Saturday, 8 November 2008


... because it's so hard to predict what will happen.

Ryan was in Mario Land at 12.00 pm smelling people's feet, when Obama walked in and said "Bow down to me, I am your King".


*crickets chirp*

Yes, one of the crazy things we do in Psychology tutorial. =)

I can't believe it was the last Psychology tutorial yesterday. Heck, I can't believe that the classes we had the past few days were like, the LAST classes we'd have in Trinity College. It's so... SURREAL. I just can't get the fact that the year is ending, even though I know it is.

Anyway. Our Psychology tutorial class is so awesome that instead of spending the last two tutorials (the Friday before and the Friday that just passed) asking questions about the exams, or anything we didn't understand (which was what the last two tutorials were for), we played games like Mafia, Indian poker, told ghost stories, and played this amusing game that Jia Yang told us about, hence the "Ryan was in Mario Land..." statement above.

You see, what the game is is that everyone gets a piece of paper. Everyone writes a name at the top of the piece of paper, then folds it down and passes it to the person on their right. Then everyone writes a place, again, folds it down and passes it to the person on the right. And so on, the next things being a time frame, an action, another name, and a quote or a short phrase.

So we ended up with a few quite funny ones, among them:

Liv Tyler was in Paris Hilton's house during the Ice Age having sex when Jia Yang walked in and said "Who let the dogs out? Who! Who! Who!"

Oh, and as a last class dare (on the last round of playing Indian poker, we all ganged up on Ian- Psychology tutor), Ian ran into Felipe's (accounting tutor) tutorial and screamed "Fire, fire, fire!!", and when calmly walking out, said "Accounting rocks" with the hand signal for "I love you".

Now how fun is Psychology?

We laughed so badly when we heard this:

Ryan was at a wedding convention after sleeping with a man and making out, when the Powerpuff Girls said "I'll give you whatever you like".

Psychology tutorial totally rocks. ;)

And sometimes you feel like you just can't do anything about it. However you try to help, it just makes things worse.
It's all about perspectives.

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