But still. You so owe me, Carmen.. =P Anyway, Skate Malaysia 2007 ended today, and during closing ceremony all the skaters got onto the ice (some with shoes on, not skates) and took pictures.. hehe.. It was fun. Except that it was super slipery, compared to the other times we've gone on ice with shoes on. Maybe because it was wetter. Charmaine (who was wearing skates) practically dragged me (who was wearing shoes) all over the rink. Scary. I shall post some of the pictures... :)
me and Kimberly Wan
me and Charmaine

me and Bryan (& Gareth's hand, above my head!!)

Jenny (my skating coach) and me

Carmen, Bryan, me and Jo Yi
Me and Jo Yi
Miss Carmen Teoh and me.. XD
OMG.. isn't she just ADORABLE??? :) And look at her adorable younger sister.. OMG!! *faint* :)

Skate Malaysia 2007

I'm finally updating my blog. I blame it all on my dearest mummy. She decided to take away the computer cable and limit computer usage to the weekend only. Which means I barely get to use it, because my darling brother is so desperate to use the computer to play dota which he has abstained (forcibly) from during weekdays, since he can't find where mum's hidden the computer cable. So. Nothing much has been going on, except getting back my examination results, but I shall not talk about that, since, me, being me, did not do well. Gah. So anyway. Skate Malaysia 2007 has been going on since the 28th of June 2007 (Thursday), and will finish on the 1st of July 2007 (tomorrow). Right. So I had Artistic 6 event on Thursday, at approximately 8.30 pm. (see, wuf, told you you'd be at tuition, not watching me!! I win the bet!! :D ) And I got 4th. Which is last. Bah humbug. Anyway. Here are some of the (better-looking) pictures ... XD

my sleeping eagle.. =P

don't know what this thing is called.. ".

my inner bowel.. :)

hmmm, don't know what this is called either..

and finally.. my ending pose. :)

-no, it's not as cold as it looks- XD

But on a happier note, I had Freestyle 6 event on Saturday, at approximately 12.50pm. And. I. Got. First. OHMYGAWD right?? =P I stumbled on my double salchow landing (one of the required elements). When I finished my programme, a lot of people asked me why I didn't replace my double salchow, since I still had time at the end. My answer? "I forgot!!" And I really did forget. Not bad huh? XD Lucky I remembered to replace my layback spin. Although, like Charmaine said, it seemed like "Ok, spin, spin, spin, one more round, one more round, OK, enough, let go!!" XD However, she is right. Because I was losing my balance. And I was just trying to hold it as long as I could to get the minimum number of required revolutions. =P And, like my dad said? The only reason you won is because you presented your programme well, your elements are not good. Supportive, no? =P Oh well. A gold is a gold. :) I shall post pictures of my freestyle once i get them.. =P

So anyways, after that, my family and I went for lunch at Tony Roma's, then went home, where I crashed out for about half an hour. It would've been a longer time, except that I was rudely awakened because my Additional Mathematics teacher had arrived to give me tuition. Gah. After tuition, we (my family) went back to Sunway Pyramid to watch the higher level skaters (Gareth, Kimberly, Siau Chian, Bryan) doing their Artistic programmes. Then went for dinner at Avanti's, then came home ......... and I snuck into my mum's room to get the modem, which explains why I'm using it at 12.30 in the middle of the night. Well, technically early morning. You get my drift. =P However, I am feeling rather sleepy now, and Carmen, for some reason she has not imparted to me, has requested that I be present at the skating rink by 9.30 am tomorrow morning. I wonder why. She seems rather adamant on the fact that I must be there by 9.30. Apparently it's a must. ". Oh well. I'll find out tomorrow. Or, technically, in a few hours. =P oh, and Carmen? Congratz.. you did well for freestyle.. ;)

Nitey nitez................. :)

-...can dreams come true? I'm still wondering...-