Sunday, 2 November 2008


... because when things don't work.. GRRR.


I totally give up on stupid Blogger. Wait, not just Blogger. The internet. Gah!! So irritating okay! I have so many pictures to upload but the internet keeps cutting off. =(

I'll upload it all.. soon. I've got to go back to the Grand Hyatt in a few minutes, I'm staying there with my aunt for another day. I stayed over last night. =) She's here representing her company for the Melbourne Cup thing. So I get to stay in the hotel while she's out entertaining people. =)

I kind of came back to the apartment because I miss Carmen to upload all the pictures.. but for some reason it cut off/hang-ed or whatever, so no pictures. =(

Oh yes, I haven't said pictures of WHAT. Haha. The Trinity Annual Ball was 2 days ago. On the 31st of October. Yes, on Halloween. But we decided to forgo the suggestion that it should be Halloween-themed - a lot of people wanted to go in pretty, pretty dresses and everything. Haha.

I shall have to go back to the hotel now. Pictures up soon, here and on Facebook. =)=)

It's time you told me that I'm just your latest mistake.


-mishy- said...

Hey, this is Caitlin kang, who used to join Operafest? And used to go to the same school as Ruizhe?
This is Michelle Wong here, not sure if you remember's to hoping you do? haha.

caitlin kang jia qian said...

Michelle Wong? From Sri KL?

How'd you know I was in Operafest? Lol. Or did I get the wrong Michelle? XP

I can't go to your profile, for some reason, it says it's not found.. The picture's too small, I can't see it properly, so I'm not sure if I'm thinking of the right person. >< haha..


-mishy- said...

LOL, no, I was never in Sri KL, I was in Garden International? Not the right Michelle then.
Yeah, I think I met you at Operafest during a very short stint. Haha. Ian Beh would remember me though, cuz I think I stayed a little bit longer. =) Been a while, so it's understandable if you don't remember me. =)
Yeah, I don't have a profile cuz I can't trust cyber stalkers.

caitlin kang jia qian said...
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-mishy- said...

No probs. You have Facebook? I think I added you, but maybe you didn't add me cuz you didn't recognise me. XD Er, Rachel, Ian's cousin? No, much older, haha. I'm the same age as Ruizhe, older than me by a few weeks. We were in the same year in GIS. =)