Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Went skating today. At Docklands. Oaktree charity event thing. =)

I asked Carmen and Jiah Lit to come.

Pictures. =)

Me. Carmen.

Jiah Lit. Me. Oh yeah, you know what? I like this guy. He insults Carmen. =)=)

Jiah Lit. Me. Carmen.

Yeaaaah. We're girls. What else can I say? =)

More anectodes. I swear, Carmen really knows how to make a fool of herself. Not on purpose, of course. *grin*

Carmen: Jiah Lit, you look so "excited".

Jiah Lit: Huh?

Carmen: Must be the company.


Carmen: Oh wait. That's an insult to me right.


Carmen: Caitlin, you look like a little kid. Like, 5 years old. Seriously.

Caitlin: OMG I so do not look that young. Jiah Lit, do I look that young?

Jiah Lit: No, not that young la.. Maybe five and a half.

Caitlin: *narrows eyes* Thanks a lot.

Carmen: Jiah Lit, you're like a girl.

*Jiah Lit looks scandalised*

Carmen: I mean, you're like a girl, but a guy version. I mean, you're nice to talk to.

*Jiah Lit still looks affronted*

Yeah. It was a fun day. =)

Ooooh, an opening. Now if I could just wriggle in ....... That would be a start. =)

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