Sunday, 24 August 2008

Mixer Party!

... because people just want to have fun. =)

So today's (technically yesterday's - it's 12.30 am now) Trinity College Foundation Studies' Mixer Party was quite AWESOME!

There were quite a number of people, so I think it was a pretty good turnout... which is good! =)

Oh, you know, the furniture in the Dining Hall (where we had the Mixer Party)?

Those chairs (and tables) are FREAKISHLY HEAVY. The student committee members had to push all the tables and stack up the chairs on the tables before the event, and then had to put everything back after the event. It was .... tiring, to say the least. But I think Alastair probably did the most work with the pushing of tables and chairs, so yeah, thanks goes to him. =)
And everyone who helped out, of course. Most of the student committee members were superrrr helpful, with like, Suet Sim making drinks the whole night, Carmen standing by the door, Chu Pu and Michael going to get the pizza, Chin Joe getting people to buy stuff.. it was really good, everyone worked really hard to get everything right.

Thanks guys, for all the effort you put in. =)

But I think the kudos really goes to Sarah Woo, who more or less single handedly organised the event. So congratz, Sarah, you did a great job!! =)

I didn't get to take many pictures, because I was a bit busy running around the whole night, so ... =(

AND, AND, AND .... my feet are killing me. I really shouldn't have worn heels. *sniff* The things we do to make ourselves look taller (much needed in my case). *dramatic sigh*

I love you too much to let you go.

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Sarah Woo said...

Hey Cait! :)

Thanks a bunch! I love you heaps! :)