Saturday, 15 November 2008


... because there are so many things that you just can't do.

Yeap, I'm back early.

Although it's not as.. saddening/heartbreaking/degrading/depressing as I imagined it would be. Not that I really imagined it would be all those things, but yeah. I'm not overly depressed, or even sad at all.

I just calculated, the approximate probability of getting into NIDA. It's like 0.0143. Haha yeaaaaaaaah. And like, some people audition 4 times before they get in. And some people don't ever get in. ><

Today, only 2 people got called to stay back and present their 3rd piece. And then they'll *maybe* be recalled. And then assuming they pass that stage, they'll be interviewed and filmed. So it's shortlisted from 1, 400 people.. to 250 people.. to 70 people.. to 20 people.


So yeah. At least I tried. I wasn't nervous or anything during the monologues. Which, I guess, isn't enough. Being confident, I mean. Apparently you need some kind of skill. As to what kind of skill.. I am not sure yet. But rest assured I will find out. Who knows, maybe I'll try for it again next year! =)

For now, it's back to the real world:


Failure or rejection isn't a word in my dictionary, not anymore. I know that sounds arrogant, but heck, that's the way I roll. I haven't quite decided yet, and I don't want to make a decision now, because then maybe it'll be an emotional decision. But maybe, just maybe, I'll keep on trying till I freaking get in. *breathe in, breathe out* Okay, okay. I'm calm. Time to get on with life.

My pride was forfeit a long time ago.

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Ryan said...

Didnt know u were going for this audition thingy..but anyway, im sure u did well..theres always next year. If its wat ure really into, just keep trying =)