Sunday, 21 December 2008

One Last Song.

... because it's hard to let go.

Pictures from the short trip to Penang (in no particular order):

Actually it's probably from the last pictures I took to the first few, but yeah. =P

It's never complete without a picture in the toilet. XD

Michele and I.

This is a very very close-up shot of me.

Michele reckons we look cute. She thinks she looks like a hamster, and that I look like a ........ guinea pig. *sigh* Guinea pig, I ask you..

My awesome cousin, Jasryn.

She is THIN. I am jealous.

Michele's serious driving look. =P

Michele's long time friend, and Jasryn's (relatively) new classmate, Darren. It's interesting, see. I'm Michele's (relatvely) new classmate, and Jasryn's (obviously long time) cousin. Michele and Jasryn used to go to the same high school. Isn't it amazing, how the world is so connected? =)
P.s- Darren.. sorrylah, the picture is just too cute to not post up. =)=)

View from Michele's apartment.

I think I have pretty good photo taking skills, haha.

Eh, I took these with my phone okay.

Not bad, right right right? =)=)

Artistic-nya.... heeee.

The bus I took to Penang. Aeroline Shuttle, or something. It is SUPER comfortable. If it was possible to drive to Australia, I'd take this bus. Seriously, the seats are SO MUCH BETTER than the aeroplane seats. The only thing is.. a bus is a TEEEEENY bit slow.

ZOMG my internet keeps cutting off, it's irritating when the pictures won't load and stuff. I had to stop doing it last night and continue today. Bah.


Every single time I say that I've had enough, but I keep coming back for more.

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