Sunday, 13 July 2008

Deprived of Sleep.

I'm back in Melbourne again!

And it seems like I never left. Except for the fact that it's gotten a bit colder.

The flight was ... as normal as a flight can be. =) OMG, I watched this movie, "Never Back Down", and it's a SUPER NICE MOVIE. And there's a cute guy in it too. XP

I'm sleepy. Like, really, really sleepy. But I can't sleep yet, because.. what happens if I can't sleep at night? Then I won't be able to wake up tomorrow morning. It's 2.30 p.m. on Sunday now, by the way. The plane arrived at the airport at around 7 a.m., and since then Carmen and I have been re-stocking our fridge with food for the rest of the week. =)

Actually my plan was to have an early dinner and sleep by 8 (only slept for 2 hours on the plane). I'm going to have to make some slight changes to that plan. I fully intend to finish cooking food for the next few days, have something to eat, shower and crash into bed, even if it's only 5 p.m. I nearly fell asleep three times just now, and Carmen had to prod me with her foot. =P

And I can't wait to get back to class. ;)

Come on ... for old time's sake?

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