Thursday, 28 August 2008


... because it makes the world go round.

I played the piano today. At Swanston. For a bit more than an hour.

*contented smile*

I really need to start playing again. Grade 8 in piano and I still can't sight read well. =(

I found this cool website online.

It's really cool ! It's a virtual keyboard. Yes, I am deprived. I miss my piano.

I'm sleepy. I haven't been sleeping early. That's not good. Because if I don't sleep early I get cranky. Okay, I don't get cranky. I fall asleep in class. And falling asleep in class is not good. Because I get totally lost. Like for Chemistry! Haha. I've absolutely no idea what the lecturer is teaching now.

Oh, I can't believe it's the end of the week already. And the end of the month. And soon it'll be the end of the year. And soon ..... *gasp* so, so soon. Things are moving really, really fast.

One day, when you finally work up the courage to tell me how you feel, I'll be waking up next to the guy who dared a long time ago.

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