Monday, 1 September 2008

The Pictures I Never Put Up.

... because I've been busy.

My aunt came down to Melbourne two weeks ago (I think).

Oh, this was done a long time ago, but now do you see why I love my roomate so much?

With my Aunty Helen.

She came down because she had to attend this event thing for her work.

She said I was welcome to attend the event (formal dress).

So I did! Come on, who is going to turn down an invitation like that?

CEO of Mercedes South Pacific something something something giving a speech.

The models.

This dress is SUPER pretty. I also don't think I want to know how much it costs. XD

That time we went to the IMAX Cinema for Environment and Development. It was a lousy movie.

Me. Rubhinni. =)

From Ryan's birthday surprise a LONG time ago.

One of the only pictures I took during the Mixer Party.

My amazing drama group. L-R: Meg Yang, Me, Jason Woi, Randy Kuan, Jeffrey Kee.

My drama performance was at Monday 9 a.m.

Which means IT'S OVER. =)

No more worrying about drama. I shall post up the video tomorrow, once I get it from Eleanor. I think it was ... interesting. I had to dance on the table. Aha. =P

I think I have more pictures. But yeah, okay. Oh my goodness I'm so sleepy that I'm typing nonsense. I just typed "Go to your party man". Haha. No idea why. Goodnight. =)

When can we stop playing games and fooling around?

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