Wednesday, 26 November 2008


... because you just feel the vibe.

It's over......

And it wasn't too bad. =)

Plus, I am sooo psychic. Ahah. First question of the short answer section - "Define stress". Hahaha, am I psychic, or am I psychic?? (refer to previous post)


The short answer questions, were, thank goodness, things I'd studied properly and everything.
Heck, I studied everything. Details, details.

The multiple choice questions (75 of them) were quite irritating, though. Most of it was okay, except for 7 questions or so that were just the teeniest bit vague. Like, there were two answers that could fit, the question wasn't very clear... but whatever.

It's over, and I *think* I did pretty darn good. =)
Apart from those 7 questions.. well, the rest should be correct. Damn, I wish I could be as confident for my other papers as I am for Psychology. But then again, I don't study as hard for the other papers as I do for Psychology. =P

The past few days of trying to understand and memorise all that information was so, so, so worth it. I literally breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the exam paper. =P

75 MCQ questions and 2 short answer questions.

I finished the paper within an hour. But I slowly went through every question and rationalised the ones I wasn't too sure about..

Okay, okay, I'll stop talking about Psychology.

I'm satisfied. =)

Drama is over, EAP is over, Maths 1 is over, Literature is over, HOI is over, Psychology is over..

Only Environment & Development and Chemistry left!!

And then it's Valedictory, and then back to Malaysia for a good 2 months of rest and relaxation!

R & R, yo!! =)=)

Wooooohooooooooooo !!!!!!

No oomph to study E & D.
Just watched Enchanted again. Heh=)
We're all just waiting for our ever afters..
*dreamy smile*

I'm putting everything else on hold... all because of you.

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