Wednesday, 24 December 2008


... because it's the best place in the world to be.

Have I ever mentioned that I love my bed?

Well, I'm telling you now.


It's the most comfortable, soft, wonderful bed ever. Plus, it's big. See, I get to choose which side I want to sleep on, the left side, or the right side! Unlike the SUPER SMALL SINGLE BED IN AUSTRALIA.

Which is why today, I had one hell of a time dragging myself out at 7 am to get ready for my driving lesson. Yeah, early right? The bed is just so warm, and soft, and comfy, and inviting....

By the way, did I say that I love my bed?

Anyway. I stalled the car three times during my lesson today. Hey, it's only my second lesson. I didn't stall it or anything during the first lesson. Only during the second. And only when I was ON THE ROAD with a few thousand hundred million cars BEHIND ME because it was a TRAFFIC LIGHT.

I stalled the car once when it was a red light. And another two times when it JUST TURNED GREEN.

Not my fault. I got confused okay!! Ask me for the full story, sometime. I won't leave out any details. *disgruntled pout*

On another note, I have no idea why I suddenly feel like blasting things. Well, not really blasting, but I like the word blasting. =) I just dug out the old Red Alert 2 CD, and came across a new Red Alert 3 one, which my brother says doesn't work. Oh well, am going to test it out anyway, and if it doesn't.. I've still got the old one. ;)

Why can't I play Red Alert? I don't play it often. Maybe once in two years. It's not weird. Oooh, I'm brainwashing you to make you think that I'm not weird. Hahahaha. I don't think I was supposed to say that. Oops. Okay I'm officially weird.


All I want for Christmas is you. Santa, that's my only wish this year.

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