Saturday, 4 October 2008


... because they mean more than you could ever know.

It's Saturday. *gasp*

It's really going to start, Term 4. It seemed so far away. It seemed like I wouldn't have to worry about what course I wanted to do in university. It seemed like I wouldn't even have to worry about which university I wanted to go to. It seemed like it was so far away.


Because the time is NOW.

I'm sort of looking forward to going back to college. But I'm also dreading it. The studying and homework load is going to be massive. But I can do it, right? Yeah, I can do it. *deep breath* (repeats the phrase "I CAN DO IT" a few thousand more times)



Daylight saving time starts tomorrow. So Australia will be three hours ahead of Malaysia again. I really, really, really need to get my sleeping times and all back to normal. 3 am chats with Michele and Shen haven't been doing anything to help it. XD

One and a half more days ... and it's the end of the



But the holidays were fun ................ while they lasted. =)

And now, it's time to buck up with all the college work (read: E & D and EAP presentation and read Hamlet) that I was supposed to do over the past two weeks of holidays................. CRAP.

You said you would, but ... would you?

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