Friday, 20 February 2009


... because it's MINE and you should STAY OFF IT.

We finally have a fan! Yay! =)

Yes, the bedroom has no fan, and it is HOT.

From the global warming and everything, you know. And my presence of course.


I need ..


I need to do laundry.


Oh, oh, touch rugby tomorrow! Yay! Didn't know whether they were still going to continue playing, but I guess they are! =)

Still feeling lazy - unpacking not done. =(=(=(

And subject selection is REALLY confusing.

So for Psychology right..

Oh right, I don't think I've mentioned it here before. Okay, so I'm doing Psychology through the Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne. Why through Arts? Because I *want* to do it through Arts. =)

So. For a normal Bachelor of Arts, you're supposed to take 4 core subjects, 2 interdisciplinary subjects and 2 breadth subjects (subjects outside your faculty - to broaden your knowledge or something like that).


For Psychology, we have 5 core subjects instead of 4. So we have one LESS breadth subject. Which is.. not cool. Because so many of the breadth subjects sound like so much fun! So anyway. I was thinking of taking French as a breadth subject. Which is totally cool.


As I found out yesterday - French is a language, and it's under Arts, therefore it is under the faculty that I'm in. Ergo, I *probably* can't do it as a breadth subject, because breadth subjects are supposed to be *outside* of your faculty. So the only way I can do it is if I major in Psychology, and take a minor in French. Which means I *still* have to choose another breadth subject to do. Which is still totally cool. Except that I have *no idea* what it's going to do to my timetable.

And my course advice session is only on Monday. AND it's only for 15 minutes.

AND I can't get my student card until *after* I select my subjects. I found that out today - after I tried getting it done. Awww but today was a good picture day. =(

Oh well.
We can't always have everything we want.

I miss you.
Thou shalt not usurp my realm. Take thee and thy minions, and begone!

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