Monday, 18 August 2008

Live Your Myth.

The Olympics will be the downfall of me.

Like, seriously. I need to unplug the TV socket or something. Every single time I sit down and *try* to do my essay, and I can't think of anything to write (which is 99% of the time), I switch on the TV. Now THAT CAN'T BE GOOD. Apart from the fact that I have a History of Ideas essay (worth 30%) and an Environment & Development essay (worth 20%) due, I also have an English for Academic purposes body paragraph to write, a drama script to write AND practice acting, three monologues to memorise, a Chemistry practical report to write, oh, and what else did I forget?

Yes, the Talent Quest.

And while I'm on that subject.. *sigh* No response la.... *sniff*

Okay, so a few people put the forms in. But there just isn't any hype about it. I know, I know, there's the essays and everything, all the same... most of the major essays will be due a bit more than a week before the Talent Quest (5th September). So technically.. there's still time to get a piece together, right? Okay, FINE, that's not much time. BUT STILL. It's for charity. I just want it to work. Please, please, please.

And since a lot of people have been asking - one of the confirmed prizes is a bag from Gucci that's worth.. $775, if I'm not very much mistaken. Yeah.

*crosses fingers* I just hope it works out.

Oh, and Carmen makes my life interesting. Seriously.

Today, after student committee meeting..

Wen Juin and Michele are insulting/complimenting each other like no one's business. (by the way, their level of insults have reached new levels, especially since both of them have an attention span of ... approximately 2 seconds)

Carmen: You know what, the two of you are like Paris and Nicole. Wen, you should be Nicole.

Michele: Oh, oh, because she's got a baby right??

Carmen: Huh?? Er.... I was going to say because she's short.

Wen Juin: Eh, excuse me, are you trying to say I'm fat??

Caitlin: HUH?? Nicole is damn thin la!

Wen Juin: No, she was FAT.

Caitlin & Carmen: That's because she was PREGNANT.

*a few minutes later*

Carmen: Omg, Michele, you and Wen should really start a reality show la. Like Paris and Hilton.

*cue for Michele & Caitlin to look at Carmen weirdly*

Caitlin: PARIS and HILTON, Carmen?

*Michele & Caitlin burst into laughter*

Carmen: Eh, eh, shit! Accident la!! Yer..... You guys suck la... Accident!!!!!!

*Caitlin & Michele continue laughing*

See how amusing my life is because of my friends? And these are just the things I have time to post up. =)

Riding on the high of that 15 minutes of fame.

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