Thursday, 2 October 2008


... because too many things are happening too fast.

Two more days, and it's "bye bye" holidays, and "hello" college.

Term 4 is going to be short, but I bet it'll be tough. It's only 5 weeks of studying, and then there's one week study break (our drama exams will be during this week though), and then exams. So there's 6 weeks left till the FINAL EXAMS. The exams that will determine the rest of our lives.. *gasp*

And then that's it. The exam period is over three weeks. After that will be the valedictory, and then .. its back to Malaysia for the end of year holidays. Unbelievably fast, huh? It all seemed like it was just yesterday.......


I'm getting old.

But whatever. That's not the point.

The point is:

I'm going to do well for exams.

I'm going to get my butt into The University of Melbourne.

I will.


Literally AND figuratively speaking.
Because Melbourne University is the only University I applied for. Apart from NIDA, which isn't really a university.. I think.

But I'll get in there.. I WILL. Because I have no other choice.

If it has happened before, expect that it will happen again.

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Victor Lee said...

don't stress too much..