Monday, 27 April 2009

How Would I Know?


Oh no I have a French oral test in two weeks!!


And another essay due next week. And another essay after that.


I'm sure there was something else.. I just can't remember what. Grrr.

And it's FREAKISHLY cold in Melbourne. Like, seriously.

I mean, last year, I got through winter and everything just just a normal jacket. Now (and it's not even winter yet - it's still autumn), it's SUPER FREEZING COLD!!

And I always feel hungry. =( I mean like, I'm still eating exactly the same portions of food and stuff! But when I finish I don't feel full at all. And I get reallyyyy hungry really fast. Which is SO NOT GOOD.

But then again, on Sunday, I kind of forgot to eat dinner. Like seriously forgot. One word: essay-ing. Haha. Yeah, that was when I was doing the illusion half of the essay. I was concentrating very hard! Heeeee. =P

Yeah, anyway. I forgot what my point was.

Oh yeah. So it's crazily cold.

And I am super not in the mood to do any work. =(

Take me to the place where love can heal.

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