Sunday, 28 September 2008


... because you just can't LIKE them, even though you try NOT to hate them.

I found my paper.

Ehe. =)

While I was cleaning up my things. Apparently it was in the bedroom. I last used it for the HOI essay. Now I remember. Oops. =P

Oh, I went for 10fifteen yesterday (planetshakers' outreach event), because Yee Hooi and Shen asked us to go, so yeah. It wasn't too bad. The performances were really good. The "stomp" one, and I kind of like the other one, where "burdens" were placed on this guy, and he and this other girl were being pushed around by all these people in black, and then this one figure in white comes and holds them all off.. Yeah. That was good. =)

Oh, and I feel like I accomplished something today. Discounting, of course, the fact that I stayed in bed till 1 pm. I was awake by 10 something! I just stayed in bed playing .. heheh. Game. =) But yeah, after that, I got up, cooked, had lunch, and then ... I think I did a bit of Psychology. Yes, that's what I did. I did notes on one chapter. And then I played my game again. Heh. Then... went back to doing notes. Did notes of half of the next chapter, then went to Yee Hooi's room. Girl talk, yo. Michele and Shereen joined us a bit later, and yeah, I only just got back from her room. It's 12.40 am now. Hee. =)

Goodnight. ;)

Sometimes people see things that aren't really there.

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