Friday, 22 August 2008

The Promise of Sweet Release.

... because HOI is finally OVER.

No more history of ideas essays ............................ EVER!!

No more Tiberius Gracchus, no more Carl Jung, NO MORE HOI!!!!

Although I don't think I did as well this time, compared to the first essay. BUT WHATEVER! What's done is done, no?

SO. I think everybody is like, celebrating the end of HOI. Carmen, Li Wern, Caryn (Carmen's cousin) and I went for dinner, and then watched this show called "Baby Mama". The movie was ... pretty okay, actually. Apart from some parts which were very ... cheesy. But it was quite good. =)

Oh, right, there were quite a few Trinity students in Melbourne Central, Siew Ling, Rena, Doreen, Wyn and a few others were there.. also saw Nicholas, Edgar, Resa and Alex earlier in the evening. Speaking of which ........ I WANT TO WATCH 'Taken' !!! Siew and all said it was really good. And the trailer looks really interesting. =)

Oh, oh, something Carmen said yesterday.. very amusing (as per usual). =)

Caitlin: Eh, what does psyche mean again?

Carmen: Erm, I dunno. Why are you asking me? Dunno la. *pause* Is it a cute word for psychology?

Caitlin: Ohmygoodness Carmen.. you're a disgrace to the education system.

Carmen: OMG I'm so funny! That was so funny! Don't you think? *laughs*

Yeah, my roomate makes my life interesting. =)

At the moment I am too lazy to put up pictures of everything so far, but I will soon.

TTFN for now! =)

I WILL school my heart into patience.

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