Monday, 10 November 2008


... because we bounce back harder, stronger, and faster than we have ever been before.

Yesterday, after a few hours at the library, after finally finishing my notes for Psychology, after having almost 2 hours of drama practice..........

I felt like eating char siew.

So I happily dragged my so-eager-for-distractions-even-though-they-had-already-eaten unwilling friends (the roomate and Li Wern) to Pacific House (in the city) to eat char siew.

So the first thing I thought of was: Crap, what if we go all the way there and it's not open?

But my worries were unfounded.

The shop was open.

So I happily ordered char siew.




I want char siew. =(

Funny/lame moment:

Caitlin is confused between char siew and siew yok. (eh, it sounds the same okay, it's so difficult to differentiate. =p)

Carmen: OMG, and you call yourself a Chinese??

Caitlin: No, I don't call myself Chinese, I call myself Caitlin.

Carmen stays frozen on the spot and gives Caitlin "The Look" and promptly bursts into laugher- quote: "Omg damn lame!!"

Whatever. She laughed. =]

All I need is you,

but if fate tells me to look the other way..

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