Friday, 28 November 2008


... because when that happens, you DO SOMETHING *hint*cough*carmen*cough*hint* about it, not just scream.


I haven't had this much excitement in.. quite a while. So there I was right, happily cooking my chicken. And then my handphone rang, so I picked it up. So I was talking for something like a minute, then the house phone rang. Carmen picked up the phone, it was Ning Mao. I said hold on a second, and Ning Mao said she'd come at 6 something. So that was okay. Then just as I was about to go back to the conversation on my handphone, Carmen screamed.

"Caitlin!!!!! Caitliinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!"

"What, what, what??"

"Caitlin faster faster got FIRE!!! WHAT TO DO?????"

"What fire, where got fire?"

"Shit faster Caitlin fire what to do??"

*caitlin turns around and sees the fire*

"**** fire!!!!! *screams into phone* I call you back later bye!"

"Caitlin fasterrrrr what to do???"

"I don't know, put water!!"

*grabs empty cup, fills it with water, splashes it on the fire*

While Carmen continues screaming. =.=

Okay, so yeah, basically had to douse the fire three times before it sort of went out. But OMIGOSH. My heart is still beating so fast man. XD

STRESS like anything, I tell you.

But oh, it was HILARIOUS.

Who sees a fire, and just stands there and screams, asking what to do??

Carmen, apparently.

*rolls on floor laughing*

I'm never going to let her forget this for the rest of her life.

I swear, my roomate invigorates my life.

She makes my life interesting.

Whether that's a good thing or not....... I have yet to find out. If I die early, you'll know who to look for. =)

She's staring at me now with attempted sad puppy dog eyes. Threatening me with, and I quote - "But then Terence they all will never let me forget it for the rest of my life.. After I cry ar........"

So to compensate for putting up the story on my blog, I have to put two nice pictures of her, apparently. So here goes.


And to the roommate who makes my life *cough*interesting*cough*..

Interesting being a relative term..

At least she noticed there was a fire.

She gets credit for that.


And no, we didn't set the smoke alarm off.

I'm going to have nightmares about fire tonight.

Damsel in distress? =P

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