Thursday, 20 November 2008


... because they only matter when people want to hear them.

You know, I think I'm going to be doing this for all my subjects. Haha.

NO MORE LITERATURE for the rest of my life!

Not that I found Literature to be overly dull, or confusing, or boring, or stuff.. It's actually always been one of my best subjects. Not that that's saying much. XP

But yeah, I was all worked up and everything last night (well, not really, I was worked up because I didn't have much prepared, but that still didn't motivate me to actually prepare something) but with dear Ning Mao's coaxing and her intimidating 1600+ words essay that she had already written and was in the process of memorising.. I finally finished writing my main points and finding all the quotes to use at 11.00 pm. Which is like, past my bedtime, yo. And I hadn't even memorised ANY of those points yet. So I laboriously memorised my 200 word introduction, and I felt really tired when it got to midnight.

So I thought, "Screw it, I'm going to sleep, and I'm going to wake up early and memorise the rest".

I woke up at 4 am.

Had a shower, and then sat down and *tried* to memorise my thesis statement and my main points. Just the main points, like, the topic sentences, mind you, 6 of them. I didn't even get started on memorising my 19 quotes. However long it took me, I just felt too tired by the time it got to 6.30 am. So I set my alarm at 7 am, put it far, far away, so I had to get up to switch it off, and curled up on the couch. And when it rang at 7 am, I got up, believe me, I got up, went to the thing, set it at 7.30 am and curled up on the couch again. =.=

So basically I think I got back to my desk and continued memorising the things about 10 minutes before 8 am. I'd gotten the introduction, and my main points memorised by 8.40 am. I was supposed to meet Michele downstairs at 8.45 am before we walk to the exam hall.

And you know what?


Panic-inducing, don't you think? Because I didn't write my whole essay out. All I did was write the topic sentence (main idea of each paragraph) and write down the quotes I was going to use. The thing is, all I needed was the quotes, and the rest, the analysis and stuff would just COME, you know? AND I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THE QUOTES WERE. So I was memorising it on the way to the hall (10-15 minutes walk). I think I was a little snappish at Ethel and Michele, sorry dears! I didn't mean it, it was just that I was half panicking because I hadn't memorised the quotes. Sorry! =p

But anyway. I memorised them in the end. I finished reciting them literally 2 seconds before I got into the exam hall. Half thanks to Michele and half thanks to Pei Qi. =) And that's the good thing about having so many people in one hall, you can dilly dally outside and read your notes. =)

SO. I went in, and I wrote down all my points and quotes before I forgot them. So that took about 15 minutes, or less. Then wrote my introduction and everything, and started on the body paragraphs. And I was so, so, so surprised that I had so many things to write about! Which is good, because I thought I wouldn't be able to get up to 1000 words. I ended up with like, almost 2300 words. =.=

Yeah. *no comment*

I hope I didn't re-tell the story too much. Oh, and my spelling is getting atrocious. Sorry, random. But yes, just because there were a lot of words, it doesn't mean that the analysis was good. Oh well. *crosses fingers*

At least I did it. =)

And now for History of Ideas (tomorrow) .............

Another essay that I have yet to start preparing for.


Maybe, just maybe, I shouldn't have left it till so late. XP

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