Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Of Gyms and Not Knowing How to Work the Equipment

I will begin by saying HOW MUCH I DESPISE GYMS.

A lot of my friends have recently joined gyms (I wonder why, do you think could it have anything to do with unfavourable comments on their weight? XD).

So anyway, they've been asking me to join as well, and I always say no, because I've never liked gyms. But recently I've been wondering if maybe it's just an old prejudice or something. Whatever it is, my new resolution for this term and for the rest of the year is to basically get up earlier every morning (6.30 a.m. instead of 7.00 a.m.) and go to the gym (there's a small gym facility in our building) to do a bit of running and sit ups. Since you know, running in Princes Park once a week obviously isn't enough. Must get back down to 45 kg lah. XD

Right. So I started today. AND YOU KNOW WHAT?? It took me positively ages to figure out how to SWITCH ON THE MACHINE. And this machine was the treadmill, by the way. After that, it took me even longer to FIGURE OUT HOW THE PROGRAMMES WORK. After much frustration and cursing, I finally figured out how to put it to manual. AND THEN RIGHT. The stupid machine right. Okay fine, this isn't the machine's fault. But the thing is, when I run, my running speed kind of like, fluctuates? Because I start quite fast, then slow down a little, then go fast again. So it's really, REALLY irritating, because then I'll need to change the speed. And you know how it always starts at a walking speed? Yeaaah, that is pretty irritating. So I made the speed go up to like, 11.5, AND I WAS STILL HITTING THE STUPID THING IN THE FRONT. By that time I kind of got tired of pressing the stupid irritating arrows, so I gave that up and like, whatever, just run. But I still kept hitting that thingy in front. Gah. Nevermind, tomorrow I intend to run at .. 13. Yes. =)

Oh, and you know what? I've got about half my results back, I think, and I guess I'm pretty happy with them. At first I wasn't too happy, but after a while... hehe. Quite good lah. =)=) Will do better next term! *beam*

Going to bed now, have to wake up at 6.30 a.m. to run. ;)

Our lives have always been intertwined, but will they yet join? That remains to be seen.

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