Wednesday, 4 February 2009


... because you need to keep up appearances.

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1. I love reading story books. Adventure, Chic Lit, Fantasy, Classics.. you name it. I *think* I started reading when I was 3, you know those Peter and Jane books? The first book I really read on my own was about some little girl doing ballet, I was maybe 4 or 5 years old. I remember I didn't understand the word "help", so I underlined it and asked mum what it was when she came back from work. =) Oh, and when I'm really into the book, I totally tune out from reality, I don't answer if people call my name and stuff, because I don't hear it. XD

2. I love sports. Or just being active in general. I'd love to climb a mountain some day. Trek through rainforests. Figure skating, running, swimming, basketball, bowling, rock climbing, whatever. I'm game, yo. =) Oh except like, netball. And volleyball. Yeah those are sort of more girl sports right. But I never got the hang of it. Daymn what does that say about me. XD

3. I used to take 2 hours to eat when I was younger. No kidding. Solid two hours. In the early primary school years. I'd just play around with my food on my plate. Heh. Oh, and I used to eat everything separately, like, finish the plain rice first, then meat, then whatever else there was, then only the vegetables.

4. I love the smell of leather. Like, in new cars and leather clothes and all. Whaaaaaaaaat? It smells good. Oooooooh, so does freshly cut grass. =)

5. When I was a little kid, apparently I thought that dead animals could be revived. Like, there was once I saw a dead bird on the road, and I asked why it was lying on the floor. My mum said it was dead, to which I promptly replied, "Put new batteries!!". Yeaaahhhhh.

6. I've always wanted the whole magic/fairy tale world etc. to exist. Like, fairies, wands, elves, talking animals... =)=)=)

7. I associate certain colours with certain things. Eg. Black - emo/classy. White - pure (like my name- Caitlin means pure, by the way HEEE xp). Green - nature. Red - anger (most of the time)/roses.

8. I don't care what people say about the things I do (if I think I'm doing the right thing), but I do care about what people think of me (most of the time, but sometimes I just can't be bothered).

9. I like being prepared for stuff, which explains why I have a ridiculously heavy bag to carry every time I go out. You never know what you may need. ;)

10. I wish I knew what really went on in outer space, whether there really are other living creatures on other planets, and whether they are watching what we do and stuff. I also wish I knew the future of the Earth, what's going to happen to it and all that.

11. I want to make a difference in the world. 'nuff said.

12. I am actually a very emo person. But y'all already knew that. =P I do the whole reading between the lines thing, too much, most of the time, to my own detriment.

13. I drink like, five 600ml bottles of water a day, at least. That's .. oooh, that's like 3000 ml. 3 Litres. Hmmm. WEM, water is good for health, complexion and all that. =P

14. I day dream a lot. Needless to say, I have a lot of castles in the air.. =) But I can also stare at something for no particular reason for a very long time and be thinking of nothing.

15. I can't stand things written in not-so-proper English. I mean, not to say that my English is amazing or anything, really. I make mistakes too. But like, especially online, shortening words and all that? Honestly, how hard is it to type out like, one or two more alphabets? There's no word limit to keep to, like in text messages and stuff. I don't know, I just have an itch to correct the wrong things, spelling, grammar, whatever. Heh. OCD, maybe? =P

16. I am not an interesting person. Seriously. I never really have anything to say or add to the conversation.. has anyone noticed? =P

I tag: Jasryn, Li Ying, Su Ping, Li May, Kimberly. Because that's the first 5 names that came into my head (and everyone else has already been tagged/done the tag).

Game Over.

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