Saturday, 10 January 2009



Okay, you guys might have noticed the advertisements and stuff above.


I think they're an eyesore, urgh.

But whatever, if it generates money, I'm not complaining. =)

Unfortunately, the thing is, it only generates money when people CLICK on the advertisement links. And even more unfortunately, most people barely notice the advertisements as it is, what more click them. I'm of the same mould, all I do is ignore them. Oh well. In the long run, I suppose..

So anyway, yeah, I'm really tempted to take them down, especially the one below the picture collage thing.

Unrelated: Did y'all notice, I edited the collage - with a few updated pictures. =)

Right, back to the adverts. I'll give it a few months, see how it goes. ;)

Back to square one again, but this time, I won't be fooled- or at least, I'll try not to be.

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