Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I Don't Understand.


You know, I have GOT to stop checking my e-mails so often.

I mean like, usually people check it like, 2 or 3 times a week. Some check it everyday. And that's not too bad. But I check it like, 10 times a day. No, seriously. Okay, maybe not always 10 times a day.. but definitely AT LEAST twice or three times a day. But usually more than that.

And I don't know why! I mean, like, it's just this itch kind of thing. Like, everytime I get off the computer for a while, say half an hour or an hour, and then I get on again, I just have to open my e-mail inbox! Seriously, this is like having OCD man. Not good, not good.

Doesn't help that I've got like, three e-mail addresses. Wait, was it only three? A Hotmail one, a Gmail one, and an Oaktree one. Oh, and the the Melbourne University e-mail address. Haha. But then my Gmail and Oaktree e-mail addresses are tied together, so I send out all the Oaktree emails with the Gmail account, and all the e-mails sent to my Oaktree e-mail address get forwarded to my Gmail account, so I guess you could still count that as having three e-mail addresses.

Huh. But still. I seriously have to stop checking it so often. =/

You're not a person, you're a disease.

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