Tuesday, 22 July 2008



I think this guy tried to hit on me.


Okay, what happened was, I was at the library right, searching for this book. The libraries here are pretty huge, not like the pathetically small ones we had in high school. =P So anyway, this particular book was up on the 5th floor right, and understandably it was a little bit quiet (because it's not really the main library people go to). So there were probably less than 10 people on that floor, and that floor is HUGE. So anyway, I was all minding my own business, searching for my book, when this dude (looks quite young, by the way, I thought he was a university student) walks past, stops, backtracks and asks me, "Hi, sorry, I was just wondering, were you in Creative Writing?". And I go, "Er, no, sorry I'm not". I thought he wanted, you know, help to look for books for a project or whatever. Then he said something like, "Oh, okay". And then went off. So I continued searching for my book. 


He suddenly came back, and I STILL thought he was looking for a book. By then I was flipping through my book, and I found that it wasn't the one I wanted. Then he started TALKING to me. Like, asked what course I'm in, and stuff. I replied politely, of course (the thing about Australia is you can't really tell when people are just being friendly or when they're being... scary). Then he started telling me how I looked like one of his old students, that's why he asked me if I was in Creative Writing (apparently he's a tutor in the University of Melbourne)


I already had every intention of leaving by then. He said, "Oh okay, so maybe we should catch up sometime". And I was all, "Er, it's okay, I can't, I think, because I'm quite busy with my work and stuff, sorry". Which is true. OMG IT WAS SO SCARY OKAY. Hahaha. As you can obviously see, I have absolutely no prior experience of being hit on (I wonder why.. *rolls eyes* - this guy must be blind or have very bad taste. XP).

Ooh, I think I've got the go-ahead for the Talent Quest thing.. Need to talk to Student Services and Oaktree about it, then it looks like everything is good to go. =)

STILL busy busy busy busy busy busy.

STILL trying to work out how on earth to write my History of Ideas and Psychology essay.

STILL trying to get everything done.



Don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you.

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