Tuesday, 2 September 2008


... because they are hard to control.

OMG, I just saw the video clip of my drama performance.

I don't think it was very good. Let me rephrase that. Actually, I think it wasn't very good. It was ... lacking depth. Like, seriously. AND AND AND my acting was ...... bleaurgh.

I was going to upload the video here, but I can't, for some reason. I suppose that's a good thing as well. No point tormenting innocent persons with my horrible acting skills. =P

But yeah, I DON'T KNOW LA.



So many things going on now. Literature essay, E & D essay, Chemistry presentation, Talent Quest, Student Committee, Oaktree, exams coming soon, homework and everything ... gaaaaah.

Master yourself, Caitlin, you have to MASTER YOURSELF.

*deep breath*

I can do it. I know I can. I'll get through this.

I never said I was talking about you.

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