Friday, 8 May 2009

Take the Jump, Savour the Fall.



I have the worst luck with trams, seriously.

Today, when I was coming back from the city.. the tram I was on stopped at Queensbury street even though it was supposed to go all the way to Melbourne University.

Okay, that doesn't sound so bad.


On Tuesday.. see, I went to Hartwell for an Oaktree meeting. The meeting finished a little early, so I decided to take the 7.47 PM train instead of the 7.57 PM one. So first I got to the station a biiiiiiit too early. About 7 minutes too early. So I sat there and waited. It was cold. Then the train came. And then stopped at Camberwell (need to change train to go to the city). And then when I looked at the board thing to see what time the train was coming.. train arriving in 7 minutes. GRRR. Stand at the station and wait in the cold. And eventually realised that what I was waiting for was the train that left Hartwell at 7.57 PM. -.-

Then I finally got to Flinders Station. As I walked out of the train station and was waiting for the traffic lights to turn green - I saw two trams heading in the direction of the city pulling away from the tram stop. And there were no trams behind them. When the light finally turned green, I crossed the road and went to the stop and looked at the board thing - 5 minutes until the next tram.


Stand there and wait again. And did I mention that it was COLD?? And the tram was late. So wait wait wait and then FINALLY got on the tram which was supposed to go all the way to the Melbourne University tram stop. It stopped at La Trobe Street. The tram driver told us that there was a tram going to Melbourne University just behind the tram he was driving. So I got on the tram behind the one I just left.


It stopped at Queensbury Street.

And I had to wait a few minutes for another tram to go to Melbourne University.


AND!! My iPhone was out of battery. No music, no story book, no games.. nothing. NOTHING.

And today.. like I said in the beginning, the tram that was supposed to go to Melbourne University stopped at Queensbury street and I had to wait IN THE COLD for another tram.


It's official..
public transport has something against me, I swear.


Perfection lies within. =)
I would wait until the end of time.

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