Saturday, 2 August 2008

Bloody Internet.

             Not so much the internet, actually.

It's more like ...

You know normally, when you're searching for something? Like, song lyrics, or pictures, or movies, etc., all you have to do is type in a phrase and hit 'enter', and the website you want will probably be in one of the first three websites displayed? And it takes like, literally 5 seconds?


Do you have ANY IDEA how long it takes to find recent information about science from reputable sources on the internet?

I'm going to tell you anyway.


It takes forever.

Omg, most of the stuuuuuuuupid websites right, you need to be a member, subscriber .... WHICH MEANS YOU NEED TO PAY MONEY TO ACCESS THE INFORMATION. So irritating okay! So right, I read the link, and I happily click on it, thinking, "Great, this will give me the information I need!" AND THEN.


I'm not done searching for sources. I'm NOWHERE near done. I have NOWHERE near enough for my essay. Damn it, I'm beginning to think that the good results I got last term were a fluke. Because if they weren't a fluke, then I'd know what to do now, wouldn't I? At least, know where to start looking. Or even know where to START. Omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg.

OKAY, on to happier topics.

Have I ever mentioned how amazing this book is?

I feel like reading it again. =(

"Love is thrilling, especially forbidden love, but passion fades and becomes familiarity. And familiarity becomes boredom. When the thrill has gone between you, do you think she will never look back at what she was, and what she might have been, and wish she had never met you? If you love her, free her. For her own sake. Let her live on to love again and again" (Canavan 2008).

Canavan, T. (2008). Age of the Five: Voice of the Gods. United Kindom: Orbit.

Haha. I'm pretty sure that something's wrong with my referencing. OH WELL. But yes, I WANT TO READ STORY BOOK !!!

And another amazing book (that hasn't been released yet, but will be coming out on September 20th 2008):

Omgomgomg, THIRD BOOK OF THE INHERITANCE SERIES! 1st book was "Eragon", 2nd was "Eldest". And it was supposed to be a trilogy, at first, but apparently Christopher Paolini couldn't fit the story into three books. BUT THAT'S GOOD. Means the story won't end so fast. On the other hand, longer wait to find out how it ends. =(

WHATEVER. The books coming out soon. I am SO reading it. I can imagine myself curling up on the couch reading the book. *dreamy sigh*


You never know what you've got, until it's gone.

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