Friday, 8 August 2008


The rainbow outside College Square the other day. =)

Me. Yee Hooi. At Li Wern's birthday dinner.

Li Wern. Carmen. 

From my wonderful roomate. She's SO thoughtful. =.=

Map of area where we went tree planting last Sunday.

Me. Prem.

Ivan. Me. 

Shereen. Half of Rain's head. Me.

I think the place (in certain places) was quite picturesque and pretty.

Ethel. Me. Shereen.

Planted "trees".

Shereen. Me.

Alastair. Me. Ethel.

Taken from inside the train.

Pretty scenery.

Psychology tutorial today was fun. We were "blowing" people. Sounds wrong, right? Blame Michele, she came up with it. But yeah, that's basically what we were doing. Running little experiments. We went out of class (along Grattan Street) and did a sort of screaming experiment as well. To show operational conditioning. It was hilarious. Mortifying, but hilarious. One lady cursed at us, I think. Justified, probably, because I think we scared her pretty badly. 

It was over before it even began.

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