Wednesday, 20 August 2008

History of Ideas Mania.

... because I still haven't finished my essay.

There are approximately

40 hours

left to do the essay.





Today ... was not a good day. Well, it was a good day which turned into a not-so-good day which turned out to be pretty okay in the end. In Chemistry practical .......... hahaha. First, I forgot to take the initial reading for some titration thing we were doing. We only had enough standard solution to do 4 runs, so luckily the last 3 runs were like, PERFECT. =) But then ........... I spilled a drop of potassium permanganate on my hand. And it went brownish and wouldn't come off my hand. =( But it's gone now! =) And then ............ I nearly broke the measuring cyliner. =( But it didn't break! =) After that, I ... was quite blur with the calculations, etc. =( But I got it right in the end, and my results were amazing(ly correct)! =)


Ohmygoodness. (S)He REALLY PISSES ME OFF.

But I will NOT let myself be affected by it.


Oh, and thanks WeiKhai for listening to my crap, and thanks HouChuen for saying that I'm INDISPENSABLE to you. *grin*

Oh, oh, and because I'm in a good mood now, and the thought just popped into my mind, I shall say it now.


Hahaha. Don't look at me weirdly, Carmen, I have no idea why, it just popped into my head. You should be honoured. =) Hmmm, maybe it's because she's been making very unintentional and silly comments that betray her *ahem* oh-so-charming (being sarcastic here) personality. But whatever. She's fun to be around la. Or maybe it's because she's written less than me for the essay. Haha. That might just be it. XD

How did I fall in love with you, again?

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