Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Super Random.

... because I have absolutely no inspiration to write my Literature essay. =(

You know what ???


Amazing, right?

Aha. I haven't touched it in, oh, a couple of years. Or more. Haha. Okay, fine, I think I haven't touched a chess set for like, more than 8 years. Since the last time I beat my brother (it was a total fluke, by the way, I didn't know what I was doing - but that's not the point), and I refused to play with him ever again, just so that I could say I beat him at the last game we played. =P

Naturally, he challenged me many, many times after that (this was years ago, mind you), but me, being the scared chicken smart person that I am, adamantly refused. =)

So, today, after less than an hour of sitting down (on the floor - because I think I've made a permanent hole in the couch) and trying to do my Literature essay (I finished my introduction, by the way - yay me!), I got bored.

So I opened the "Games" application (because I wisely disconnected my internet connection thingy, because I knew I would get distracted), and double-clicked on "Chess Titans". I didn't mean to play it, mind you, it was a very spur of the moment thing, because I was bored of Minesweeper and Spider Solitare and I had no other interesting games to play. So I decided that it was finally time to end my chess-hiatus.

I can play man!

I rock! =)


Don't mess okay.... XD

Oooh, ooh, look! If you look closely, you can see that I really was doing my Literature essay! Or, well, at least I had the windows open. *grin*

I'm bored.

I need help.

Can't you see how perfect we would be?

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