Tuesday, 31 March 2009



I've got this list of really, REALLY dumb things I've done within the past week or so.. It's ridiculous, I didn't even realise I did so many stupid things.

1. I left my keys in the apartment - and realised that I left the keys inside after locking the door behind me (I don't need to use the key to lock the door).

2. Ohmygosh this was so dumb. I tried to blow out the candle (aromatherapy stuff), and the flame wouldn't extinguish, so I blew harder.. and got bits of hot wax splashed on my face. A few drops on my hair, more on my face. Urgh. Stupidstupidstupid.

3. Smugly decided to take the express (skips a few stops) train instead of taking the one that made all the stops.. and ended up having to wait at the station for the train that made all the stops (to change to a different line).

4. Put one of my bottle caps closer to the wall instead of nearer to the edge of the counter because I didn't want the cap to drop into the toilet bowl. Promptly (albeit mistakenly) knocked over another bottle, and sent the cap flying.. NEARLY into the toilet bowl. It bounced off the edge of the seat.

5. Hahahaha. I was being so absent-minded that I slathered conditioner on my face. Well, not slathered.. but still. =/

6. I actually managed to FORGET that my class was at 9 am on Monday (I thought it was at 10 am), and I was calmly sitting down reading a story book - until 8.50 am when Carmen asked "Don't you have class??"

Ugh. Blur much? =(

There are other stuff.. some of which I can't remember, and some of which I have no intention of saying. =P

I really should keep a list of the stupid things I do. Hmmm. I never realised there were so many mistakes to make. Sighhh. Or maybe I just had a bad week. Yes. I prefer that explaination. =)

I've lost love once in my life before.





I've finished reading the books. The whole Black Magician trilogy. Three books in three days.

Essays and uni readings.. gone case.


It's so SAD.

I can't believe Akkarin DIED. *tears*

Gah, I'm in such an emo-fied mood now.

Do you know what it feels like, to be the last one?

Sunday, 29 March 2009



So maybe I shouldn't have borrowed the books.


At least I had the sense to defer reading it till I got back from the library on Saturday. Fat lot of difference that made, though. =(

I've finished two of the books already. TWO. In two days. One book a day. NOT GOOD. I was supposed to read them over three weeks. Sighhhhhh.

Doesn't help that each of the books has about 600 pages each. 1200 pages. Two days. And I struggle to get by what, 10 pages of academic readings? Grrrr, if only University readings were that interesting!!


The books are interesting. =)

But I am SO going to regret it tomorrow, or maybe even later tonight. =(

Just because I hide it, it doesn't mean that I don't feel it, you know.
I'm human, too.

Friday, 27 March 2009



So I was in the library, right.

Supposedly doing my CACL essay for Knowing Nature.

I just realised that it's worth 20% of our Semester 1 mark. o.O

Gone caseeeeee.

So anyway, I was all set to do my work, opened Microsoft Word and everything. Then when it opened, there was something funny going on with the margins.

I spent more than an hour and a half trying to fix it.


Then when I finally managed to fix it, heeeeeeeee.


I typed that onto the page. I just felt so smart after getting the margins fixed, nevermind it took me hours to do it. Heh. XP

Anyway, it was one of my other OCD things, if you ask why I didn't just write the essay and screw the margins. The document just looked weird! Believe me, I tried to start writing it, but I just kept getting irritated and distracted because of the margins. Haha.

So after that I actually started doing the essay..

Hill et al. (2000, 138) believe that the "...." ... " ... " ... .

Then when I finished writing that paragraph, I sort of lost focus for a bit. And couldn't think of what to write for the next paragraph anyway.

So what do you think I did?

Wait for it ................

GENIUS NEEDS INSPIRATION. Genius wants to read story book. DO YOUR ESSAY NOW THEN LATER YOU CAN READ STORY BOOKS. But I want to read story books nowwwwwwwwwwwww. NO CANNOT, DO ESSAY NOW, READ STORY BOOK LATER. But I want to readdddddddddddd. DO. ESSAY. NOW. THAT WAS NOT A QUESTION. DOOOOOOOOOO. DON'T GET DISTRACTED. Doing doing doing doing………… =(

Haha, yeah, I know right, I have nothing better to do than argue with myself on the computer screen.

In the end (after about 6 hours in the library):

Genius hates doing essays. So much for not getting distracted. Sighhhhhhhh. =(

But whatever, I finished more or less (okay maybe less) than I wanted to do, so....


The Rowden White library is going to be my favourite haunt from now on, it has all the books that I want to read, and many others besides.



The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan (also author of the Age of Five trilogy). I've been wanting to read this trilogy for sooooo long!! AND I FINALLY HAVE IT. Heeee. =)=)

I just felt so, so happy after getting the books.

Like, really, really happy.

I don't know why either. Hehe.

Books are awesome. =)

And I am now going to have an awesome time reading the awesome books!



It has been way too long.



Getting more sleep last night would probably have been a good idea.

But whatever - I'm awake now. 8.00 am on a Friday morning when I have no class. Don't you feel so proud of me? =)

Especially since I slept at 2 am last night. That was NOT SMART.

I shall have to make up for it tonight.. sleep at 10 pm or something. Heeee. =P

Yeap, so today is studying day.. sighsighsighsighsigh.

So by the time I get back from the library today, I should have finished, or nearly finished, my CACL essay. Urgh.

Go me!


The sweetest thing my heart could ever find..

Wednesday, 25 March 2009



I participated in this really cool research experience thing today.

Research Experience is something we have to do for Psychology, it's a course requirement - at least three hours this semester. What it basically means is that you're the guinea pig for others to do their experiments on. =P

So I did my first hour today, and it was COOL.

I suspect one of the few reasons I found it cool was because I was in a sound-proofed room. Hmm. I wished I'd thought of this sooner - I wonder what it'd sound like if I screamed in there. Heee. =)

The researcher person who was doing this experiment for his PhD was really nice. He called me by my name - I didn't expect him to know it. Especially since I didn't know his. Heh. XD Anyway, he explained everything and brought me to the sound-proof room. It was so cool, when I stepped inside!! It was like, suddenly everything was muffled. Super cool.

And then he had me do some tests. Oh, the experiment was called "Pitch and Timbral Processing". Music stuff. Something about being exposed to the sound more allows us to recognise the sounds when they are played later on. So what I had to do was basically listen to a tone, and try to imitate the sound by moving the mouse across the screen until I got the sounds the same (or as close to it as possible- or guess if I didn't know it).

Okay that's probably a little hard to imagine. But anyway, it was COOL. Like, the screen was virtually blank, and I had to change the tone by moving the mouse across the screen (as in, different tones would start playing as I moved the mouse across the screen). Heeee I still think it's cool.

But anyway, there were four trials of about 25 tones each. Some of them had 1 pitch, some had 2, some had 3. And OMG it was sooooooooo annoying!!

The 1 pitch ones were really easy. The 2 pitch ones were not too bad, but when the program asked me to imitate the lower note, I found it quite hard sometimes. And THE 3 PITCH ONES! OMG!! They were soooooo frustrating. Because I KNEW the chord. I KNEW the sounds. But I couldn't seem to imitate it exactly right! And I didn't want to click on the wrong tone, because I KNEW WHAT THE RIGHT ONE SHOULD BE.

It's like, deliberately answering the question wrongly when you know the correct answer!! It's just wrong! The worst ones were when the program asked me to imitate the middle tone or the lowest tone. I couldn't actually HEAR some of them properly, although I could figure it out from hearing the top note, but I have a sinking feeling that I still got quite a bit of it wrong. The top note kept distracting me. That was always the worst part of the Aural bit in piano exams for me, I could never hear the lower notes. =(

The researcher explained that they weren't really looking for whether we got the notes right or wrong, they were more looking for whether we thought the tones were dissonant or not dissonant, and the difference between musicians and non-musicians.



But it was fun. I hope the rest of the Research Experience stuff are like this. =)

When will you come around?