Saturday, 3 January 2009

Tagged by Tan Shereen.

What's your favourite colour ?

Black, White and Pink.

How often do you think of committing suicide ?
Yeah, like, always. Because my life's so miserable and everything.


Do you have enough confidence ?
Pretty much, but hey, what's "enough"? =P

How many babies do you want ?
How about I decide when the time comes to decide? Heh. Another way of saying "I'm not sure yet".

Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after a rain ?
Literally, erm, nope. Figuratively.... yes. Although sometimes the rain might seem to be a thunderstorm..

Who is the one who cheers you up and supports you ?
Ditto what Shereen said: My family and friends.

Do you believe in eternal love ?
I'd like to believe it. Anyone care to prove it? =)

Do you think the person who tagged you, likes to play kidnapping ?
I'm sure she'd kidnap Rain if she could. =)

What are you really afraid of ?
Being ALONE. O.o

What is your bad habit ?
Talking too loudly. =( Working on it, really. Blahhh.

Do you have a secret crush ?

Do you cherish every single friendship of yours ?
'course. Haven't I said that the friends I have are the awesome-st of the awesome? =)

What does flying means to you ?
Being freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. And I'm not talking about aeroplanes here.

What do you currently crave ?
Sleep. And him.

Are you single or in a relationship ?

Describe the person who tagged you in 7 words.
Madly in love with Jung Ji Hoon.

What have you done to make yourself happy ?
Quite a number of things.. but then come to think of it, it was still quite emo-fying.

What is the worse case scenario that has happened to you in your life ?
Ask me that again when I'm 90. As of yet.. even the worst case moments have been like constructive criticism, therefore led to the building of strength of character. In conclusion, they were necessary life experiences, and not "worse case scenarios".

Who's the worst person in your life ?
Ever heard the phrase "I'm my worst enemy"?

If only you knew how much your presence means to me..

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