Friday, 5 December 2008


... because you just need to know.

You know, this is soooo wrong. I blog every day during the exam period. But after the exams are over, and I technically have absolutely NOTHING to do, I stop blogging.


The Valedictory ceremony was yesterday.. I've got some pictures which I don't have time to post up. It's 12.04 am now, and well, I need to sleep because I need to get up at, oh, just 5 am in the morning.

I need to get packed and stuff for the Oaktree National Training Conference. I think I'll have to leave the apartment at 7 am to make sure I get to the place on time. *sigh*

So I'll be there from the 5th to the 7th or something like that. Well, my flight's on the 7th, so I'll have to come back earlier.

And I'll be back in Malaysia by 8.40 pm (Malaysian time) on the 7th of December!!


Time flies, yo.

I shall update... not so soon. I'm guessing that I'll sort of not update when I get back to Malaysia. Family time and all that. Heh. But who knows, maybe I'll get bored on the plane (unlikely - will be watching movies =P).


Goodnight, people! =)=)

P. S - I'm going to miss Trinity! And all the wonderful, wonderful people I got to know during this year in Melbourne! Love ya peeps. =)=)

It takes two hands to clap.

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